legs that go on forever

This is not the end;

She’s never going to see him again. And he was perfect.  

Lily meets the love of her life in Tesco Extra at 10pm.  

read on ao3, part II

Happy birthday to the cutie-pie ria @gxldentrio

The first time Lily Evans meets him is at the self-checkout service at Tesco Extra. He’s got these tall, gangly legs that look like they could go on forever and (from what she can tell from the back of him anyways) an unruly bed of jet black hair.

And, if first impressions were anything to go by then he was also an absolute fool. Clumsy and, to be honest, bordering on idiotic.

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Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

Okay, so here’s a recollection of the best day of my fandom life? #ECCC

I’m usually just here to make short, dumb, spazzy comments, so bear with me, because this will probably be long. However, I’ll try not to be too repetitive and remember the interesting parts. ;) Apologies if the pics are effing huge. I don’t do this posting thing - ever. hahah

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First Kiss: Renjun


Anon: Hey! can you do a scenario with renjun? like idk about his first kiss, he likes his friend or whatever, but with renjun pleaaaase, I really love him, sorry for my bad englsih, thanks you and I love your block

Renjun’s face is so nice to look at omg dfiaudbiasb ANYWAY I hope you like this, and thank you to the anon(s) who suggested this idea, I just hope I’ve written it okay :-)

