legs of our own

they took the hair on our legs and decided it was a shameful, disgusting thing

they said nothing about their own leg hair

they took our genitals and decided it was an ugly, disgusting and shameful thing, only good enough for them to use for their pleasure

they praised their own genitals and drew them on every corner of this planet

they took our bodies and decided they have to be fragile, small and easy to objectify, or we aren’t worth as human beings anymore

they keep their human value no matter what they look like

they took our periods, neglecting they were all born from them, and decided they were gross and shameful thing, not even to be mentioned in their presence

all pain they have to go through is over-dramatized and talked about constantly

they took our clothes and made it uncomfortable, see through, impractical, revealing, objectifying

then they accused us of distracting them when we wear it, accused us of asking for unwanted touch and abuse when they feel entitled to our bodies

they set us up in a trap then laughed at us for suffering inside of it

they never intended to acknowledge our pain

what’s been done to us is “life”, according to them

what they do to each other is “our fault”, according to them

we’ve been used as scapegoats for their own faults

we’ve been used as toys for their pleasure and satisfaction

we’ve been used as trophies for them to show off their importance

it was enough

I had enough.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1608

Warnings: Smut, safe sex of sorts - not really- (pulling out method - keep in mind this is not a way of safe sex since it may only prevent pregnancy and you should never rely on it, unless you’re in a committed relationship with someone you really know and trust! Always wear a condom!!), slight choking!kink, slight dom/sub, slight dirty talk. And btw having sex on top of a pile of boxes can be dangerous.

A/N: This is my entry for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Writing Challenge (  @idreamofhazel @impala-dreamer

Prompt (Jared bonus) #4: ‘I’m gonna come in and kick your little 5’4” ass’

Thanks to my beautiful -inside and out- friend @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for the read over and the awesome exchange of kinks and preferences. Just an everyday conversation.

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Heart stammering against your ribcage threatening to burst out through bone and skin, lungs burning from the bad breathing, the furniture around you turns blurry as your short legs move faster. Heavy footsteps follow you from close behind, he’s at your heels, getting closer by the second. You take a sudden turn right, down into a dark corridor, just in time to avoid the grip of long fingers on the back of your shirt, and you enter the first open door to your left. Closing the latch and stepping away. Adrenaline keeps pumping through your veins making you jump a little when his entire weight collides against the closed door.

“Y/N!” Sam bellows on the other side, voice all breathy and croaky.

Your chest heaves and you try taking deep breaths to calm yourself down, which is almost impossible considering you’re still laughing.

“Open this door, now!” he roars.

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I’m Not Useless

Warning: slight angst, if there’s others please let me know

Pairing: eventually Thorin x reader, the company, Gandalf

A/n: I’ve been working on this since I think december. I finally finished it hahaha My first Thorin fic, hope you all like it. Plus the tag lists are still open

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Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions

              Before Thorin had said anything about stopping for the night, you wondered off into the woods. You were shorter than Balin and you were as small as Ori, if not smaller. You thought none of the company wanted you with them. Thinking the only reason Thorin had let you come with them was because you were born in the halls of Erebor and you told him you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You would have followed them if he had denied you coming.

               Armed with your bow and sword, you searched the woods for something better than a crappy rabbit. Slowly making your way through the trees, you hear a faint sound of a large beast. Pulling an arrow out of your quiver, readied your bow, and made your way towards the beast. The beast was grazing on some grass as you let loose an arrow. The arrow embedding itself into its back which only caused it to get angry. You quickly slipped your bow over your shoulder while drawing your sword. The boar charged at you. Just before the boar lunged at you, you swiftly leaped onto its back and drove your blade into the back of its neck. The beast fell to the ground which only caused you to go flying off but landed on your knee.

               You stood up and smirked to yourself. You walked back to the dead beast and pulled your arrow from its hide along with your sword.

               “Now let’s see if any of the others will speak poorly of me now.” You chuckled as you began to drag the beast towards where you thought the company would camp for the night.

*The Company*

               Everyone started doing what they were assigned to do like always. Thorin was doing a head count only to realize he came up short. He walked about the area only to come see that you were nowhere in sight.

               “Has anyone seen (Y/n)?” Thorin’s voice boomed over the area which caused everyone to look at him confused. Everyone except Bilbo.

               “I haven’t seen her since earlier, before we stopped for the night.” Kili said as he was carrying some wood for the fire followed by Fili.

               “I swear she is damn near as useless as Ori at times.” Thorin rubbed his forehead with his hand.

               “Well, um, maybe she heard you talking earlier. She did seem a bit off before she wondered off into the trees.” Bilbo had seen you wonder into the woods. None of the others knew that you had overheard them and the look on Thorin’s face was proof. “She’s not as useless as you all think.”

               Just then a loud sound echoed through the trees. It took a moment before most of them realized that the sound came from a boar, a pretty large one at that. Kili looked at Fili shocked.

               “You don’t think that could have been?” Fili looked back at his brother shocked as well and shrugged. Bilbo stood there with a look of pride on his face, knowing damn well who just killed the boar that everyone just heard.

               You saw the light of the fire through the trees and you heard some of the others talking. They had been talking about you, from the sounds of it.

               “Do any of you know what (Y/n) did before embarking on this journey with all of us?” You heard Bilbo ask the others, to which you never expected none of them to answer.

               “She was, um, she was.” Thorin tried to think of what you did. Truth be told, none of them truly knew of what you did. In all your years in Erebor, you never once set foot in the mines themselves. All you mainly did was smithing. You never made weapons like a lot of the other males, like Thorin, you mainly work with gold silver and copper along with some gems that were to be laid in the metals. You had known Thorin’s mother who you had made several pieces for at her request, knowing that the metal would be prefect just the way she wanted it and better.

