legs out from under

Captain's Pick Up lines
  • Bokuto: Hoot hoot! You're cute!
  • Akaashi: Get out of my house Bokuto-san
  • -
  • Daichi: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause that ass is sweet
  • Suga: *covering Asahi's ears* Not around the children!
  • -
  • Oikawa: Nobody's perfect except me. But you're pretty damn close
  • Iwaizumi: *kicks Oikawa's legs out from under him*
  • -
  • Kuroo: Did it hurt when you fell for me?
  • Tsukishima: No, but I scraped my knees when I crawled up the stairs of hell
  • Bonus
  • Ushijima: If you had come to Shiratorizawa, you could've been my star setter
Couples & Butt-Smacks.
  • Bokuto: *Smacks Akaashi's ass* Nice receive!
  • Akaashi: *Kicks Bokuto* Receive that, Bokuto-san.
  • -
  • Kuroo: *Smacks Kenma's ass* Nice receive~
  • Kenma: I think we all know what you won't be receiving at home.
  • -
  • Kageyama: *Smacks Hinata's ass* *Whispers* Nice receive.
  • Hinata: What?
  • -
  • Sugawara: *Smacks Daichi's ass* Nice receive captain~
  • Daichi: You'd think after the fifth time today my rear would be sore..
  • -
  • Asahi: *Taps Nishinoya's butt* N-Nice receive..
  • -
  • Lev: *Smacks Yaku's ass* Nice re-
  • Yaku: *Kicks Lev's legs out from under him* NICE RECEIVE!
Just a little longer

Description: Damon wants you to stay in bed all day but you’ve got important things to do at school, although your temptations get the best of you and you end up staying for a little more than just cuddling.. xx

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: Smut (M), Swearing

Word Count: 1340

I woke up to Damon breathing on my neck. He was spread across half of my body with his head resting in the crook of my neck and his arm across my chest. I could only turn my head so much without waking him up, although I managed to tilt my head just enough to look down at him, and god he was adorable. I laid there admiring him for a few minutes before taking my first shot at escaping his unconscious grasp.

I slid one leg out from under the sheets and off the side of the bed, the other soon following. Now, my upper body remained lying flat on the bed while my lower body was contorted off the side. “Damon”, I lightly whispered, trying to gracefully wake him, but still nothing. I shook a little, trying to wriggle my way out. He groaned and gripped me tighter so I immediately flung my legs back up onto the bed, stretching myself out once again.

At this point, I was seconds away from peeing everywhere; I needed to go desperately. I felt him moving around slightly although he maintained his grip on my chest. “Daaaamon”, I whispered a little louder, tensing my thighs together to stop the urgent flow of pee from evading but still nothing. It was time for plan B. I unhinged his fingers from my body, one by one, before finally holding his hand in mine. I picked it up and placed it next to him softly before wriggling out from underneath his head. Surprisingly, he was still dead asleep with no sign of waking anytime soon.

My feet lightly tapped the ground as I tried to make a break for the bathroom, looking back every few seconds to check that Damon was still asleep. He was. My teeth were gritted and my face was scrunched up as I flushed the toilet, not wanting the flow of water to be as loud as it was. Washing my hands was only a tad easier, only because I could control the pressure of water spilling out.

I tiptoed back out into Damon’s room to find him still asleep, I let out a sigh of relief and wiped my wet hands on his shirt that I was wearing. Crawling back onto the bed was a more difficult task than I had imagined. It required me not to make sudden movements and do everything at an awfully slow pace. I succeeded and crawled my way over to Damon before tucking myself back under his arm and cuddling into him.

“Nice try, babe”, he shot his eyes open and playfully glared at me. I was shocked to say the least, I seriously believed he was asleep. “Damn, I really thought my stealth skills were improving”, I laughed and Damon moved his head slightly to peck me on the lips. “Good morning gorgeous”, he smirked before rolling himself onto his back and staring at the ceiling. “Morning, yes. Good? Not so much”, I sighed. Damon turned his head to face me, “What’s wrong?”, he pouted. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table and turned back to Damon, “It’s 8am, I have school in half an hour”.

“Aw, no fun”, he sighed as he pulled my body on top of his chest. I looked down at him and glared, “No! Not today Damon. I really need to go to school, Mr Saltzman said if I miss any more history classes I won’t pass!”, I whined. “Well surely I can have a word to Mr Saltzman for you. He and I happen to be good friends”, Damon said with a smirk on his face. I paused for a moment and considered staying in bed with Damon all day, but I seriously did need to go to school; history wasn’t the only subject I was going to fail.

I propped myself onto my arms and looked down at his beautifully structured face, pouting a little bit as I realised how much I would miss kissing it while I was at school. I bobbed my head down and locked our lips into a long, slow kiss. I hummed with displeasure as I detached myself from his lips, “I’ve gotta go to school baby, I’m sorry”, I said as I scrunched my face together.

I made my way to the edge of the bed and didn’t look back, knowing that I would change my mind if I took one more look at him. Just as I reached the edge, his hand gripped my wrist tightly. It was silent for a few seconds before I turned my head around and saw his pouting lips and puppy dog eyes trying to pull me back in. “I’ll sort out all of your school stuff if you’d pleeease just stay here with me”, he begged. For a split second, I forgot about all my school work and just admired Damon’s determination to keep me in bed with him. “Fuck it”, I said as I crawled back on the bed and straddled his waist, leaning down to kiss him passionately. 

He pulled away and looked up at me with a smirk, “I knew you couldn’t resist me”, he whispered before grabbing a hold of my neck and pulling me back down to his lips. His hands trailed up my sides before he swiftly removed my shirt and gasped with pleasure when he discovered I wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands traveled to his chest and I ran them along his toned body, feeling every inch of his delicate skin. I lifted myself up and threw my panties to the corner of the room only to look back down and notice Damon licking his lips.

I moved my body further down and slowly removed Damon’s black boxers, my lips slightly parted as his hardness sprung up and throbbed. I gripped it and began rubbing my hand up and down, feeling the slippery friction between him and my hand. Damon flung his head back into the pillows and moaned, grabbing hold of my hair for support. “Get up here now”, he demanded and I obliged with pleasure.