Originally posted by neotechs

  • Okay the prince of Chine aka Renjun
  • He literally does look like part of totality do nOt fight me On tHis
  • So you and Renjun were part of the same friendship group during school
  • Although the group wasn’t that big, for some reason, you two hardly spoke to one another
  • Sometimes you’d catch him staring at you and vice versa, but not once had you spoken alone together 
  • Honestly, you didn’t really mind; it wasn’t like you disliked one another, the opportunity to talk together privately just never arose
  • You had to admit though, he was incredibly intelligent and attractive
  • Even from afar, you could tell he was very chivalrous and polite, traits you could only but dream to find in guys his age
  • Admiring from afar was literally fine for you; in fact, at first you didn’t even realise you had a mini-crush on him until later on
  • anYwAy to the story
  • Your friend decided to have a small party-like gathering with the rest of your friends, to celebrate the end of the school year
  • Of course, you agreed, unaware obviously of what was actually going to come out of it by the end
  • I’m not gonna explain the party because I can’t be bothered and there’s not much to say
  • If you’ve never been to a party, then just imagine how local gatherings in hell with satan every day, to talk about NCT okay?
  • Somehow, in the late hours of the evening, you had all managed to huddle together in a circle in the kichten
  • It was a weird situation - about 9 teenagers sitting in a circle, giggling like toddlers and blasting music, all whilst a load of food had been wasted and thrown to the floor behind you
  • It was someone’s brilliant note the sarcasm there to play truth or dare *cough*Haechan’s*cough*
  • Secretly, you were dreading to play this but there was no other escape 
  • And you also couldn’t visibly show your distress to play the game, in case someone saw and would intentionally give you a horrible dare or shocking truth
  • So you were kind of screwed
  • Renjun obviously was there, sitting directly opposite you, laughing and talking with the other guys in the group
  • Sometimes he’d catch your eye and give you a small eye smile, a glint of reassurance in his eyes as if he knew you were feeling kind of stressed because of the game
  • Luckily you weren’t the first one and anxiously anticipated your turn as a couple people went before you
  • Their dares/truths weren’t too bad, but you knew that the dates would only get more daredevil and the truths more personal as the game went on
  • Soon it was your turn, and you muttered a dare, since other people got some reasonably alright dares before you, conscious of the eyes on you
  • You watch as Jaemin and Jeno exchange mischievous looks, before they turn back to you and flash a smile
  • “You sure Y/N?” Jaemin asks as if to challenge you
  • Rolling your eyes, you nodded your head in response, anticipating the next words
  • “Well, we”, Jaemin gestures to himself and Jeno, “dare you to kiss…Renjun!”
  • If you had been drinking something, you would’ve literally spat the drink out at their words
  • Your eyes widen in choke and you stutter nervously, avoiding Renjun’s, or anyone’s, eye
  • Although it was dim in the room, you could feel your cheeks burning and you wished that the ground would just open up and swallow you whole
  • You feel a nudge from your right, your closest girl-friend, who gives you a worried look since she knows fully well that the date was unfair
  • “You don’t need to do it Y/N”
  • “Uh, yeah she does! It’s a dare, you can’t turn it down”
  • “Otherwise, she’s gonna have to forfeit and, trust me, it’s gonna be worse than this”
  • “It’s only a kiss, just get it over with already”
  • The group discusses the dare, with the girls mostly being on your side and the guys wanting you to do it
  • Feeling a little awkward and ignored by them, you finally decide to look at Renjun to see what his reaction was
  • He was already looking at you, eyes dark and searching
  • His head was tilted, as if he was trying to figure you out or decide whether he actually wanted this too
  • Eventually, he sat upright smiling warmly at you and edging himself closer to you
  • The other were still arguing, blissfully unaware of what was happening between you and Renjun
  • Slowly, Renjun continued to slide over to you, reaching over to grab your hand and give you a reassuring squeeze
  • He leans forward so he can whisper in your eye, his breath fanning your hair
  • “It’s okay Y/N. You don’t have to do this, but I want you to know that I really, really like you”
  • When he leans back, he grins at you, seemingly not embarrassed but rather, pretty happy, that he has just confessed to you
  • You were jealous of how chill and relaxed he was, whilst you were there hot and stuffy, with blushing cheeks
  • As you begins to go back to his spot in the group circle, the others still chatting and arguing, you hold onto his wrist halting his movement
  • Now it was his turn to look startled and he looked at your hand clutching him
  • Reluctantly you pulled it back, and instead held his hand softly
  • He smiled at your action, taking it as a sign that you too agreed with what he had said
  • Although there was a lot of noise around you, it felt like it was only you and Renjun in that moment
  • You noticed how his face was starting to move closer to yours, tilted slightly and pink with a blush
  • Every little movement he made you noticed - how he licked his lips numerous times to hide his nervousness, how he moved his hand from yours to your arm to your neck and then to your jaw, how he shut his eyes momentarily as if he couldn’t believe this was happeneing
  • Your eyes fluttered closed and you could feel your heart racing
  • A pair of soft lips finally landed on yours, lulling you to trust them
  • Renjun moved his lips slowly, not trying to deepen the kiss but to get you to move yours too and relax into it
  • Usually you would’ve been embarrassed to kiss someone in front of your friends, or in fact, in front of anyone
  • But this was Renjun, who managed to have this effect on you that meant you didn’t care
  • You felt his fingers trace your jaw softly, making you giggle slightly, whilst you rested a hand on his leg, the warmth being reassuring to him
  • The kiss seemed to go on forever, but was in fact quite short and interrupted by your friends
  • You pulled away when you heard some of them cheer or fake-gag or scream, laughing with embarrassment 
  • Renjun looked pretty pleased with himself, shrugging when they teased you both and asked what it was like
  • “I guess you don’t have to forfeit anymore Y/N, what a shame”, Haechan sighed heavily, pretending to sulk and whine and making the others laugh
  • The end
  • I don’t know how to end it so I’m leaving it like that lmao hsjhdjd
  • Sorry lmao

First Kiss series

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part One (Jax Teller x Reader)

(A/N: So I decided to start another series, this time it’s for Sons Of Anarchy. I will be continuing the Steve Rogers series as well though. I’m part of too many fan bases 😂. This won’t be following the original plot to the show, I tend to not do that with my own imagines.)

Summary: (Y/N) has always tried to be good and follow the rules, however when she first moved to America she met some women who were the total opposite. Now best friends, they move to Charming years later to start up their business but end up getting caught up in more trouble and digging up old secrets.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, violence, drugs, alcohol (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

As the car sped own the open road, I rolled the window down to let some air in. It was a warm day with only some clouds in the sky and it was starting to get stuffy inside the vehicle. I glanced at one of my friends in the driver’s seat, Bea, who was concentrating on the road whilst smoking a ciggarette. In the backseat were my other friends, Frankie and Alex. The old truck had taken us this far, I hoped it wouldn’t fail us now.

We were leaving our old lives and starting fresh. It was a good feeling, all four of us wanted to get away from the problems. We were even starting a new business together.