               “I was what most would call a jeweler. I worked with precious metals like gold and silver.” You walked out of the trees, dragging the boar towards the group. “In fact, Thorin’s mother had requested that I make a few pieces for her. Which most were beaded clasps for her and her family.” You looked at Thorin, seeing one of the beads you had made before Smaug invaded and took your home. “After Smaug attacked and after many had settled into Ered Luin, I didn’t pick up my skill. Instead I took up hunting and trained myself to fight.”

               “You took down that beast yourself?” Bofur was shocked to see someone as small as you dragging a boar that was as big as you were, if not bigger.

               “Yes I did.” You looked at Thorin straight in the face. “I’m not as useless as I look.” You walked past everyone, leaving the boar to the others to take care of. Oin had followed you, worried about you.

               “Let me check to see if you were hurt, Lass.”

               “I’m fine, Oin. The beast didn’t even touch me, let alone scratch me.”

               “I want to make sure.” You held up your hands and looked at the Dwarf in eyes.

               “Oin, I’m sure I’m fine. Mahal couldn’t take me down, not without a fight.” He shook his head and walked away. You only had a few moments to yourself before Thorin stalked over.

               “What in the name of Mahal did you think that you could take down that boar by yourself?” Thorin looked pissed and it didn’t bother you.

               “I heard what you guys have said about me. How I’m just as or more useless than Ori. Ori is a scribe you thick headed horse’s backside. You knew damn well what I did before that blasted dragon took our home. Yet you still had the nerve to say I’m as useless as a scribe, a scribe. Ori has proved that he has courage that you thought he didn’t have.”

               “Ori is different.”

               “No, Thorin, Ori is not different. The only thing that is different between me and Ori while on this quest is the thing between his legs. Yet our own burglar was the one who saw that I was not as useless as you tried to pin me as.” You pushed past Thorin, stopping next to him. “Now if you don’t mind, your majesty, I’m leaving this conversation before I get the urge to do something that would be regretted.” You continued past him and past the others without even a second glance at any of them.

               The others just stared at you as you walked away from the camp site and into the woods. None of them said a single word to you as you walked past them all. Bilbo was the only one who tried to talk to you and even the wizard Gandalf spoke to you when he was around. Even Gandalf had tried to tell the other males that you weren’t useless like they thought you were.

               You walked through the trees, lucky that you were light enough that no leaf crunched under your feet and there was almost no sound from your heavy boots. The quiet was like home for you, ever since settling in Ered Luin you had settled into a quiet area of the mountain. You didn’t have to listen to others talk about you, despite everyone had lost someone due to Smaug but you lost everyone close to you. You had lost you mother, father, uncle, and aunts, you had even lost a few friends but you didn’t want to burden anyone with your pain. The trees gave way to a small clearing. As you look behind you, you could still see the glow from the fire.

               You walked into the center of the clearing and sat down in the grass. Looking up at the sky, you decided to let yourself relax. Sliding off your quiver and bow, you laid back and just watched the sky. Missing how the stars looked as you looked from above the gates of Erebor, missing the heat from the furnaces of the forges, missing how when you were a youngling and being friends with Thorin and not caring at the time of titles or of the dragon that would take over. The memories of your family flashed before your eyes and a single tear slipped from your eyes, sliding slowly into your long semi-matted hair.

               You heard a twig snap from where you came and quickly sat up, swiftly grabbing your bow and an arrow then aiming it at the intruder. You would have thought Bilbo would come to talk with you but instead you find yourself aiming your bow at Thorin. You undrew your bow and set it back on the ground where you had it then laying back down on the grass, not caring if Thorin came or went. When the stubborn Dwarf didn’t leave you sat back up and looked at him.

               “What do you want, Thorin?” Your eyes looking up at the sky above you.

               “I have come to talk.”

               “I do not feel there is a need to talk.” You gently slid a hand down your face before you sat up completely. You grabbed your bow and quiver before standing up. Turning to face the Dwarf that you had known your whole life. “You have already said enough so far on this journey. I doubt that there is anymore that you can say. You had already deemed me as useless and yet I killed something for your company to eat.” You started to make your way back towards the others when Thorin grabbed your arm and stopped you from walking further.

               “Will you hear me out for a moment before walking off again?”

               “Why shall I give you the honor of calling me useless to my face or even try to tell me just how foolish I was to take on that boar myself.”

               “I am the leader of this company and the rightful king under the mountain.” His voice low and stern which sent chills down your spine but you were able to hide it.

               “Good for you Thorin. I honestly lost all hope of caring what title you held decades ago. I do not care if you are the ruler of all Middle-Earth, I deny you of saying what you have on your mind. You have called me useless when you thought that I couldn’t hear.” You felt the familiar pain in your chest that you had been getting since this whole thing started. “You may be the leader of this company, Thorin, but have clearly forgotten that you weren’t the only one who lost people in the attack. You can stand here and say you didn’t lose your father and your sister while others have lost everyone. You have your family, Thorin. I have nothing to live for back in Ered Luin and I will not be able to lay to rest my family who had fallen trying to escape Erebor.” You pulled your arm from his grip and turned to look at him, trying not to think of the family you had lost. “Now that I see I can’t be left alone. I’m going to set up my bedroll and go to sleep. Good night, your majesty.” You started to walk away from Thorin.