Damon held me by my waist and hovered me over him before he slowly slid my body onto his hard-on. I let out a gasp as I felt his whole length in me. Damon gave me a moment to adjust to his size before thrusting up into me at an inhuman pace. He gripped my thighs as he closed his eyes and parted his lips while his head sunk further into the pillow. He let out low groans as he continued to fuck me at top speed, going deeper inside with every thrust. I screamed his name as I felt my walls begin to clench, grabbing a handful of the sheets in each hand.

“Come for me, baby”, he yelled as his thrusts started becoming disoriented by his nearby release. Damon held my thighs tighter as he sent one last thrust into me before I felt him twitch and spill inside of me. I let go and came around him, my body trembling with aftershocks.

I rested my arms on his shoulders; hunching over him as I tried to catch my breath. I lifted myself off of him and collapsed on his side, resting my head on his bicep and wrapping my arm around his chest. We both laid there for a few minutes, listening to each others heavy rise and fall of breaths.

I glanced over at the clock that read 8:20 and then turned my attention back to Damon, “So, what exactly are you going to tell Mr Saltzman?”, I questioned. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just tell him you had more important things to be doing”, Damon suggested, “Or, you had more a important person to be doing I should say” he continued, smirking. I playfully slapped his chest and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his neck. He smiled and hugged me tight. 

I could stay here forever.

  • Graves: *relaxing in the pool, staying afloat with soft motions*
  • Graves: *glances around, looking for Credence*
  • Graves: *jumps and screams after feeling something pull on his leg* YAH! AH! WHA-!
  • Credence: *leaps out from under the water in front of Percival, bending over in a fit of laughing*
  • Graves: CREDENCE! *turns dark red, frowning only half-heartedly*
  • Credence: *wraps arms around Graves, still giggling* Sorry Mr. Graves...*snicker* I was just playing, but...eheh, you were cute...
  • Graves: *mutters* Knew I shouldn't have let you watch JAWS last night...
  • Credence: *softly bites Graves finger*
  • Graves: *pulls them both under the water playfully*
The Devil You Know Part 10

The Devil You Know Part 10

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Torture. 

Chapter 16

“Alright, everyone fucken listen up.” Negan said walking around, circling Melinda as she stood a in the middle over everyone. “What you guys are about to fucken witness, is something that fucken happens when you don’t fucken follow my orders.”

Arat and a few girls, come over and took Melinda’s weapons from her. Then one kicked Melinda’s legs out from under her, knocking her to the ground. Negan turned to her as Melinda kneel down and looked up at him. 

“Doll here, thought it was a fucken good idea not to fucken listen to me.” Negan said, looking down at her. “I fucken told you, the total of fucken four times to fucken leave that little shit over there behind.” 

Turning to Danny and pointing at him. He had his arms wrapped around his mother, who could hardly stand from the high fever and cough she was suffering. He turn back to Melinda, as she kept looking up at him. 

“Not to fucken mention, I fucken order you to fucken keep your fucken ass put, which you fucken didn’t. Then I fucken order you to stand down, a front of my fucken men and you go and fucken take off still. Now, where in that did you fucken listen to a fucken word I told you? Hmm? Cause I’m fucken curious. We you fucken ignoring me? Or couldn’t you fucken hear me with all your fucken husband’s cum in your ears?” Negan said. Melinda’s face harden and so did Negan. “O that fucken piss you off? Does it look like I fucken give a shit doll?”

Melinda didn’t answer. Negan turn to Arat and jester his head to Melinda. Arat turned around and yank Melinda’s head back with her hair. Melinda kept a straight face as she kept looking at Negan. His breathing got heavy as he looked down at her. 

“Maybe you need some fucken help loosing those fucken suckable lips. Arat.” Negan said, stepping back.

 Arat let go of her hair and stood a front of her. She slapped Melinda a cross the face a couple of times. Melinda head turned to the side as Arat moved to the side, to let Negan take his place a front of Melinda.

“Better?” Negan said as Melinda turns her face back to him. “Or do you fucken need more?”

“I don’t think you or anyone around here.” Melinda said, looking around and back to him. “Get me, Negan. This shit your doing, is nothing compare to what I have to endure. You can dish out all the pain you want, but it’s not going to do anything. It won’t, because I’m different from others you came a cross. I can’t be broken, because there’s nothing left to break. So there’s nothing you can do, because I”m not most people. Never have been and never will be. So do what you got to do and I’ll do what I’ve always do” Melinda held her head up high as she straight her back up, and looked him in his eyes. “I’ll just survive somehow.”

“Is that fucken right doll?” Negan said, back up away from Melinda.“Hope you can survive this fucken shit.” He smiled at her as he licked his lips. 

Arat grabbed Melinda by her jacket and yanked her to her feet. She punch Melinda in the gut, but she hardly felt it. Four other girls started punching, kicking and shoving Melinda around as everyone looked on.  Negan’s smile got bigger and bigger when he saw Melinda refuse to go down.

“Doesn’t hurt anymore does it my love?” He looked down at her as she shook her head.  “I told you, I do this to help you survive. All those countless beatings you took by me. All those dislocating and relocating of your joints. The bones breaking and healing. All of it, was to make you stronger and you are stronger my love. Now, nothing will ever hurt you. I think I deserve a small reward for this, don’t you.” She have him a small smile as he stood there undressing himself. “Yeah, it’s time for a reward.”

“Boy, I fucken love me some girl on girl fucken action.” Negan said, laughing as he kept watching them beat Melinda. “Fuck me, doll you can take a fucken hit.” 

Then that’s when it hits him. Not once Melinda tried to fight back, hell, she wasn’t even trying to block it. He started thinking back to the gunfight and how she handle herself. She took out most of the men and not once did she miss her target. 

Negan knew, Melinda could easy beat these girls without trying. But why wasn’t she trying? Was she worry about what he was going to do? What they were going to do? Then he remember what she said in the truck on their way back.

“I won’t marry you Negan so stop asking already. I didn’t listen, because I didn’t want Danny to be taken hostage. If they torture him, he’ll give up our location and my daughter will be in danger. So I’m going to take this punishment, but not out of respect, fear, or spit of you Negan, but for Zoe. If your men think you are weak, one will rise against you and the others will follow. They’ll find out Zoe is your weakness and she’ll be the first to go. For her, I’ll take whatever you got.”

