legs on toast

Some Ring of a Lovebird

Anon asked:

Hello there can I get a Carl imagine where Carl proposes to the reader and says he wants a family? (This is a few years later) thx!

Anon asked:
Can you write a smut of carl and the reader?

Some ring of a lovebird

The humid morning sun burns up against my skin, the start of summer hovering over Alexandria’s safe grounds. My eyes feel groggily, still sticking stuck upon my lids by my sleep I just had. And what I seem to not have woken up from yet. I thought my night’s sleep was prevented by the sudden climate change, from day to day the weather seemed to get from snow to burning sun, but I knew my conceptions were certainly wrong. It’s 7 in the morning and once again I am sat on the porch of our home, alone with crossed legs and a half bitten toast laid next to me waiting for ants to snack on.

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The Signs as Fall Foods

Aries: Apple cider
Taurus: hot cocoa
Gemini: pumpkin flavored drinks
Cancer: cider donuts
Leo: turkey legs
Virgo: toasted pumpkin seeds
Libra: freshly picked apples
Scorpio: caramel candies
Sagittarius: s'mores
Capricorn: pumpkin cake
Aquarius: honey sticks
Pisces: candy apples