               “I said good night.” You looked back at him, not realizing a single tear slipped past your lashes and streamed down your cheek. Turning around, you walked back to the camp and off to the far side away from everyone you set up your bedroll then readied yourself for bed. You faintly saw the expression on Bilbo’s face as you walked by everyone, you knew he would worry about you since he was the only one besides Gandalf who saw your worth. You grabbed your cloak and went to sleep.

               Bilbo looked from your now sleeping form to the others of the group. His mind was on how you made sure he was safe up until now. He released a sigh which didn’t go unnoticed by the others.

               “What’s troubling you, Bilbo?” Bofur looked at a concerned Bilbo.

               “(Y/n) has become like a sister to me. An older protective sister but a sister none the less. She had saved me many of times up till now.” He thought back to every time you fought fiercely when he became outnumbered or when he became slow.

               The others sat there as the boar cooked, not really knowing how to reply to what Bilbo said. He thought back to the conversation that the two of you had earlier that day.

               ~ “I’m leaving the company tomorrow before the sun rises in the sky.” Taking off the hood of your cloak. “I’m tired of being belittled by those who are supposed to have my back.”

               “You cannot leave the company, (Y/n). Who will keep me company and have an enjoying conversation with?”

               “I must leave, Bilbo.” You looked towards Thorin, not regretting the emotion that was showing in your eyes. “No one but you wants me here, you have heard them yourself.”

               “They are frustrated and this journey is getting to them.”

               “That does not give them any right to say what they have said. I have just as much right to be here, being born in those tunnels like Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, and a few of the others.”

               “How much younger that Thorin are you, if you don’t mind me questioning?”

               “Only a couple years.”

               “You look a lot younger than him, you look almost the same age as Fili.”

               “That is very kind of you, Bilbo.” You gave the Hobbit a small soft smile, one that hadn’t seen much light as of late. “It warms my heart that you think that. Mahal knows we all need a friend who sees our worth even when others don’t.”

               “Does that mean you will change your mind about leaving?” You shook your head at him.

               “No it doesn’t.” You started messing with the butt of your blade. “I can make it back to Rivendell in a few days, a week if that and I’ve heard that the forges there are descent but nothing like the forges of Erebor.” You smirked a little at the comment.

               “Whatever happens tonight, Bilbo, do not tell the others especially Thorin that I will make my way to Rivendell. Thorin holds a grudge with all Elven kin thanks to the Elven king Thranduil.” Bilbo nodded his head with a sad look on his face.

               “I will not tell them.”

               “Thank you, Bilbo.” ~

               With dawn a few hours away, you woke up. Looking around at the camp and seeing that everyone was asleep. Quietly you packed up your bags and was about to take your leave when a voice made you stop.

               “Where do you think you’re going?” The voice was not of one of the dwarves or even Bilbo but of Gandalf.

               “I’m heading back to Rivendell.”

               “You don’t have to lie to me, (Y/n). You’re going to head towards Erebor. You lied to Bilbo, telling him you were going somewhere safe.”

               “He has enough to worry about with being with this company and all. If he knew where my path would truly take me, he would most definitely worry and try to keep me here.” You looked at Bilbo as he slept.

               “Then why go? He sees you as a sister.”

               “I know he does but I must take my leave before things are said that will be regretted.” You looked at Thorin and felt your heart hurt. The two of you used to be best friends when you were young and now it’s as if reclaiming Erebor is more important. “May the wind always be at your back.”

               Without waiting for a retort or even a response, you turned away from the wizard and left the company. You knew you would see them all again, you just didn’t know when.

Just a Little Evil

Here’s an Anti fic! 
So this is a sort of sequel to Just a little Anger and also I’m throwing in another request because it also has something to do with this topic! 
Also, I sorta forgot that I was planning to do a part 2. Sorry!
Hope you guys enjoy!

Fic Requests: 

- “Hey! Can we like maybe get a part 2 to just a little anger where the reader goes fully dark. Thank you for all that you do! You are wonderful”

-“It was like an Anti were him and the reader had been in a relationship for a long time but this entity like Anti tries to overcome the reader and one day is successful. At first it’s just trying to be the reader but it quickly becomes fascinated with Anti as as soon as he realise it isn’t her it kinda toys with him and her body.”

P.S: (I sorta go off the requests again, sorry. I tried to keep it close.)

Originally posted by brittany-san

The Entity’s PO:
The little meat-sack was easy to possess. It only took a few weeks, easing into her mind, worming my essence into her bloodstream. 
So foolish. Oblivious. 
She was so plain too. Her lifestyle was simple to replicate and her friends were just as moronic as the girl. 
An easy home with a simple host.
You might as well serve them on a silver platter. 
But, I had to wait. Be patient and cover my tracks. Because the girl, even how mundane she was, had acquired the affections of one such as me.
He was different than the other’s I had encountered. He was unaware of my presence and he treated the meat-sack with as much respect and adoration as he did himself. 
Anti, was what the girl called him. And he was marvelous
An odd creature, I’d purr to myself as the girl slept beside him. How does such a tedious creature keep a God under its thumb?
The power that raged inside the other entity was almost blinding to witness. He used it for the human’s entertainment, leisure and even use it during their intimate moments. 
It made me jealous, angry. Such magnificent power should not go to waste on something that evolved from an ape. 
As my power grew, it became harder to keep control of her emotions. Too much anger and she’d lose it. My power, mixing with the chemicals in her brain, fired her up like a pistol. 
And on one unfortunate day, I had allowed her rage to slip my grasp, and she pummeled another human’s face. 
The girl was fired and she returned home with a storm in her wake. But not all had ended badly. 
The one called Anti had enjoyed our little outburst. I slipped into the glove of the girl’s mind as he started on her. 
The girl no longer knew the difference between me and her own mind. And the creature between our legs was too occupied to see our eyes glow purple. 
When he was done, I was exhausted. The strain to keep my own pleasures under control was enough to render me powerless. 
But I managed to swap a few words with this, Anti, before allowing the girl to gain control again. 
“I should hurt people more often,” The girl and I joked as the God kissed us. 
“You might just break my heart if you turn dark,” Anti purred. “You’ll get more if you do.” 
Oh, I wanted more.