If you took just one look at the girls you would know that they were nothing but trouble. They were….rough looking, which made a lot of people wonder why I was with them. Whereas they were fine with wearing a pair of jeans, an old top, worn out shoes and no effort with hair or makeup, I was the total opposite. No one would have put us altogether. They had been to prison for God’s sake!

I really hadn’t expected this to be a part of my life.

“Here it is ladies,” Bea announced as we passed by a sign which said ‘Welcome to Charming’,“our new home.”

“Finally. I thought my leg was going to be cramped forever.” Alex groaned.

I giggled.“Better stretch out then, we’ve got a lot of unpacking to do when we get to the house.”

“Urgh, let’s just do it tomorrow. We’ve got more important things to do.” Frankie said.

“Like what?”

“Like finding the nearest bar and geting wasted on our first night here.”

I turned in my seat to look at her.“Is that all you can think about?”


Bea spoke again.“Frankie is right though. We need to meet with some old friends before we do anything. That’s why we’re not going to the house first.”

“Wait, what friends?”

“You’ll see. Don’t worry, you’ll like them.”

We carried on driving through the town passing the quaint business and shops. There were people roaming around, families and friends alike. It was only ten minutes after entering Charming when we started to pull into an auto shop named 'Teller-Morrow’. There were some cars parked up but what really caught my eye was the line of bikes. The few men crowded outside were wearing a black kutte too…it read 'Sons of Anarchy’.

Oh my god.

This was a motorcycle club.

And if the girls were involved with them, it could only mean they were outlaws. I put two and two together, mentally groaning. Of course they would know a damn motorcycle club. It didn’t surprise me, they too had their own bikes. I thought we had buried the past.

Bea stopped the truck, smiling as she threw her ciggarette out of the window. They all eagerly clambered out whereas I held back. How were they so cheerful about a biker gang? Did they not remember?

“Come on (Y/N), you’ve got to meet the guys.” Frankie said as she opened my door. None of them could see my discomfort.

I followed behind, cautiously walking slower as I looked around. A sudden erupt of cheers startled me as the men stood out front greeted the girls with open arms. I stood back watching the exchanges. A few other men wearing overalls watched.

“And who might this lass be?” a Scottish accent brought me back to the conversation at hand. He had his grey hair slicked back, the scars on his face making him seem more frightening.

“This is (Y/N), she’s a good friend of ours. Let’s just say she straightened us out a bit.” Bea introduced me.

“Hi.” I smiled trying to not look so scared.

“Straightened us out? Don’t you mean keep us out of jail? If it weren’t for her I’d be exchanging girls for soap.”

“I think that was too much information.” a larger man with frizzy hair chuckled.“This is Chibs, I’m Bobby. Come inside, we’ll introduce you to the others and catch up. Prospects, get back to work.”

They took us into what they called their clubhouse. There were a lot more men sat around, some drinking and others playing pool. As soon as the girls walked in another round of loud cheers were heard. Again I was introduced as the girl who had saved them (dramatic much?). Although they seemed scary, I was sure they weren’t all so bad; except for Happy. They weren’t like the others. We were all given a beer as everyone sat around a table.

“What brings you girls back? It’s been years.” Tig asked.

“We’ve got a new business set up. No more drugs, just hookers.” Frankie bluntly explained, not mentioning the problems back at what was out home.

I coudn’t help but chuckle.

“What, it’s the truth?”

“I know but it’s not really that, is it?”

Bea explained.“I guess you could call it a gentleman’s club? I got in contact with Luann and she was talking about extending her business. So, the Cara Cara girls will be working for us too now and we’ll split the profits.”

Yes, we were basically running a strip club. Again, not what I imagined my life to be like.

“That’s why Luann had been so jittery.” Piney said.

“Yeah, (Y/N) here will be sorting out the routines, so if you have any suggestions, tell her and she’ll make it happen.” Alex nudged me.

Tig leaned forward.“Actually, I think I may have an idea-”

“NO!” the men shouted in unison

The door opened and three more men walked through. One was huge along with his beard, he was like a giant. A man with a faux mohak that had tattoos running along it followed. Lastly a blonde haired man entered and goddamn was he gorgeous. They smiled as they spotted their old friends. They introduced themselves to me, Opie, Juice and Jax.

“Luann just told us everything about your little club.” Jax explained as he sat. I noticed that his kutte had a 'Vice President’ badge on it. So where was the President?