Negan looked around in the crowd and saw Jane. She had her arms cross and shaking her head. He let out a heavy sigh as he looked down at the ground.

Arat turned around and pulled a gun out. She pistol whip, finally sending her to the floor. Negan went over to Arat and grabbed the gun away from her. 

“Arat.” Negan said, getting into her face. “Don’t fucken hit her face. I don’t want princess to fucken see any marks on her.”

Negan step away and looked down at Melinda. She sat up and looked up at him. She had a straight face on, showing him that she was un-phase by the beating.

“I got to fucken say doll.” Negan said, waving the girls to step back and they did. “Usually when we fucken beat someone ass, they are crying like a fucken little bitch and begging for it to be stop. But not fucken you.” 

He kneel down a front of her and lean in close to her, as she sat there, still.

“Doll.” Negan said, in a low voice so only she could hear. “Just fucken agree to be my fucken wife already. What happens next is going to be worse and after that is still fucken be worse.”

“Where’s Zoe?” Melinda said in a low voice.

“In the room.” Negan said, leaning in closer. “She’s a fucken asleep, one of my wives are fucken watching her.”

“Have Jane watch Zoe for me.” Melinda said looking over at Jane and back to him. “Tell Zoe I got real sick and we didn’t want her to get sick, so I have to stay away from her.”

“Doll, just fucken say yes.” Negan said, giving her a small smile. “You can be in my fucken room and Zoe can have her own room right next to us. You just need to fucken say yes and I’ll fucken shut this shit down.”

Tell her I love her and I’ll see her soon as I get better please.” Melinda said, Negan let out a sigh and nodded his head. “Now, be ruthless.”

“Girls.” Negan said and they shoved Melinda down. Each on grabbing her limbs as Arat opened her jacket up and pulled out a knife. “Last fucken chance doll. Do you fucken want to be my fucken wife and get your fucken brains fucked out by me? Or do you want to fucken continue our little fucken fun?” 

“Sit and spin.” Melinda said, flipping him off. 

“I rather fucken have you seat on my fucken dick and spin. But, if you fucken want to continue our game, then so fucken be it.” Negan said, smiling as he looked over at Arat. “Remember, six cuts pre fucken order broken. Six and that’s fucken it, don’t want you to fucken get carry away now. Still hoping she’ll fucken be my wife after this fucken shit.” Negan laugh as Arat smiled at him.

Arat pushed the knife in, just under Melinda’s chest and dragging the knife down her stomach.

“That’s fucken good, nice and fucken deep.” Negan said, looking down at Melinda and smiling. “That’s what she fucken said.”

Negan laugh as Arat counted to cut into her skin. Melinda took deep steady breaths as she remember her training, remember the torture.

“Keep taking deep breaths my love. Deep and steady breaths.” She did what he said. “That’s good my love, very good. Let’s move on to another knife shall we?” He sat the knife down and picked up another one.

“There we fucken go, six fucken marks, for six fuck ups.” Negan said as they all stood up and looked down at her. “Well doll, last fucken chance.” He smile at her. “Want to be my fucken wife now?”

“Suck, my imaginary dick.” Melinda said, smiling at him.

“You guys fucken hear her?” Negan said, laughing as he looked at his men and pointed down at her. “She fucken said, suck my imaginary dick.” Negan looked back down at her. “Now, time for the fucken grand finale doll.”

Arat and the girls grabbed her and the follow Negan as he walked over to a fire that was going. The dropped her and Melinda kneel down as she looked at a iron rod in the fire.

“You know something doll.” Negan said, looking over at her. “I always like to fucken marking my territory. It helps to fucken reminds people who they fucken belong to.” Negan grabbed the end of the iron rod and pulled it out. “You like this doll?” Showing her the hot red end of the rod, that said his name. “Simon and the boys fucken came up with this one for me.”

He waved it back and forth a front of her face, but still, she didn’t budge. Negan smiled down at her as he licked his lips. He slowing title his head over to Danny and then back to her.

“I think I got a fucken idea.” Negan said, keeping his eyes on Melinda. “O Danny boy, come fucken here.” 

“No please.” Danny’s mom said, taking a hold of him. “Please.”

“It’s okay mom.’ Danny said as Simon walked over to him. “It’s okay.”

Simon took a hold of Danny’s mom and sat her on a bench near by as Danny walked over to Negan.

“Yes sir?” Danny said, looking at Negan.

 Negan moved the rob towards Danny, making him flinch.

“I see you mom is still fucken sick as shit over there.” Negan said, Danny looked over at him mom and back to him, nodding his head. “Now as you fucken know and everyone fucken knows, you fucked up this morning. But, not as much as doll her.” 

“Yes sir.” Danny said, nodding his head. “Sorry sir.”

“No need to be fucken sorry Danny. You were looking for fucken supplies like I fucken order you to and doll here, fucken didn’t follow the rules. Now, what I was fucken thinking.” Negan said, putting his arm around Danny’s shoulders. “Since you are in end of fucken medicine for your poor sick mom over there, I want you to fucken take this.”

Negan handed him the rod and he wrapped Danny’s hands around it. 

“Take this, burn the fucken shit out doll here and I’ll fucken give you the medicine.” Negan said, smiling.

“What?’ Danny said, shaking his head. “But I… But I can’t sir.”

“Will the other way you can fucken do it, is if doll here agrees to fucken be my wife and I’ll give you the medicine still.” Negan said, looking back and forth from Danny and Melinda. “Sound fucken good?”  Danny nodded. “Doll?”

“Just do it Danny.” Melinda said, looking up at him.

But, I can’t do that to you.” Danny said, looking down at her. “Please, just say yes to him. I can get the medicine for my mom and you and your daughter will be taken care of.”

“See doll.” Negan said, patting Danny’s back and he looked at Negan. “The kid fucken gets it. So come on doll. Really want to scar both of you guys for fucken life? Or would you fucken rather marry me and he gets his fucken medicine and we fucken live happy ever after?”