Your and Anti’s PO:
The grocery store wasn’t very busy today, you noticed absently. Which was nice because you didn’t really feel like being around people.
Even ones you’d never see again. 
Anti trailed along behind you as you shopped. He whined about the time it was taking to get the ingredients for dinner. Saying it would be quicker to get pizza. 
“We had pizza last night,” You said with a chuckle. 
“Yeah, and it was good!” Anti replied like a child. “Come on. I’m booorred, I wanna go home.” 
“You didn’t have to come,” You pointed out. You turned down into an empty aisle, stalling by the food that was on your list. 
Anti didn’t reply. His eyes followed you as you went from aisle to aisle. 
Something had been nagging him ever since the day you were fired. 
You were grumpier, more likely to blow up at a little prank than laugh it off and playfully whack him with your hand. 
Something was off. And until he knew what, he wasn’t letting you leave his sight.

Above, the lights of the grocery store flickered wildly and the ambiance music that was playing, jumped tracks, slowed down and then died with a pop
You turned to Anti, “Playing around with the electronics won’t get me to hustle any faster.” 
“That wasn’t me,” Anti said, confused. He looked up at the ceiling. “For once someone else might be fucking around with the power.”
Anti’s attention snapped back to you as you swayed. You groaned, holding your head. 
“Anti…” You reached out to him and he caught you as you fell. 
“Hey, babe, (Y/N)!” He cradled you against him. His eyes searching your face as you grimaced in pain. “What’s wrong? Can you hear me?” 
Your head felt like it was going to explode. White hot nails scraped the insides of your skull and you whimpered as a pressure began to build behind your eyes. 
“My…My head…” You managed to say. “It hurts really bad.” 
Anti slid his other arm under your legs, lifting you up bridal style and hurrying towards the toilet sign. 
He rushed into the restrooms, locking the door behind him and lying you on the bench by the sinks. 
“Talk to me,” He demanded, leaning over you. “How does it hurt? Are you hearing voices? (Y/N), answer me!” 
Your tongue felt heavy and Anti’s voice sounded distant. You were slipping into darkness, falling into a sense of warmth and comfort. 
Like a pillow or a cloud. 
“No, no, no!” Anti cupped your face in his hands. “(Y/N), (Y/N) don’t let it take you. I know it feels nice, but you have to fight it. Stay with me. Listen to my voice. Stay with me, goddammit!” 

A high-pitched chuckled rippled out of you. Your eyes opened, the world danced in multiple shades of violet. 
You groaned, but no sound came from your lips. What was happening? 
Anti’s eyes flared with green fire and his lips curled in a vicious snarl. 
“Who are you?” He asked. “Give her back!” 
Anti, it’s me! You tried to say. But again, no voice sounded your words. Only another siren like laugh. 
“Oh, honey, you have no idea how good it feels to have control of this body again.” Your voice sang. Your arms stretched above you and you heard a few joints crack as your body twisted lazily. 
“I’ll give you five seconds to get out of her,” Anti growled. His expression was frightening. 
Anti…what was going on? 

Entity’s PO: 
I swung my legs over the side of the bench, sitting upright as Anti stepped back. The feral gaze was a real turn on. 
“What? Don’t feel like playing?” I pouted. I lifted my leg, gently stroking the man’s groin with the toes of my shoe. “You were so frisky last time I was out.”
Anti slapped my foot away, marching forward and gripping my throat with his hand.
“Let. Her. Go.” He demanded through clenched teeth.
“Aww, boo-hoo.” I said testily. “Your little pet is gone. Get over it. I can be just as good, no better, than this little rodent.”
Anti squeezed my throat, forcing my head back against the mirror with a painful crack!  
“I won’t ask again, cockroach.” Anti hissed.
“Oh? And what will you do?” I cooed teasingly. “If you hurt me, you hurt your little meat-sack. I know she likes a little pain in bed, but, how will she cope with her heart being torn from her chest?”
Anti squeezed tighter and I laughed. Gasping slightly.
“Go on, break my neck.” I dared him. “Then neither of us can have her.”
My lungs began to burn, and just before the black dots consumed my vision, the man released me with a infuriated grunt.
I laughed, rubbing my neck as I breathed in lovely air. “See, you can be nice. I’ve seen the way you treat this little porcelain doll. Why can’t we share?” 
“Because she isn’t yours!” Anti snapped, green eyes flashing. “She isn’t someone that-”
“That what?” I barked, “That should have an entity inside her? You’re selfish, Antisepticeye. We need hosts to survive and I’ve found one that can finally hold me, and here you are trying to get rid of me.” 
Anti turned away, his fists clenched and the veins in his neck pulsing under his skin.
I stood from the bench, crossing the room to glide my hands over his back. 
“I can be her for you,” I said with her voice. “I can offer you more than she ever could. I can survive harsh treatment, last longer between the sheets. Come on Anti, you know you’d prefer a entity to a pathetic human.” 
The lights overhead fizzled, flickering as Anti turned to me. The whites of his eyes had darkened and the green was now bright enough to outshine hell-fire. 
“Do not use her voice,” Anti snarled. “Don’t you dare use those words with her tone.” 
I laughed and stepped back, “You actually care for this bag of blood?” I asked, appalled. Insulted. 
I slammed my fist into the mirror, shattering the glass and picking up a large shard. 
Anti’s eyes glowed even more as I rested the jagged edges against the my stomach. 
“Your little lamb couldn’t survive this,” I said, teasingly sliding the glass across the material of my shirt. “I could. I can see that blood-lust in you. You can take it out on me, I can heal. I can pleasure you and still survive.” 
“Don’t…” Anti said, his voice softer than before. 
The shard paused just above my folds, the point digging into the pants I was wearing. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to get a reaction from the man in front of me. 