“Welcome back.” Opie clamped his hands down on Frankie’s shoulders and I could see that she grimaced at the strength.

“Have you guys moved in anywhere?”

“Just down the road from our club. We’re checking it out tomorrow.”

“Do you still ride?” Juice asked.

“Yes, of course we do.”

Jax smirked.“Then let’s go check it out today.”

“Why?” Bea wondered as the men stood.

“We want to check out our place.”

“You’ve lost me.”

“We’re also your business partners.”

Everyone laughed at our shocked faces. This Luann woman never mentioned the guys. Everyone filed out of the room to get ready for the ride. The girls unloaded their bikes from the back of the truck. I followed Frankie, climbing into the back. I never learnt how to ride and I never wanted to. Bikes brought back some bad memories unless I was with the others.

“For fucks sake, I must have packed my spare helmet.” she groaned.

“Here I’ve got one.” Jax held it out to me.

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“You’re welcome darlin’.”

I tried not to blush as the handsome biker climbed onto his own bike. Buckling the helmet up, I wrapped my arms around Frankie’s waist before she started up the engine. It seemed that the club had their own formation going on and we were in the middle. I knew that Frankie liked to go fast which made me regret ever choosing to ride with her.

“Frankie don’t!” I shouted as she let the formation and sped off. I couldn’t help but laugh.

The others watched as we increased our speed, also laughing at us.

“You love it!”

Although I didn’t like the idea of riding myself, I loved the feeling it gave me. I decided to do something to get back at Frankie. She hated when I wasn’t holding onto her, it made her think I was going to fall off. I let go slowly and spread my arms out either side of me, the only thing keeping me in the bike were my thighs clutching onto it. I could hear her screaming at me to hold on again which only made me laugh more.

We soon arrived at our club. We were way ahead of the others. My legs were a little shaky from trying to keep on the bike. As I shook my hair out of the helmet, Frankie began yelling at me.

“You know I hate it when you do that! Why do you do it? It scares the hell out of me!”

I only laughed harder.

The others turned up and I could see Alex and Bea trying to not laugh. Everyone mounted off of their bikes, watching as Jax and Bea held up their keys, both obvious leaders. Jax let Bea open it up. I looked up at the sign 'Cara Cara Club’ which wasn’t turned on because it was daytime. Although it hadn’t been used, the place looked alright from the outside, it still needed some work though. Luann had mentioned that she started to build it and wanted to start it up but ran out of money just before she could. The men let us go in first. It was dark until Bea flicked on the lights, illuminating the room.

It was spacious, booths lined up against the wall as the tables filled the other spaces; a huge bar stood at the back parallel to the stage. I gasped as I saw it. There was no limit to how many dance numbers I could perform on that space. I walked away from the group, using the steps to get on stage. A little bit stuck out and I stood there, looking out to the room.

“Show us your tits!” Frankie screamed out. I scoffed before turning around slowly.

“You gonna give us a show then?” Jax’s voice startled me. Looking down I saw that he was leaning against the stage.

I tried to laugh it off.“That’s something you don’t want to see.”

“How would you know?” he smirked before walking away.

Trying to ignore the tiny bit of flirting, I hopped off stage and followed Alex out of the room, wanting to explore more. Down the corridor I could see Frankie and Bea entering an office whereas we were headed in the other direction. There were spare rooms (I didn’t want to think about what they would be used for) and a dressing room lined with mirrors and tables for makeup, along with clothes racks. Alex grabbed my hand and dragged me further down the corridor to the final door. It had a label stating that it was the basement.

“There’s no way I’m going down there.” I protested, crossing my arms.

“You watch horror films all the time, you can’t be scared of a basement can you?”


“I’ll protect you, I promise.”

I went to argue again until I felt someone clamp their hands on my shoulders whilst yelling out. I screamed grabing Alex for protection. Turning around, Tig was laughing whilst I was trying to regain my breath.

“What the hell, Tig!?” I shouted at him.

“I’m sorry darlin’, I just had to.”

“You know I can ban you from here, right?”

“No, but we’re business partners so you can’t.”

“I can try.”

He walked away chuckling. I turned back to Alex who was opening the door. She turned on the lights before walking down the steps. All that was down there were the boilers and main switches for the electricity. The cellar for the alcohol was in a different part.

