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7 with Roman

I’ve combined 24 with this one. 

7. Look deep into my eyes, princess.

24. Please let me watch you masturbate.

He slipped his index and middle finger in your mouth. You sucked on his digits while he played the lining of your underwear. He always felt dirtier than usual after a glass of wine.
“ What are you gonna do to me, daddy?” He slid your underwear down your legs. He kissed your thighs with his soft lips.
He slipped two fingers inside of you making you gasp. He pulled his fingers out of you one by one. You were so tired of his teasing. He was teasing you by rubbing his fingers on your clit all through dinner. You had to leave because you started making noise.
Please let me watch you masturbate,” he murmured. Your eyes rolled as you felt the pleasure of your own touch. It was almost embarrassing doing it in front of Roman instead of the comfort of your own home. You played with your breasts and sighed with pleasure.
“ Good job princess,” he whispered. Roman up his hand on yours and slowed down your rhythm.
“ Not so fast. Daddy would never fuck you so quickly.”
“ I-I’m so sorry,” you breathed. You closed your eyes as you got closer to orgasm.  
He held your face,“ Look deep into my eyes princess.” You nodded unable to speak.
“ I’m going to come,” you sighed.
He smirked, “ You deserve it for being so good tonight.” Your toes curled as the heat rose from in between your thighs. All you could see was Roman’s smug face as you whispered his name.
“ Did I do well?” you asked.
He nodded and grabbed your wrist. The inside of Roman’s mouth felt warm, wet, and satisfying. “ You taste like raspberries and cream,” he sighed.
“ I can’t wait until you fuck me for real,” you teased. “All good things come to those who wait,” he said.


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