“What was that?” I asked, grinning. 
“Don’t….” He breathed in, calming himself. “Don’t hurt her.” 
“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” I chuckled. “Are you begging for the girl’s life?” 
Anti jerked forward when I dug the shard a little into my skin. Crimson dotted the material, but I held it there, not going any deeper. 
“Beg for me, Anti,” I said. “Come on, beg for this rodent’s life.” 
Anti was breathing heavily. His eyes darting between the glass and my gaze. 
“Please…” He said. “Don’t hurt her. Please.” 
A laugh bubbled from my chest, “Oh, wow. I actually didn’t think you’d do that.” 
“Just drop the glass and we’ll talk,” Anti suggested. “I won’t do anything and you won’t harm her.” 
I hummed as I thought about it. Swaying my hips slightly as I moved the tip across my stomach again. 
“No, I think I’ll kill you.” I lunged at the other entity. His arm came up just in time to block the attack. The shard sliced his arm, spilling red blood over the floor. He cried out and danced back, batting another swipe away from his chest. 
Again and again, I struck. The glass whistling with my movements. He countered and dodged, but his blows never landed hard enough to hurt me. Nudge me back perhaps, but they were like a flick to the arm. 
“Stop holding back!” I hissed. “Fight me!” 
Anti’s left arm rose up to meet my weapon. The shard sliced through his shirt, cutting deep into his shoulder. 
But his other arm snaked around my throat, spinning me around trapping me against him. 
“(Y/N), I know you can hear me,” He said into my ear. “Please, fight it. You can do it. Please, come back to me.” 
“Get off me!” I screamed. “She’s gone! I consumed her, we’re one person now.” 
“No,” Anti shook his head. “That’s not how we work. We might take over a body, but the host is still there. Hidden in a dark corner. (Y/N) just fight it. She isn’t you. You’re better than she is.” 
“Stop it!” I yelled, flaying against him. “I won’t go back!”
Anti gripped me tighter, his head nuzzling into my neck. 
“Come back to me,” He pleaded. 
I went to scream again, but my voice only came out as a whimper. 
No! No!
My body relaxed, falling into Anti’s embrace as we both slid to the ground. 

You opened your eyes, your head pounding painfully. 
“(Y/N)?” Anti asked, his voice just above a whisper. 
“A-Anti, what…what happened?” Your body felt heavy and something warm was spreading against your arms. “Anti, you’re hurt!” 
Anti chuckled. Relief washing through him as he hugged you against him. 
“It’s ok now.” He said into your shoulder. “You’re ok.” 
“Anti, what-”
“I’ll tell you later,” Anti assured you. He turned you in his arms, his hand cupping your face as he gazed into your eyes. “Just…Just stay here for a moment, please.” 
You nodded, pushing back your confusion. He sighed and rested his forehead against yours. His eyes closed and he pecked your lips. 
“I won’t let her take you again,” He promised. 
You weren’t sure what he was talking about. But you nodded, taking his weary form into your arms. 

Supergirl EP Andrew Kreisberg Isn't Worried About Superman and Zod Overshadowing Kara

Superman is back on Supergirl – but don’t expect him to steal the spotlight when the Maid of Might heads into the final few episodes of her season.

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that while Superman and General Zod are characters that loom large in popular culture, bringing them onto Supergirl is designed to enhance the story they’re already telling with Kara Zor-El, not overshadow it.

“The show is called Supergirl. Everything, every character, no matter who it is, is there to service Supergirl and Kara,” Kreisberg said. “I don’t think any of us has ever really worried about him coming in and overpowering her or overshadowing her, especially the Superman that we’ve embraced for ourselves. And that’s sort of the best part of getting to play with these characters. You get to do your own interpretation. Like with any of these characters, no matter who it is, there’s been a Superman before us and they’ll be a Superman after us. We just kind of get to do our own leg of the journey.”

Part of it, it seems, is simply a character thing. The way the show has decided to approach Superman is to make him a seasoned, beloved hero who has nothing to lose and would rather inspire others like him than be the guy getting all the credit.

“Our Superman…he’s a little bit older. He’s been doing it for a long time,” Kreisberg explained. “So, he’s kind of settled in. Since Kara is the one who’s the newer hero and trying to figure things out, she is the more interesting character. So, he’s there to support her. I don’t really think we ever really worry that he’s going to overshadow her, or his mythology is going to overshadow hers. The show just isn’t really structured that way.”

The Man of Steel will be along in just a few weeks, but tonight will see Kara strugging with a different kind of family dynamic, as her adopted sister Alex is kidnapped and held in a deathtrap.


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One word prompt: diary

Thank you for the prompt! It means so much to me. <3

Wednesday, 12th September, 4:42pm;
I met a boy today. His name is Simon. He has a pretty face, and I like how he has spots all over his body. He looks like the puppy I used to have, but she died last week. I’m still sad about that, but Simon reminds me of her. Her name was Vio because I like to play the violin.

