Sherlock Holmes is a successful and very arrogant fashion designer and John Watson is his new PA - Not surprisingly, sparks fly between them …

AQUIVER - Johnlock AU

Chapter 1: A Rough Start


Slowly he turned back and his eyes were immediately drawn to the man who had entered the room. The body to the voice. Fashion designer Sherlock Holmes. The papers John was holding slipped from his hands and his mouth fell open in an unbecoming fashion.

The man standing in front of him, legs apart and arms akimbo, had pale skin accentuated by a flush on his sharp cheekbones. Plush pink lips, slightly parted, were crowned by the most ridiculously beautiful Cupid’s bow, and his piercing eyes were sparkling with fury. His mane of dark curls was deliciously dishevelled and his tall, lean body tense with indignation. His fingers were drumming a nervous rhythm onto his narrow hips and John’s eyes were drawn to them, helplessly noticing the elegant shape of his hands and the manicured fingernails.

Not surprisingly he was dressed to the nines in an immaculate black tight-fitting suit, perfectly teamed up with a white shirt and a skinny black tie. Involuntarily John licked his lips and a small smile played around his lips. What a bloody fine man, he thought.

‘What the fuck are you doing here?’

A sentence like a slap, the words spat out in such a spiteful way that John’s delightful thoughts crash-landed on the gleaming wooden floor. He blinked and peered around to check if it was really him who was addressed in such a rude way.

‘Are you talking to me?‘


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