“Danny, I need you to look at me.” Melinda said and Danny looked at her. “I’m not going to say yes, no matter what he does or says, I’m not going to say yes. I need you to be strong and take that rod and brand me.”

“But…I.” Danny said, shaking his head.

“I don’t want to be owe by someone again Danny. Just cause his name will be on me, doesn’t mean he owes me. Please, do it Danny. Not to give Negan want he wants, but to give us what we want. You’ll have the medicine you want and I’ll have what I always wanted, to be owe by no man.” Melinda said, giving him a smile as Danny started to tear up. “It’s okay, Danny. It’s going to be okay.”

“I’ll….I’ll do it sir.” Danny said, looking up at Negan. “I’ll burn her.”

“Well if that’s the fucken case.” Negan said, pointing at the fire. “Get that son of a bitch hot again.” Danny nodded his head and went to put it back in the fire. “Now were to fucken mark you at.” 

Negan snapped his fingers and the girls grabbed her again and lifted her up. Two blondes hold Melinda’s arms, as Negan looked her over. Negan licked his lips as he looked at Melinda’s chest and down her legs. 

He moved around and looked at her back. He made a clicking sound with his tongue as he pointed at her back. Negan moved closer to her and lean down, so he can whisper in her ear.

“All the fucken men, piss and past out after this fucken shit doll. Cause they can’t take the fucken pain.” Negan whisper as he moved her hair over her shoulders.

“I’m a custom to pain.” Melinda said, moving her head back and look at him. “I hope you are. Because when he shows up and sees this on me, all hell will rain down upon you.”

“You fucken sound like you want him to fucken come doll.” Negan said, titling his head. 

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Could be me just talking shit to scare you. Could be my Stockholm syndrome kicking in. But either way you can trust me on this, no matter what, he will come here and when he does.” Melinda said, looking forward. “I’ll make my escape with my daughter will he kills you all, very painfully and very slowing.”

Danny, get the fucken rod out of the fire.” Negan said, stepping back from Melinda. 

Danny pulled the rod out of the fire and went over to Negan. He did a sharp whistle and Arat ripped the back of her shirt open, then move to the side. The three of them just stare at Melinda’s back, staring at the scars. Scars from burns, cuts, being tired down, and having chucks of skin remove and place back. 

“I hope there’s room for your name back there.” Melinda said, laughing. 

The people in the crowd started to mumble as the looked at Negan.

Shut your fucken mouths!” Negan yelled and everyone went quite. “Danny boy, right fucken there.” Negan pointed between her shoulders blades. 

“Yes sir. “ Danny said, taking a deep breath as he held the rod tight. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Melinda said, bracing herself as she spoke in a whisper. “I should listen to him.”

Danny press the branding symbol on Melinda’s back. She started shaking and let out silent groans. The girls held her tight as Danny kept pressing into her skin. He tried to pull back but Negan stopped him. 

“Keep fucken going kid.” Negan said, putting his hands on his. “I want that fucker to show up real fucken good.” He laugh as Melinda’s body shook more.

“See what happens when you don’t listen to me Melinda?!” He picked up the chair and toss it a cross the room. “I told you I didn’t want anyone with us. I wanted just me, you and our daughter, but no, you wanted to take that kid in. Now you see what happened?” He slapped her a cross the face. “You should have done what I told you to do. Any time there is a hostage situation, you kill the fucken hostage, so you don’t have to worry about them talking. Now we are back to moving around because he gave up our location.” He lean in close to her as his face harder. “Since our special little girl is a sleep, I think it’s time for another lesson my love.”

“There we fucken go.” Negan said, helping Danny remove the rob. 

The girls let Melinda go and she fell to all fours as she tried to keep herself from pasting out.

“Will fucken look at that.” Negan said, moving around and looking down at Melinda. “She didn’t fucken pass out and didn’t fucken piss herself.”  

He laugh as he waved the girls to leave. They walked off and stood with the others. Negan looked at Danny, who dropped the rod on the ground as he looked down at Melinda.

“I’m sorry. I”m sorry.” Danny said as he started tearing up again.

“Don’t be a fucken little bitch now Danny boy.’ Negan said, looking over at Simon. “Simon, take Danny and his mom to the doc and fucken get her the medicine she fucken needs.”

“Yes boss.” Simon said, nodding his head as he helped Danny’s mom up.

“Danny boy go with them.” Negan said, looking back at him. Danny just stood there, looking down at Melinda. “Danny!” Danny jumped back and looked at Negan. “Get your fucken ass to your mom and take her fucken to the doc. Go now before I fucken change my mind.”

“Yes sir.” Danny said, nodding his head. “Thank you sir.” He took off running to his mom and helped her inside.

“Fat Joe.” Negan said, waving him over. “Take doll over to her new fucken room, so she can get some fucken rest.”

“Her room?” Fat Joe said.

“Yes fucker.” Negan said, pointing at the door a course from the walkers. “Take her to our fucken fun room. I want her fucken there, for three days. No food or fucken water. Maybe fucken then, she’ll fucken change her fucken mind.”

“Yes sir.” Fat Joe said, nodding his head. 

He went to help Melinda up but she smacked his hands. She slowing got up, stumbling to the ground now and again. Fat Joe tried to help her up, but yet again, she pushed him off. 

“God fucken damn.” Negan said, watching Melinda finally getting to her feet. “I want to fucken see you fuckers get up after that fucken shit.” Melinda started stumbling as she walked towards the door Negan pointed at. She went down and Fat Joe tried to help her up. “No Fat Joe, just fucken let doll do it.”

Melinda got up and kept walking over to the door, still falling to the ground now and again. She kept refusing Fat Joe’s help as they made their way to the door.

“Now.” Negan said, looking at the crowd. “That is what fucken happens when you don’t fucken follow my orders. Do we have any fucken questions?” Everyone was quite, till crying was heard in the crowd. “ Alright, who’s being a fucken little bitch now?” Negan looked over to where the crying was from and he that’s when he saw who was crying. “Oh, hell.” He let out a sign. “Princess.”