“Well that was boring.” Alex huffed as she turned around to leave.

I grabbed onto her arm before she could move.“Alex, how long have you known those guys?”

“For years. I used to live here for a while, I sold drugs to them. When I left I made sure they still got what they want. Before we met you, Frankie and Bea came back with me for a little reunion and we helped them out with some club stuff.”

“I thought we were supposed to be getting away from this sort of life. Motorcycle clubs were the reason we left-”

She suddenly turned angry.“They are nothing like the others! Don’t mention it to them. In fact, don’t bring it up, ever.”

“I never said that they were the bad ones, it’s just….after all that happened and now we’re suddenly doing business with these outlaws? They may not be the trouble but they could bring it. What if the others come back for us? For me!?”

“They won’t come back, you’re safe now. This conversation ends now.”


“Can someone help me please? I think I’ve read these instructions wrong.” I called out in the house yet received no reply.

After inspecting Cara Cara Club closer and trying to forget my conversation with Alex, the club had to rush off as they had a meeting. They wanted us to stay for drinks but they didn’t know how long they would be. We understood and decided to see our own home. As we arrived I started to feel nervous. This all seemed like a repeat, as if I was doing this all over again. We were supposed to be getting away from it all, not attracting the danger.

Our house was no mansion, but with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, study, kitchen and garage it was exactly what we needed. Bea had been smart enough to save her money she earned from her drug selling which helped pay for everything. Each one of us grabbed the boxes, taking multiple trips back and forth between the car to get everything inside. Once done we decided to order takeaway and save un-packing for the next day.

Well, Frankie was right about one thing.

The next morning, we all started to make the house our home. However, as soon as the valuables and personal belongings were out of the way, some D.I.Y had to be done. Some furniture came with the house, luckily the only room that needs furnishing was the dining room. I figured that I would start with the chairs, they didn’t seem so hard to build.

“Hello!” a familiar, Scottish male voice rang through the house. Who left the front door open!?

“In here Chibs!” Lord knows where the others were.

He leaned against the door frame.“Hey lass, whatcha’ doin’ down there?”

I was sat on the floor with the chair not even half built. Pieces laid around me along with the nails and screws. My hand limply held onto the hammer. I was bored and frustrated, this was only the first chair.

“Well, I’m trying to build some furniture. It seems that I’m on my own though, I have no idea What the others are doing.” I sighed.

“You need some help?” Jax appeared at the door.

“No thank you, I know you’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“No really, I don’t mind.”

“We were jus’ goin’ to head on up to the club, wanted to make sure everything was ok before we really get down to business.” Chibs explained.“We were jus’ wonderin’ if you girls wanted to join us.”

“Tell the others wherever the hell they are that they can go. I’ll manage this.”

As Chibs left, Jax came and sat by me. I was glancing over the instructions again and again, not understanding where I went wrong. I may have not had much experience with building but I wasn’t an idiot.

“Pass it here.” Jax smiled.

The others soon left and I was sort of thankful. When I first saw them that morning they hadn’t been helping too much, either laying around doing nothing or not taking this seriously. Ideally, I wanted everything unpacked and ready before the evening but that didn’t look like it was going to happen. As soon as Jax took over the chairs were built in no time. Granted, I sat back and he did most of the work but I kept him company and have him some beers. We were able to build the table together though as that defintely needed two people. Finally after two hours of building, the table and chairs were finished.

We were leaning our backs on the wall as we say down, Jax lighting a cigarette. He offered me one which I politely declined.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but how did you end up becoming friends with people like Bea, Frankie and Alex?” his head lulled to the side to look at me as smoke emitted from his mouth.

I hesitated.“Sort of caught up at the wrong time. A friend of mine had an abusive boyfriend and I tried to help. The girls were there to help even though we were strangers.”

“But you stuck with them?”

“Yeah, it was more serious than it sounds.” I took a swig of beer.

“That’s loyalty right there. They ever tell you about us?”

“No, never.”

“Probably didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Believe me, I have seen worse.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, you don’t want to know.”

There’s so much wrong with this pic that I don’t even know where to begin… but let’s give it a try. Floof ( it looks kinda wet, or at least gelled), glasses-of-doom, pissed-off side eye, scruff (nope, not scruff, that’s a full beard in the making, people), coat with collar up, hoodie, dirt on shoulder area (make-up?), hands, veins, thighs (oh come on, THIGHS!), legs that go on forever, and of course those shoes (so much hate on them, I don’t get it, but anyway they were cropped off and nowhere to see here). There. God help us!