Baz, the small boy with the golden bronze skin and the silky black hair that framed his face. Baz sat with his back straight, perfectly postured at his fairly large desk that occupied his bedroom. The desk was quite tall, and it was a bit of a strain to keep his arms resting atop so he could write in his black-covered diary. Baz didn’t like the fact that it was black, and would prefer it a lot more if it were red, or something with colour. Red was Baz’s favourite colour.

His little legs dangled off the seat as he wrote in his book about the events that occurred at school that day. Baz loved to write in his diary, because it felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. He was only eight years old, and he knew that not many people at his age liked to write in diaries and read books. They preferred to play outside with their friends, or stand close by their mother and father. 

Baz’s mother and father, of course, loved him, but they sometimes distanced themselves from him. That made him upset, because there are times where he goes to hold his mother’s hand, and she will act as if she doesn’t notice him, and move her hand away.


Monday, September 24th, 4:23pm;
Simon and I fought again today. It made me upset, but we quickly made up again. He’s really mean sometimes, but I’m mean too. I hope he isn’t still angry with me for teasing him with his dragon toy above his head. He’s shorter than me, so he couldn’t reach it.


Sunday, September 30th, 8:01pm;
Sorry I’m late, I had violin late today. Simon invited me to his house today, and when I showed up, he had bought me an ice-cream. We want to have a sleepover one day, but he said I have to come to his house, because he is scared to leave his parents. I’m not scared.


Friday, October 6th, 5:49pm;
Simon and I have decided to go to the Halloween Party at school together. He is going as a dragon, and I’m going as a vampire. Simon showed me what he wanted to do, and I told him it would be hard to make wings and a tail. He said he’d make it work. 


Wednesday, October 11th, 6:14pm;
I bought Simon a strap-on dragon tail with the money I earned from chores, and he bought me a black cloak that is red on the inside. I tied the part underneath the popped collar of my white school button-down, then pulled the collar back down so it fit snug. Simon watched me, and he told me that I looked pretty and that it suit me. My face felt hot afterwards, and I was not sure what it was, but Simon’s was red. I think mine was too. Simon told me I was blushing. I’ve never done that before. I like Simon a lot, I think.


Friday, October 20th, 4:37pm;
I’m at Simon’s house right now, and it’s after school. Since last Wednesday, I’ve done the blushing thing many times. It’s annoying, because my face feels very hot and I feel like I’m sweating. Simon has called me pretty a lot, and I think that’s why I’m blushing. I think he’s pretty, too. Simon is coming back upstairs. He got his mum to make us some sliced apples.


Friday, October 20th, 9:40pm;
Hello again. I’ve never made two entries in one day before, but Mrs. Lucy, Simon’s mother, told me that my mum texted her and said that she will be very late coming home, and my father is away. She said that it would be best if I slept over. Simon and I are excited. He said I could wear one of his shirts, but he doesn’t sleep with one on because it gets too hot. I do sleep with a shirt on, but I wanted to look cooler in front of him, so I said ‘no, thank you’. Mrs. Lucy is making us go to sleep now, because it’s late. Goodnight.

Saturday, October 21st, 12:56pm; 
I woke up this morning before Simon. It was really hot, and when I opened my eyes, Simon was hugging me in his sleep. It didn’t bother me, it was just hot, but I dealt with it. I watched Simon sleep, but I promise I’m not weird. He looks very calm when he sleeps, and his eyelashes are long. I counted the spots on his face. His leg was between my own, tangling our legs up like a knot on your shoelaces. He was close, and I couldn’t tell if I was blushing again or not, because it was really hot. I probably was blushing, like I always do. I really like Simon. I watched him eat across the table at lunch time. He eats a lot, and quite fast.


Sunday, October 22nd, 5:10pm;
I had a chat with my mother today. She was in a good mood, so I wanted to talk to her about my blushing issue. I told her, ‘I blush a lot when I get told nice things. I never used to blush, but now I do.’ She said, ‘do you like them a lot?’ I told her, ‘yes, a lot! I’ve never liked anyone like this before, though.’ She smiled at me and said that I might have this thing called a “crush”, and I didn’t know what to say, but she asked me, ‘well, who is the special girl? Tell mummy.’ I just giggled, and I said, ‘Simon isn’t a girl.’ 


Baz rolled his eyes, closing and chucking the tattered and old black diary onto the bed, rubbing his hands over his face and his eyes, resulting in his vision slightly blurring. He groaned at himself, but a slight smile worked its way upon his pink lips.

“God forbid Simon ever saw this,” he muttered, chuckling to himself as his face tinted slightly red. He sighed and patiently waited for Simon Snow, his boyfriend, to return home.

we appeared on stage left, with our hands shaking, with lyrics on our lips about a girl. we stood outside in the garden and snapped our mouth shut before anything took shape. we looked at girls and said: oh no, not today.

we fell for boys. we fell for plenty of them, with their half-smiles and boundless confidence. we told ourselves that if we could just sew the cloth right, we wouldn’t end up looking so much like a body bag and maybe our parents wouldn’t be ashamed of us quite so bad. 

at night, our dreams filled with girls. girls with their warm palms and gentle laughter and when we woke up - well, we cried, but it was in the shower, so nobody saw, so nobody knows, so it doesn’t count, so stop thinking about it.