The Devil You Know Part 11 

(Sorry took longer than I thought. I really wanted to make sure this was good. Thank you guys for your last messages about this part. Hope you guys enjoyed it.  (gifs props to makers/some mine)

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Jody’s Cabin

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: blood, death

Words: 1284

A/N: This request is long overdue! Sorry for the lateness!!!

It had all happened so, so fast. Dean didn’t have time to yell, and Sam was in another room. He didn’t have time to react as he was thrown onto the ground by one of the demons kicking his legs out from under him and, as he was going down, everything seemed to fall into slow motion as he watched you step towards him, planning to take down the demon that was getting ready to kill him. He screamed in his mind as he saw a demon come out of the shadows behind you and dig a blade into your back, seeing the tip of it come out of your stomach.

This was all before he finally hit the ground.

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Saturday Saphira: how to be a badass

When they reached Saphira, she startled them by thrusting her head at them. The horses backstepped nervously. Saphira looked Eragon over carefully and gave a low hiss. Her eyes were flinty. Eragon threw a conerned look at Brom -he had never seen Saphira this angry -then asked, What’s wrong?

You, she growled. You are the problem.

Eragon frowned and got off Cadoc. As soon as his feet touched the ground, Saphira swept his legs out from under him with her tail and pinned him with her talons. “What are you doing?” he yelled, struggling to get up, but she was too strong for him. Brom watched attentively from Snowfire.

Saphira swung her head over Eragon until they were eye to eye. He squirmed under her unwavering glare. You! Every time you leave my sight you get into trouble. You’re like a new hatchling, sticing your nose into everything. And what happens when you stick it into something that bites back? How will you survive then? I cannot help you when I’m miles away. I’ve stayed hidden so that no one would see me, but no longer! Not when it may cost you your life.

I can understand why you’re upset, said Eragon, but I’m much older than you and can take care of myself. If anything, you’re the one who needs to be protected.

She snarled and snapped her teeth by his ear. Do you really believe that? she asked. Tomorrow you will ride me -not that pitiful deer-animal you call a horse -or else I will carry you in my claws. Are you a Dragon Rider or not? Don’t you care for me?

Isn’t it magnificent how she can be dangerous at the same time as worried and a “racketeer” at the end?


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This day couldn’t get any worse. You had to walk home because your car got stuck in the snow and ice, and now a guy was following you.

You tried to speed up, but unfortunately this caused your leg to slip out from under you, sending you down to the snowy ground. The man lunged for you, but before he could get to you, a boy flew in and put up an ice wall between him and you.

You scrambled up to a sitting position so you could more easily see what’s going on, before carefully standing.

“Hey, thank you,” you thanked the boy. He turned around, surprised.

“You can see me?” he asked.

You nodded. “Yeah. Plain and clear. Who are you?”

“I’m Jack Frost,” Jack replied.

You introduced yourself, holding your hand out for a handshake. Jack hesitated a little, before shaking your hand. “Woah, your hand is cold!” you commented. “Shouldn’t you bundle up a bit more in this weather?”

Jack laughed. “I created this weather,” he stated. “So, no, I never feel cold and the cold never hurts me.”

“This weather is what made me vulnerable to that guy,” you stated flatly, pointing a finger back to the guy who was now in a prison of ice walls.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said bashfully. “I mostly create snow like this for kids to have fun. School cancelled, snowball fights, sledding… I’ll accompany you home if you want so nothing else like that happens.”

You gave Jack a small smile. “That would be great. Thank you,” you said, starting home. Jack flew alongside you, pulling the occasional prank on unsuspecting people you pass.


Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven

Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten (Smut)  Part Ten (Non Smut)

“Why’re we here so early?” You complained as Jackson carried you in a fireman lift down to the gym.


“Because next week you have your survival exams and you’re getting lazy.” Jackson sighed.

“I am not!” You objected as he lent on the door until the lock popped and set you down, turning on all the lights and equipment, before turning back to you.

“You made me carry you from the kitchen to the living room.” Jackson pointed out and you waved a hand at him.


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Stiles accidentally becomes a werewolf?

  • it wasn’t like it was on purpose, because it wasn’t
  • Scott was the true alpha and Stiles was well, Stiles and he was only human
  • sometimes humans had to get a little blood on their hands
  • Stiles just didn’t know that would turn him into a frigging werewolf
  • he could feel the burning ache of the bite on his shoulder and his hands shook with the adrenaline pumping through his body, his hands cover in slowly drying blood, his body covered in sweat, he stared at Donovan’s body, face up and arms spread wide, giant lead pipe sticking through his gut, the boy’s eyes blown wide and mouth agape
  • there was an instant ache that settled into Stiles’s bones, like there was an itch under his skin that he couldn’t get to
  • hot drags of air were ripped from his lungs and he feel forward onto his hands and knees, groans ripped through him as his body heated up and he arched his back, his hands twitching and his leg shooting out from under him
  • his arm broke first, then his leg, his ribs pushed out and reformed them self, his wrist broke and then his ankle, Stiles screamed but no one heard, his head jerked up and his eyes were a bright golden color - werewolf
  • his bones continued to break and reform themselves into the body of a wolf, honey golden hair covered his body as his clothes ripped to shreds
  • once the transformation was complete his head tilted back and a long howl ripped through him, reverberating against the walls of the library
  • he ran from the library and away from the school, heading into the preserve
  • it would take an hour before the rest of the pack found him
  • Stiles had been rolling around in a pile of dense leaves when Scott came crashing through, wolfed out, Lydia followed close behind, Liam, Mason and Malia coming in behind Stiles
  • you really should know not to box in a wolf
  • Stiles snarled at them and lunged for Liam first, snapping at him, Liam backed off pushing Mason behind him, Malia growled back, Stiles turned on Scott and let out a deep growl
  • “are you sure that’s Stiles” “positive” “how’s he a werewolf and how is he in a full shift” “Lydia, call Derek”
  • Stiles sat back on his haunches and watched the pack as they kept their distance from him
  • “Derek, now is not a good time to ignore your phone, we have a-a problem that could really use your expertise, call me back”
  • “what do we do with him”
  • Stiles growled at Liam
  • “leave him for now I guess”
  • -
  • “Derek you got a voicemail”
  • Derek gave his sister a pinched look and listened to the message, vague as it was, Beacon Hills wasn’t his problem anymore
  • “well nephew, aren’t you curious” “I am”
  • Cora snatched his phone as Peter held his shoulder, Cora redialed and Lydia picked up on the second ring
  • took you long enough” “Lydia, it’s Cora, what’s going on” Cora put the phone on speaker “Stiles is a werewolf
  • silence, then
  • “that little shit, I offered him the bite and he turned me down, but takes up Scott’s offer” “no, Scott didn’t bite him, we found him in the preserve” “the problem being” “he’s a wolf, full shift and he doesn’t seem to recognize any of us
  • Derek twitched at that, that wasn’t possible unless-
  • “he shouldn’t be able to master a full shift unless he’s a born wolf” “we’ll be there soon”
  • -
  • that’s what found the McCall and Hale pack’s in the preserve staring at a golden brown wolf
  • “how remarkable” “peter, shut up”
  • “he isn’t feral, that’s what i’m mostly surprised about”
  • “peter, I feel like you know something about this”
  • “i may, there’s a legend that there are another breed of werewolves, one’s that are born with the gene, but the gene lays dormant until they commit murder”
  • all heads whip to Stiles who growls under his breath, the wolf tilts its head back and howls, the howl gets cut off by a gurgle sound and they all watch as the wolves bones break and reform into the shape of a human, all cringing at the pair they see, the hair receding before a dirt covered, very naked stiles is left, he was belly down with his hands braced on the ground, breathing hard
  • he looked up at them all with golden eyes
  • “you killed someone” “it was self defense Scott”
  • and one Stiles stood and walked over to them, Scott handing him his jacket to cover himself, they could see the still healing wound on his shoulder
  • “why did it take you until now to shift back”
  • “i’m in the presence of my alpha”
  • all eyes dart to Scott before settling on Derek who’s eyes were blaring red
  • -
  • “heard your a werewolf now”
  • “bite me Isaac”
  • “nah, that’s Derek’s job”