Enjoy xxx

First time I lay eyes on you is when you walk into my club. I see pretty girls all the time, but there’s something about you something special that immediately stirs in my cock. Not felt this way since I was a teenager to instantly start to get horny at the sight of some hot piece of ass and now I am a man in my forties. I am captivated by you you’re in a super short tight little black dress, you have these legs that seem to go on forever and you’re wearing way too high heels or as I call them bedroom shoes or fuck me shoes. You’re out with your friends and you seem oblivious to my staring at you.
I just can’t take my eyes of you. I watch you get your drinks and you start to dance to the music. You move so well those legs and that ass drawing attention from all the boys and flashes of jealousy from girls around you.
I see you break off from your friends I guess you must be on a girl’s night out and you’re teasing all the boys. You are heading to the bathroom and I decide to follow you. I see you enter and I wait in the corridor for you to come out. I finally see you breeze out of the bathroom and I approach you.
“Young lady I run this club and I would like you to come to my office with me I have something to show you” I say and you look at me quizzically. “Come with me!” I insist and urge you to follow me.
I notice you following me very compliant I smile to myself. As I walk you to my office.
I usher you inside and close the door.
“What’s this about?” you ask me.
“I’ve been watching you. You’re quite the turn on Little Lady. You move so sexily out there in the club and you know what you’re doing to all those boys and men out there don’t you” you stare at me blankly not sure where I am heading.
“Well you’ve had quite the effect on me too and I need you to take care of something you have brought into effect, namely you have my cock hard and I can’t work in this state so you’re going to have to take care of that.”
“I’m leaving!” and you head to brush by me and out of the door, I grab you stop you spin you round and in the same movement push you forward against my desk. You’re bent over it and I now have you by your hair.
“Listen you cock teasing little bitch, mine is one cock you don’t get to tease. You got it hard now you get it inside you, end of story.” I kick your heels to each side spreading your legs wide apart your dress has ridden up and now I can see your lacey black thong cupping your fleshy little lips. You are breathing heavily, panting and there is a look of shock and disbelief on your face as I struggle to get my cock from my pants. It springs out and I start to rub it against your pussy lips through the lace of your panties. Your hair is wrapped in my fist and I am pinning you to my desk.
“Wet and ready, little slut just like I’d like you to be, you cock teasing little bitch. I’m going to enjoy breaking you in with my hard cock. When I am done with you you’ll be a demure little lady only ready to take her Masters cock at a moment’s notice. ‘When I’m finished you’ll be a happy content well broken in little slut. If you are any good I may even keep you for myself.” I pull your panties to one side and rub my cock’s head on your wet lips.
“Ah seems your pussy and your legs were in disagreement, your legs were taking you away but your pussy wants a good feeding.” I tell you as you feel my cock start to open up that hungry little hole of yours. You are so fucking tight even though you are nicely wet and ready. It’s a divine struggle to push my cock into you.
You begin to moan and your hips writhe as I force myself into you.
“That’s my good little bitch, Take Daddy’s cock all the way in.” I grasp your hip with one hand as I talk dirty into your ear, pulling your head back by your hair. I push real hard on this slow stroke into your velvety little hole. Then I start to pull out and push back into you. Each thrust getting harder and harder telling you to take it bitch take Daddy’s cock like the happy little slut you are.
Pounding you hard with every stroke I begin to rain down spanks to your round little ass cheeks and you begin to moan louder and buck your hips. I am really pounding you now and though you didn’t consent you are starting to lose yourself inside the pleasure you feel on my thrusts deep into you.
“I’m going to give this tight little cunt a good creamy filling and use you over and over till you accept your role as a horny little fucktoy” I tell you and you start a loud pre-orgasmic moan at my words.
Not long now you think as waves of pleasure start to pulse though you.
God I am going to cum, you think yourself as you feel my cock sliding hard in and out of your tight cunt. You give in to this pleasure and start to scream as the climax over takes you.
I start to cum myself and jet after jet of my hot semen pulses deep inside your unprotected, fertile cunt.
“Not finished yet!” I tell you as I pull you from the desk and down to your knees by your hair. “You get to clean Daddy up now slut.” I say as you eagerly open your mouth and take my cock xxx

sassejane  asked:

"Oliver, if we didn't get blown up, how do you think our date would have ended?"