we coulda sworn we heard one side of our heart shrieking under all those blankets we suffocated it in, we coulda sworn a little bit of it died every time we said, “yeah, i’m straight,” “just experimenting,” “don’t like to put a label on things,” we coulda sworn that when she looked at us with those goddamn fall-in eyes and freckles like a clover patch and that little blush that settled over her cheekbones, we coulda sworn we nearly lost it all

but we sat with our hands folded or shoved in our pockets or under our thighs and we dutifully kissed boys at sunset like how movies do it and we thought to ourselves: at least mom and pop won’t wanna kill us - we lived in houses that were full of hornets and had nowhere to run to so we waited until we were a safe enough distance that we could live the truth without being punished for it

and her eyes, her eyes, her eyes

a split between two halves does not make one side whole. a split down the center of your soul just makes every part sick.

we were just in a phase. we had no idea if we had stopped loving him because he was no longer good for us, or if we were actually just not into boys. we had no idea if she was actually abusive, or she was right and we just wanted the attention of being gay. we were sluts, or we hadn’t tasted enough so we couldn’t really know, we were all indecisive. we only knew how to love you with half of our hearts, we weren’t made from dating material, we were destined to cheat.  we were only temporary, we knew nothing of being bullied, we had no idea what being pushed out of our own homes so quickly that our legs burned felt like. we must be in love with our best friend, we must have no idea what it is to love someone. we were never in the movies, never in the shows, never in books, we were just unlabled. we were looking for a threesome, for college fun, for a much better role model. we were hateful. we weren’t allowed at pride, of course, because what we are is shameful. 

our mothers all have eyes that light up when we’re dating the “right kind” of person. our fathers have all spat at our feet. our “live-in partners” never get a formal introduction to our families, and we have all spent hours trying to explain: “it’s not you, it’s me, and keeping you safe from what i know is coming.” our tongues are printed with an ingredients list of explanations, of “yes, i’m still like this." 

and their eyes, their eyes, their eyes, landing anywhere but our stories, landing anywhere but our poems, landing anywhere but never on us

we woke up after dreaming about a girl again, and we cried in the shower where no one was looking, so nobody saw, so nobody knows, so it didn’t count, did it, so really

stop thinking about it.

—  THE INVISIBLES // r.i.d
camping pt. II

continuation of camping :)


 after a day of cliff jumping and hiking, we all were very very sunburned, tired, and hungry.
“y/n, please tell me you brought pizza.” c/f/1 says as we arrive back to our site.
“just for you, c/f/1.”
“awww. thanks man.” he says. we head over to the car to grab the pizza and things necessary to start the fire.
“is it just me or did I just get like 10 degrees colder.” f/2 says.
“no it totally did…” f/1 replies.
“well, we’ve got a fire!” I say with a laugh.
“and blankets.” c/f/2 says, bringing them over.
“you have no idea how good this tastes.” f/2 says.
“trust me, I do because I’m eating it.” c/f/2 says.
“shut up.” she laughs, playfully hitting c/f/2. he shrugs and gives her a kiss.
“hey where did f/1 and c/f/1 go?” c/n asks after a minute of us silently enjoying our pizza.
“they’re probably like fucking in the tent or something.” c/f/2 says. we look over to their tent.
“it doesn’t really look like they’re in it…” I say, getting up and walking over to it. I put my ear up to it and see the others laugh.
“nope, not in there.” I giggle, and walk back over to the fire.
“should we look for them?” f/2 asks.
“do we have to?” I ask, “they’re probably fine.”
“if they’re not back in like a half hour then we can.” f/2 says.
“yeah, that makes sense.”
“y/n, it’s been 45 minutes…” f/2 says.
“we should probably look for them now,” I say, “I’m actually like nervous, what the fuck.”
“y/n, they’re fine!” c/n says, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and resting his chin on the top of my head. I turn around in his arms and look up at him.
“can you come with me though?” I ask.
“yeah, of course,” he smiles, a smirk growing at the end, “I don’t want you to be scared.”
“I’m not scared!” I pout, “but this is like a horror movie scene!” c/n looks over me.
“what.” I ask.
he just points. I gasp and turn around to see nothing, then turn back to him smiling.
“relax, y/n. nothing’s gonna happen!”
“stahhhhhp!” I giggle, “you’re so mean. and I wasn’t even scared.”
“whatever you say!” he smiles and we go out to look for them.
“it’s been an hour that we’ve looked for them.” I say, stopping for a second. “I bet they’re back at the tents already.”
“see y/n, nothing to worry about.” he smiles. I look at his big e/c eyes and bring my hands up to his neck. “this is so fun.” I whisper. he answers with a kiss. i feel him backing us up so I’m against a tree, one hand of his on my waist, the other next to my head on the tree. I intertwine our legs, my own hands moving to his face. his hand slides towards my stomach and onto my shorts, pulling them down.
“what do you think you’re doing, c/n?” I whisper with a smirk.
“well, y/n,” he says, placing his lips on mine between phrases, “I’m going to make love to you in the woods.” I kiss his nose.
“oh, how I love you.” I whisper as his face meets my neck, sucking to leave marks for later. I move my hands down to his pants, unbuckling and unzipping them. his hands fumble with my underwear, sliding them down just slightly. I push aside his boxers, taking hold of him and gliding him into me as he brings his hips closer. with his lips still lingering on my neck, I moan out his name.
“fuck, y/n. two nights in a row.” he laughs breathily.
“I… know.” I say, split between thrusts. my fingers grip his shoulders tightly, our bodies in rhythm.
“you feel so fucking amazing, y/n.” he whispers, kissing just under my ear.
“c/n? y/n?”
we freeze, terrified to do anything.
“what the fuck!” c/f/1 says, coming out from behind some trees.
“what are you-” f/1 starts, just behind c/f/1, “oh.”
“LEAVE!!!” both c/n and I yell.
“what are you doing here?” f/1 asks.
“we were looking for you! now go!!” I say hastily.
“why were you looking for us? we were just stargazing over there…” she says. c/n tries to cover us up as much as possible. luckily we do still have our clothes on.
“ok ok got it. please go now!” c/n begs.
“alrighty, have a fun night!” c/f/1 smirks, and they walk back towards our site. I look c/n straight in the eyes and we begin laughing hysterically.
“what the fuck!” I giggle, “why didn’t they leave?”
“I have no fucking idea, y/n.” c/n chuckles.
“alright. well,” I begin, cut off by laughter, “should we continue?”
“right.” he smiles, entering again.
“shit.” I breathe out.
“you ok?” he asks.
“yeah, good.” I smile. he returns it and continues to bring both of us to our climaxes.
I zip up his shorts as he pulls up mine and we make our way back over to the site.
“what took you guys so long?” f/2 asks.
“uhh, we must’ve gotten lost.” I say, hiding a smile.
“yeah, they ‘got lost.’” c/f/1 smirks. we walk over to the fire and sit down.
what happens while camping stays with camping. ;)