23 September. This story, ‘The Judgement’, I wrote at one sitting during the night of the 22nd-23rd, from ten o’clock at night to six o’clock in the morning. I was hardly able to pull my legs out from under the desk, they had got so stiff from sitting. The fearful strain and joy, how the story developed before me, as if I were advancing over water. Several times during this night I heaved my own weight on my back. How everything can be said, how for everything, for the strangest fancies, there waits a great fire in which they perish and rise up again.

How it turned blue outside the window. A wagon rolled by. Two men walked across the bridge. At two I looked at the clock for the last time. As the maid walked through the ante-room for the first time I wrote the last sentence. Turning out the light and the the light of day. The slight pains around my heart. The weariness that disappeared in the middle of the night. The trembling entrance into my sisters’ room. Reading aloud. Before that, stretching in the presence of the maid and saying, ‘I’ve been writing until now.’ The appearance of the undisturbed bed, as though it had just been brought in. 

The conviction verified that with my novel-writing I am in the shameful lowlands of writing. Only in this way can writing be done, only with such coherence, with such a complete opening out of the body and the soul. Morning in bed. The always clear eyes. Many emotions carried along in the writing, joy, for example, that I shall have something beautiful for Max’s Arkadia, thoughts about Freud, of course; in one passage, of Arnold Beer; in another, of Wassermann; in one, of Werfel’s giantess; of course, also of my ‘The Urban World’. 

I, only I, am the spectator in the orchestra. 

Franz Kafka, 1912 diary entry describing how he wrote “The Judgement”. This was the moment he chose to become fully devoted to literature and seek creative productivity by writing in a sleep-deprived, isolated, trance-like state.

Home - CH

By the time Calum’s gotten home from tour, you’ve progressed to stretching across the entire bed as you sleep. You’re lying on your stomach, legs splayed apart, feet dangling out from under the blankets and over the edge of the mattress. An arm is thrown across the pillow your head isn’t buried in and the other is curled under for support. From the knot of hair on top of your head, hair spills and lays haphazardly. There’s a barely seen flutter of your eyelids as you dream and the tension is gone from the features of your face; muscles and body relaxed.

And despite how utterly exhausted Calum is, the months and months of constantly moving and lack of sleep creeping up on him as he watches you, he doesn’t move to wake you. To be in your presence, to have you within touching distance after all this time is something that rejuvenates him.  It isn’t even his bed, or even one that they share, it’s one all your own–but collectively, Calum reckons, he’s spent more time here than in his own that this now feels like home.

As he leans against the frame of the door, his eyes are now trained on your face. There’s no crease between the browns on your face, your lips are relaxed and parted as you breath in. A tired smile finds its way onto Calum’s face because this is exactly how he loves you. To see you this way, so relaxed and unknowing, is a treasure because the hours when you’re awake are filled with stress and worry and constant motion. You’ve got work and school and your insane friends and family to balance – and he understands the lack of time, but he wishes that maybe your lips would curl into a smile more often, that maybe you could sit down and talk to him for more than five minutes while he’s gone, because god does he miss you more than he’s ever missed anyone before. Sometimes, he thinks he’s adding stress onto you…maybe if you had fallen for some normal guy in your english lit class, you wouldn’t have to worry about trying to not be late for class because some fans have stopped you on the street or in a coffee shop.

But Calum is selfish–maybe not inherently outright, but with you, he is. He doesn’t want to give you up. Doesn’t want to give up the shiver of pleasure that creeps up his spine when your nails scratch the nape of his neck or the unintentional pull of his lips when you smile at him. Doesn’t want to give up the pressure of your lips against him, the slick of your skin pressed against his own. You make his skin crawl and feel like it’s lit aflame and it’s all in the best way possible.

You are his home–something that he had no intention of stumbling upon. Sure, the fans liked to joke that they knew the guys pretty well, and they did for the most part. Calum was the quiet one in the band; he enjoyed his privacy and his limited freedom. He liked disconnecting from social media and hiding away from the world. And compared to Ashton and Luke, he hadn’t felt the need to be in a relationship. Until he met you.

Calum can admit he didn’t think much about the future. He was young and honestly, wanted this amazing opportunity he and his best friends were given to last his entire lifetime. But he couldn’t help it, he wanted to know if he was going to be in your life, if you would willingly stay in his, regardless of his hectic lifestyle.