Oliver opened his eyes at her question, staring at the wall as her words bounced around in his head. Felicity was propped up behind him, half sprawled across his body, her naked chest pressed to his side as she dragged her fingernail in random designs over his bare back.

Every few inches her nail hit a scar and she always took the time to make a special little design for each one, making sure not to skip any, making sure not to leave them behind. Because they were part of him, part of his history, as she had told him once. They helped shape the man he was, the man she loved, and so as a result she loved them, despite the still painful memories they were tied to.

Oliver sighed, thinking back to that night.

He’d been so nervous. He didn’t think he’d ever been that nervous on a first date before. He’d been ready to chug his scotch and ask for three more just to calm the nest of butterflies beating a steady rhythm against the walls of his stomach.

Until they started talking.

Until they touched hands.

Until he was finally able to put into words the change she had brought to his life.

They rarely talked about that night, because of the darkness that followed, and he specifically chose to avoid thinking about all that. Because things had turned out alright. They were alright.

Oliver smiled, thinking back to how he had imagined a hundred times over how the night might go, how it might end, on his way to the restaurant.

Her fingers danced across his back as he said, “Dinner, obviously, and then dessert. Although I think we would have both eaten way too much because we were so nervous, so dessert might not have worked out.” Felicity chuckled. “That hadn’t stopped me from spending a significant amount of time wondering what your red lips would’ve looked like while eating a piece of chocolate cake.”

Her hand paused for a split second, inhaling quickly at the insinuation in his words - the reminder that they had been friends but that they’d been opening a door to so much more, and while it had seemed so innocent at the time, there was still the promise underlying everything that night of what could happen - before continuing.

“I didn’t want that night to ever end,” he continued softly, closing his eyes, picturing it as he said, “I would have suggested we take a walk, and then I would have noticed you were wearing those red heels that made your legs look like they go on forever and offered to drive you home instead. But you would’ve wanted to walk too. I’d have given you my jacket.”

Her hand stopped as she listened.

“I thought about a dozen different ways I would walk with you, Felicity, maybe more. I thought about what you’d look like with my jacket over your shoulders, how beautiful you were; I thought about holding your hand, or wrapping my arm around your shoulder.” He opened his eyes again. “I think as long as I was touching you, I would have been good.”

Felicity was quiet as she laid her head on his back, and he wondered if she could hear his heart racing from residual nerves of their first disastrous date night.

“We would have eventually made it back to your apartment, after spending way too long walking - I would have offered to carry you anywhere because I knew your feet would be hurting, but you would have rolled your eyes at me, just like  you do now.”

He felt her grinning.

His voice was heavy with emotion. “I would have kissed you goodnight, our first kiss, the way a first kiss should be; and I would have wanted so much more. I wasn’t sure how I would have responded if you’d asked me to come inside.” She hugged him closer. “But I think I would have said no. Because I wanted to do it right. Because I knew I was in love with you, and I didn’t want to mess it up.”

“You wouldn’t have messed it up, Oliver,” she replied, her voice quiet, before adding, “You might have tripped a few times,” Oliver laughed at that, “But you wouldn’t have messed it up.”

Oliver was silent for a moment.

“To anyone else it would have just been a first date, but it would have been the best night of my life.” He swallowed. “In a lot of ways, it was, actually. The best night of my life. It got me through those months afterwards.”

Felicity’s breath hitched slightly before she turned, pressing a gentle kiss to the center of his back.

Silver Lining

Gokudera hates baseball.

He hates everything about it. From the needlessly complex rules to the overenthusiastic fans to the greasy food that’s all he can find to eat at the games; he hates every single aspect of baseball as a sport and as a hobby. He remembers ditching school once for an entire week, when his PE class was meant to be learning about the sport; and otherwise, he thinks he’s done a noteworthy job of keeping every aspect of the game out of his life.

Which makes his current presence at a live baseball game all the more remarkable.

