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Can you please write a Newt imagine where the reader comes up, but with her identical twin. They look and talk exactly the same. One night, the reader and her twin are talking about their crushes and the reader's is Newt. One day, the reader's twin pretends to be Y/N to help her out and tells Newt that she likes him. Newt replies by telling the reader's twin that he knows that she's not Y/N. Newt tells the reader that he loves her and they get together. Thanks!

Thanks Anon! Here ya go!

Newt Imagine #4

It only seemed like yesterday that you had woken up in the box, with no memory and scared out of your mind. You could remember the clanking of the chains against the metal and cage walls, the screeching and grinding of the gears and the utter shock when you felt someone grab your hand. At the time it only seemed to be a stranger who was with you, but after you had been pulled out of the box by a group of boys, who you found out to be the Gladers, you found out you were sisters. Identical twin sisters to be exact. There’s no physical difference between the two of you, and personality wise you are both quite similar, yet there were some differences that only some of the Gladers could make out.

One night, the two of you were sitting in your hammocks giggling and gossiping amongst yourselves. The boys always got annoyed when the two of you wouldn’t shut up so gave a wide birth when they knew you two were talking. And low and behold, you both went to the topic of boys. Obviously you had a lot to talk about, seeing that you both were surrounded by them. “Go on, Flo. Who is it?” You asked your sister, leaning forwards slightly, but enough to make you wobble and nearly faceplant out of your hammock. After Florence had finished laughing she looked around before leaning over, more successfully than yourself, and whispering, “Ben.” You started to make kissy faces and feign swooning to tease her, which earnt you a playful slap on your leg.

“Sorry Flo, I couldn’t resist!” She rolled her eyes at you before asking about your crush. Blushing lightly at the thought of a certain blond with a British accent, you too looked around before telling her. “I really like Newt.” You admitted with a goofy smile. Your sister gave a small squeal to which you groaned in annoyance at. “Ssshhhh! You’ll attract attention.” Florence just rolled her eyes again before changing the topic. She had a plan, unbeknown to you, and she was going to carry that out the next day…


Newt was busy working in the garden, he’d just seen you dashing to go and get a bucket of water from the Sloppers a few minutes ago for Clint and Jeff. He chuckled softly when he heard you cursing under your breath and mumbling something along the lines of, “I’m a Medjack, not a shucking Runner.”

He jumped slightly when he felt someone tap his shoulder, knocking over the hoe that was balanced against a pole. A small giggled made him turn around to face one of the only girls in the Glade, “Hey Newt. What’cha doin’?” Newt looked at the girl for a moment, knowing instantly who it was. “Shouldn’t you be working?” He asked, but with a smirk. “Yeah… but I’ve got something to tell you.” He looked at her, raising an eyebrow, “Go on then.”

“I really like you.” She said with a wink and coy smile. Newt didn’t batter an eyelid, “Nice try, Flo.” He said. Florence looked at him wide eyed, “Flo? I’m Y/N!” She tried to keep up her act but Newt saw right through it. “No, you’re Flo. You see, Y/N has a small freckle on the bridge of her nose, and you don’t.” Florence folded her arms, a smirk gracing her lips. “Really? I guess it’s really obvious then, huh?” She asked, she didn’t even know the you had that feature whilst she didn’t. She instantly twigged that Newt must have been looking at you closely, much more than anyone else. She had to tell you about that, maybe it would even give you some reason to actually admit you like him as well.

Newt had realised what he had just said and looked at Florence and sighed. “Okay so it’s not that bloody obvious.” He admitted. “Do you like my sister?” Florence asked him. As he fumbled for words she smiled brightly, “Yes! You do! This is brilliant, she really likes you too – “ Her hand flew over her mouth, she wasn’t meant to say that. Newt looked like a kid in a sweet shop, you liked him back!


You sat, for once by yourself, during dinner. You hadn’t seen Florence or Newt for a while and you wondered what was going on. You were about to get up and take your bowl away when you felt a hand on the small of your back, “Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?” You tried to hide the smile and small blush on your cheeks but nodded, allowing Newt to guide you.

He took you over to the maze wall where everyone’s names were carved. Yours and Florence’s were next to each other and not far away from Newt’s and Alby’s. Somehow, the penmanship of both of you two siblings was far better than the boys, even though you had to carve in concrete.

Newt and yourself sat down, leaning against the wall and facing out towards the Glade. You both didn’t talk for a bit, you just enjoyed being in his company. “Y/N.” You turned you head to look at Newt, who’s eyes were looking intently at your own. It made your cheeks darken which you tried to hide with your Y/H/L, Y/H/C hair. “I need to tell you something.” He continued, “I really, really like you. In fact, I bloody well think I’m in love with you.” His confession was met by silence, you were struggling to comprehend what he just said. He’s in love with you? You couldn’t believe it, you were so elated but none of that showed on your shocked stricken face. You tried to form some words, any words, but you couldn’t. So you did what you could only do in that moment, after all, they say actions speak louder than words. You closed the distance between the two of you and pressed your lips to his. When you pulled away, you managed to say, “I think I’m in love with you as well.”    


Okay, in the original story of the Little Mermaid, it’s super tragic and like she doesn’t get the guy and ends up dissolving into sea foam instead?

ALSO in the story, when she dies, she goes from being a mermaid to a “daughter of the air.”