“Cal?” Your voice, a low husky whisper, floats across the room. He hadn’t heard you rustling, having been lost in his thoughts. Calum doesn’t respond right away and instead inhales deeply, studying you as you just shifts to the left side of the bed and burrow back into the covers. It’s an unspoken invitation that he accepts, shedding his hoodie and t-shirt, leaving the joggers that sit low on his hips. The air in the apartment is cold, but his skin is hot as he toes off his shoes and socks and makes his way to the bed. “Calum?” You ask again, voice muffled from where your face is pressed against the pillow.

Silently, he slips into the right side of the bed and presses his chest against your back. For a moment, you revile in the warmth he radiates as his arm slips against your skin and settles across your waist. Exhaling, you wiggle against him and turn to face him. Your voice is quiet as you finally come face to face with him, “Welcome home.”

Calum’s face find’s it’s place against the skin of where your neck meets your shoulder, chapped lips brushing against it. Without instruction, the two of you wrap yourselves around each other until your torsos are flush and your legs are tangled. You do it without realizing, but your hand runs through his shortened hair and down the nape of his neck, nails scratching against the skin in memorized motions.

Calum feels that shiver run down his spine, his skin tingling as it presses against yours. He inhales deeply against your skin and pulls back to study your face. There’s no crease of stress between your brows, and your lips are curled upwards in a small, tired smile as you look back at him. “Yeah, I’m glad I’m home.”

Luhan X Haunted House

For @misstakenbyme-1134

  • Poor bb
  • That’s literally all I can say for him
  • His friends were teasing him SO much during Halloween season
  • So he swore he would man up and take you to a haunted house
  • Things were looking great 
  • …Until they weren't 
  • “I don’t think this is such a great idea anymore…”
  • “Do you want to go back?”
  • “Who? Me? Definitely not. I’m a man!”
  • *insert dying whale noises and high-pitched shrieks here for the next thirty minutes*
  • You basically had to drag him through the darned place just so that the poor thing wouldn’t injure himself
  • Since he was going all martial arts on the inanimate objects (10/10)
  • About halfway through and your boyfriend had turned into a sobbing mess
  • He ducked and hid behind you for the final stretch
  • The attraction workers eventually just took pity on the two of you
  • Luhan’s legs gave out from under him the second you made it out
  • So you had to carry him unceremoniously to the nearest bench
  • You tried to calm him down, wiping the stray tears from his face
  • “That wasn’t so bad now was it?”
  • “Of course not" 
  • But- he was still trembling violently
  • You leaned in for a tender hug
  • "Next time, we can just stream The Nightmare Before Christmas, deal?”
  • He hugged you back as his breathing calmed
  • “Deal" 

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Marinette froze as she stared at the boy in front of her. It was Adrien Agreste, napping on the roof of Notre Dame. She was supposed to meet up with Cat Noir for patrol, and there was no other feasible way to get to the roof without a miraculous or a helicopter. She might have believed the latter way if it hadn’t been for the tiny blob sleeping next to the boy- a little black cat-shaped kwami.

Her legs gave out from under her as she transformed back from a superhero into a lovestruck teenage girl. She sat there for a while, looking over her heartthrob crush who had been her partner all along as the Parisian wind rustled through his hair. The chaos inside her turned into a moment of serenity as the sunset pierced his hair with its rays, illuminating the boy with the innocence of a child. In that moment he looked like a boy who was too small to carry the world on his shoulders.

“A young Atlas,” she murmured, reaching out to stroke his hair. He shifted at her touch but didn’t wake up, the smile on his face proof that he was chasing a dream.

Perhaps it was out of character to do so, but Marinette rolled onto her side and pressed herself against his back. She knew she would have to deal with the consequences of this later, but for now she was a girl, bathed in a Parisian sunset, napping on the roof of Notre Dame with the best partner a person could ask for.

Good Girl CH 11: Morning After

“What did you do to our little Joo?” Suho yells as he busts threw the door, making me jump straight into Xiumin’s arms. He holds me to his chest and pulls the blanket over me so my naked body is hidden from the prying eyes of boys that suddenly fill the doorway. They all stand there dumbstruck at the sight.

“Stop your staring,” Xiumin snapped.

“Can’t help it,” Pervy Luhan purrs as he comes in the room and sits on the edge of the bed.

“I want to see Noona naked,” Sehun teases as he joins us on the bed.

“You guys are making me blush,” I mumble as I tuck myself into Xiumin’s chest.

“Come on,” Chen hoots playfully, “How about a little leg?”

I can’t help but laugh at his cute begging, I slide my leg out from under the covers to let them see.

“How about some back?” Xiumin teases before letting the blanket slide down my body, giving the eleven men who had made their way into the room a nice view of my bare back and Luhan a side boob view. I shiver when Sehun drags a finger down my spine, stopping he hits the blanket just about my butt.

“Sehunie,” I whine, “Stop it, you’re making my shiver.”

“I think she means tingle,” Kai purrs as he joins Sehun in touching my back, his cold hands make my visibly shiver.

I didn’t even notice Kyungsoo joining them until the boy is already pushing the younger two away and placing soft warm kisses on my shoulders. He sits down right behind me, and like Xiumin, I can feel his warmth radiating off him.

“Does that feel better?” Kyungsoo whispers in my ear.

“You’re so warm!” I say as I lean back into his embrace, finding a bare chest, something I was not expecting from the owl.

“Be carful love, you are going to show everyone to chest,” Xiumin warns. I snap back up against him.

“Since when have you been so friendly?” Kai whines as he pokes his hyung.

“You could barely look at her yesterday.” Tao adds in, wanting to join us on the bed but can’t get close with the others in the way.

“Someone didn’t cool off, I’m guessing,” Kris raises a brow at the owl boy.

Kyungsoo shrugs, “She did it to my twice yesterday, and it just hasn’t gone away.”

“Baby,” Kris cuckles his tongue at me, “You used the word too many times already.”

“You should heard her last night, it was her new favorite word,” Xiumin chuckles.

“Don’t say that!” I slap his chest playfully.

“We heard you say it plenty last night Baby,” Baekhyun smirks at me.