“I hate this,” Gokudera mumbles to himself as he makes his way clear of the steadily-filling bleachers and around to the back of the stadium, where he can sneak a cigarette under the pretense of buying some of the aforementioned food. “Stupid baseball game. Stupid girls. Stupid everything.” He has his head down, is frowning attention at the pocket of his coat as he tries to dig down to the bottom where his lighter inevitably ends up. “Stupid best friend, I could be at home doing something fun and instead–” and it’s then that he rounds the corner of the bleachers, and runs hard into someone jogging in the other direction.

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Fic prompt: Oswald and Ed go suit shopping and Oswald keeps getting turned on at how tightfitting Ed's clothes are (and visa versa)

This has been sitting untouched for two weeks I’m done just take it take it away

Part Two.

Sharp Dressed Men

Oswald is familiar with this process, watching closely as the tailor takes Ed’s measurements. The tailor had already been made aware of the color and style they were looking for but needed Ed’s suit size. Oswald hadn’t had him properly fitted before this and he wanted him looking positively dashing for the upcoming gala.

Ed puts his arms out and the tailor brings the tape measure around his chest, grabbing a plain jacket for reference off the wall. He helps Ed into it, and Ed buttons it. The tailor checks the length against Ed’s thumbs, then turns him around to ensure that the back reaches the top of his thighs. He runs his fingers under Ed’s backside, where his legs start, his fingers brushing the bottom of the jacket. Oswald reminds himself to simmer down, that this is all very routine and the tailor has done nothing untoward. Take a breath.

The tailor nods, then pulls at the front of the jacket and checks the shoulders. He gestures at Ed to remove the jacket. He loops the tape measure around Ed’s waist and then whisks the jacket away.

“Do they ever speak?” Ed asks.

“Only if you’ve desecrated one of their pieces somehow,” Oswald replies.


“I’ll show you later,” Oswald promises, winking. Ed’s in a dark pair of trousers, dress shirt and shoes. He had to divest himself of his vest for the fitting but otherwise remains put together. His slacks are loose on him, and Oswald detests them. He hopes they can finish the pants for Ed today and they can leave this pair in the trash where they belong. Ed has a delightful backside that deserves properly fitting trousers, even if it’s to his own frustration.

The tailor returns with a pair of trousers, giving them to Ed and indicating that he change behind a curtain. Ed disappears into the adjoining room.

“Those are the most form-fitting you have for his size?”

“Yes, Mr. Cobblepot.”

“You understand he has… generous proportions?”

“Quite so. This pair should emphasize his… particular assets as well as the length of his legs.”

Oswald sighs, “A shame the jacket has to be so long. Fashion, am I right?” The tailor doesn’t respond.

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fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Phone Calls and Lonely Nights

Sami Zayn x Finn Balor

Finn and Sami are in a relationship, but they’re on different brands. One evening their nightly phone call talks a different route, and they’re forced to realise things about their relationship they don’t necessarily want to.

Wordcount: 1671

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i don't feel feminine most days because i have a flat chest, no hips, no butt and i've refused to shave my legs from the minute they had hair on them. i don't know how to start loving myself. any tips? thank you for spreading so much positivity ✨

I would say that femininity has such a wide range and not being the traditional “curvy” figure shouldn’t take away from your femininity.
Bodies come in so many shapes and sizes, and the media we consume tends to tell us there are only a few ways a body is supposed to look.

For example: With boobs we typically see small and perky or big and round.
When actually there are HUNDREDS of different ways a chest can look.
- One boob bigger than the other
- small and flat
- big and saggy or small and saggy
- huge nips, tiny nips, dark nips, bright nips
- less of a round shape, hanging, etc
- disproportionate
- no boobs at all
I could go on but I think you get the idea.
And butts!
There are so many kinds of butts out there besides “tone and round”
We have:
- big butts that are round and big butts that aren’t
- small butts that have small cheeks and butts that are just flat
- butts with stretch marks due to growing or shrinking
- butts with cellulite, and birth marks etc
- I could go on forever

With legs and leg shaving… hair grows naturally on your body so if you want to keep it there, do it.

All this to say: there are so many ways to be beautiful. Loving yourself starts with realizing your worth. You are not abnormal for having a human body, and your looks are more common than they may seem. The beauty trends change radically every decade, so who knows what will be “the look” next?

The best thing to do is: focus on what makes you personally feel confident, and don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing.