legs shaving

concept: i wear only lacy lingerie, a glass of wine in one hand, i stir a bath filled with rose petals. mothman arrives with bath bombs. i sit on the edge of the tub and shave my legs. mothman drops bath bombs in the water and films them for his instagram. we don’t talk but coo gently at one another

Pidge: *shaves her legs for the first time since the garrison*

Pidge: So smoooooth. Lance feel my legs.

Lance: What?

Pidge: *sticks leg in Lance’s face* Feel them. They’re smooth.

Lance: *touches her legs*

Lance: … Oh my god they’re so smooth.

Pidge: I know!!

Lance: Hunk!! Come here!!

Hunk: What?

Pidge: Feel my legs.

Hunk: *blinks*

Lance: They’re so smooth dude you’ve gotta feel.

Hunk: *feels Pidge’s leg*

Hunk: Oh my God you’re right.

Shiro: *walks in* What’s going on here??

Pidge: Shiro come feel my legs!!

Shiro: Uh what?

Pidge: They’re super smooth.

Shiro: Maybe later.

Keith: What’s smooth?

Pidge: My legs come feel.

Keith: *shrugs and touches leg*

Keith: Did you put lotion on them?

Pidge: I shaved them.

Keith: Nice.

Shiro: *blinks and walks away*