I blush, “It’s okay baby, it was cute, actually it was really hot,” Lay nibbles on his lip as he watches me.

“I think she should just use it all the time,” Chanyeol suggests.

“That won’t be a problem at school,” Suho scoffs but when I look at him I can tell he actually agrees with that idea.

“Fine, just when we are at home. Or if you don’t agree with it, she will call you oppa,” Luhan glares at Suho.

“You guys want me to call you daddy, all the time?” I question, though I’m not completely against the idea.

“I just love it when that that word comes from that cute little mouth of yours,” Xiumin says with a kiss on my lips.

“None of that,” Sehun whines.

“Yea, you already get too much of her attention!” Baekhyun joins in.

“Let me see her,” Luhan holds out his arms to me, and I almost go but that’s before I remember that I’m naked and Xiumin mostly is too.

“Can I get a shirt or something first?” I ask.

“You know how to ask for it baby,” Kris reminds me as he wanders over to Xiumin’s closet.

“Daddy, can I please get a shirt?” I say with a cute pout.

“Really could get used to that,” Kris kisses the top of my head as he hands me the shirt. Xiumin holds up the blanket so I can pull the shirt on, only revealing myself to him, earning a lot of boos and groans.

“Now let me hold my baby!” Luhan whines, making me laugh at his sudden cuteness. I crawl off Xiumin’s lap over to Luhan’s, who welcomes me eagerly.

“I wanna turn,” Kyungsoo surprisingly demands.

“No me!” Sehun pushes his hyung out of way.

“You little,” Kyungsoo growls as he pushes Sehun to the ground.

“None of that,” Suho snaps. “It’s time for everyone to get ready for the day.”

“Oh yea, school,” I grumble. I sigh, “At least I get to see Jihyo.”

“Are you sure you want to go to school?” Luhan asks as he strokes my cheek.

“Can’t we just skip today hyung?” Chanyeol looks to Suho with a big smile.

“No. We have a break coming up next week.”

“But hyung,” Tao whines, “We wanna hang out Joo.”

Suho rolls his eyes, “You guys have twenty minutes till I leave with her, if you are dressed and by the door you can come along and hang out in the office.”

“Twenty minutes?” Sehun, Tao, and Chanyeol yell together.

“I should probably go get ready than,” I say as I slide off Luhan’s lap to the warm wood floor.  

“Is that enough time for you?” Suho asks when I reach him.

I shrug, “That’s more then enough time. But who wants to take me to my room?”

“Me!” Chen and Baekhyun say together. I smile as both boys scramble over to me and begin pulling me down the hall. I don’t really pay attention to where we are going as the boys continue to bicker about who I should like more and who is cuter. We arrive at my room in a few minutes, they flip on the light and wander in with me. I’m surprised when they throw themselves on the bed and make themselves comfortable.

I blink at them until Chen sits up and cocks his head at me, “You better hurry baby girl or you are going to be in trouble. Suho hyung doesn’t allow tardiness.” I nod before quickly going into the closet to find the row of uniforms I saw yesterday. It only takes me a minute to find one of the winter ones and quickly pull it on, along with thigh high socks and mary janes. When I am dressed I walk back out into my room and see the two boys in the same position as before. They look up at me and smile big, like very cute idiots.

“You are the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!” Baekhyun coos at me.

“But come here,” Chen waves me over and sits me down on the ottoman in front of my bed, with my back to him. I shiver as he starts playing with my hair, just an automatic reaction I have since not many people touch my hair. “Your hair is a mess, baby girl,” Chen scolds as he fixes it.

“I don’t like dealing with it,” I grumble as Chen sends Baekhyun into the bathroom for hair ties. When he gets what he needs he use the hair ties to put my hair into two cute little buns on top of my head. He also puts in a bow head band, finishing in only a few minutes.

“Perfect,” He kisses the top of my head, “Now if you ever need help with your hair just come to Daddy, I mean me.”

I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him close and pecking his lips softly, “Thank you Daddy.”

“Ya! I helped too!” Baekhyun whines, making me laugh. I let the stunned Chen go to give Baekhyun a kiss as well.

“Thank you too daddy Baekhyun.”

“We should go so you can grab something for breakfast before you go,” Chen suggests as he pulls me out of my room, Baekhyun is behind us with my backpack. We find the others sitting in the kitchen, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Tao, Kai, and Sehun are all in their uniforms, while Suho is looking fucking delightful in a suit and the others still manage to look hot in their pajamas.

“Oh my god,” Luhan coos when he sees me, “My baby looks so cute!” He rushes over, nearly spilling his coffee on Kris as he puts it on the counter.

“Daddy,” I whine as he pinches my cheeks.

“Oh Baby that is not how you get me to stop touching you,” His cute playfulness slowly fades to pervy Lulu as he moves his hands to my hips and pulls me close.

“Aw hyung you already got to hold her today, let us have a turn!” Tao comes forward, pushing all of his hyungs out of the way to latch on to me.

“Daddy panda!” I say automatically, returning Tao’s hug.

“Why the hell does she greet you like that?” Luhan snaps as he crosses his arms over his chest.

“I have no idea,” I say honestly, “It’s just some weird automatic response when I see him.”

“That’s unfair she only does that to Kyungsoo and Tao.”

“She doesn’t even do that to me,” Xiumin complains.

With an impending argument approaching I quickly change the subject, “Is there still time for me to eat breakfast?”

“Of course,” Tao answers without hesitation. “What do you want for breakfast? We have anything you could think of.”

“Nothing too big, just an apple or something.”

“That isn’t breakfast,” Suho scolds. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll have something delivered to the office.”

“It’s okay, I don’t eat much, I don’t need anything,” I try to wave the idea away but earn nothing but glares from each man.

“Another rule,” Kyungsoo pipes in, “You must eat three meals a day.”

“Agreed,” The other eleven decide.

“This is ridiculous.” I groan.

“Baby girl, are you being naughty?” Kris questions with a brow raised.

“No,” Xiumin answers for me, his eyes warning me, “She would never be bad and loose her phone privileges, would she?”

“I’ll be good and eat when we get there,” I mumble with a sigh.

“Good girl.”