Now can I give you my opinion? It’s a stupid metaphor, you can do better.

You raise the example of the staircase. You say, you know when we go up the stairs? One foot after the other the way we learned when we were kids. But the joy of taking those first steps has disappeared. Growing up, we were molded by the strides of our parents, our older siblings, the people we’re tied to. Now our legs move according to acquired habits. And the tension, the emotion, the happiness of each step must have perished along with the uniqueness of our stride. We proceed believing that the movement of our legs is our own, but it isn’t so; there’s a small crowd that’s shaped us, moving up those steps with us, and the steadiness of our legs simply stems from conformity. Either we change our step—you conclude—rediscovering the joys of starting out, or we condemn ourselves to the dread of normality. Have I summarized it well? Now can I give you my opinion? It’s a stupid metaphor, you can do better. 

~ Domenico Starnone, “Ties” (Translated by Jhumpa Lahiri, Europa Editions, March 7, 2017)


“You know… The word ‘effort’ has never really stuck with me. People make it sound like it’s about overcoming boring hardships. But it’s not about that. When you’re addicted to something, you put in the work, regardless of your peers. It’s luck or a fluke? Who cares if someone says that? We’re the ones on the field! We’re the ones addcited to baseball! It wasn’t anyone else. We got here with our own legs. Win and take me to nationals!”

All Ten Fingers (Stiles Stilinski)

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It’s Ellie again!! Sorry I have only posted one imagine so far on my blog lol I’ve been a little busy, but school ended, so I will definitely be on here more often.  Thanks for the love you gave Count on That and I hope you enjoy xx

warnings: mention of a panic attack (sorry if it isn’t accurate.. I have never experienced one before)


The slight rise and fall of his chest.

The smell of his soft sheets.

The feeling of his legs intertwining with mine.

The flutter of his eyelids as he dreams.

We create our own little symphony in the dark settling around us.

Maybe tonight will be different.  Maybe when I close my eyes and drift to sleep, I will only re-open them when the morning sun is shining on our tangled bodies and I can take a deep breath.  I silently wish on every 11:11, birthday candle, and dandelion that he can finally rest, that Stiles can stop worrying and be at peace, if only for one night.

“Wait for me!” I yell, as I run through the flowers.  I giggle and begin to sing as I jump in the lake warmed by the sun.  In the distance, I hear my father’s laugh and see my brothers splashing each other.  I lean back, floating on the surface of the water and look up at the blue, cloudless summer sky.  I wish-

I’m abruptly, but not surprisingly awoken by hushed sobs and quick movements of Stiles’s sleeping figure as he experiences something only he can see. Although I am used to his night terrors, this one seems to be worse than the past.  His whole body becomes rigid and he sucks in a quick breath, letting out a yelp of fright and pain.

“Stiles,” I begin, as I place my hands gently on his temples, drenched with sweat, “You’re okay.”  As quickly as I had reached out to touch him, he sits up and screams.  Not having experienced a night this bad, I lunge for Stiles, enveloping him in a tight, secure hug.  I count in my head… seven, eight, nine… and he finally settles, his fright subsiding slightly and his voice dying out.

When I decide it is okay to let him out of my arms, he mumbles my name and his face twists into one of confusion and heartbreak.  “Get away from me… I won’t fall for this.  NOT AGAIN!”  His long fingers tremble as he rubs them along the back of his neck, searching for something to take his mind off his discomfort.

“Stiles, baby, you need to calm down.  Please, for me… Just,” I pause, searching my mind for the tips Lydia and Scott gave me when I asked how to deal with the terrors that plague their best friend day and night.  “Honey, close your eyes and listen to my breathing.”

“STOP DOING THIS TO ME!! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”  With that outburst, he stands up, rushing out of the room.  Too afraid of what might happen if I pursue him, I sit quietly and listen.  Footprints lead to the bathroom and I hear the shower curtain open.  After a few minutes, the water turns off, but I can still hear labored breaths.  I hop off the bed and rush to the bathroom.

Tentatively, I approach Stiles and rub his back, rising and falling rapidly with each shallow breath.  “Can you listen to me for a moment?”

Quietly, but filled with heartbreak and regret, he begs, “Please, don’t hurt her.  I just want her safe…”

“Stiles, honey, who do you want to be safe?”  With that, he begins to repeat my name under his breath, water dripping down his cheekbones and off his long, dark eyelashes.  I wish I knew why this was happening, what I could do to help.

And suddenly, everything clicks.

He believes this is still a dream.

He believes everything that has occurred since he woke up has been part of a hellish nightmare.

He believes I’m taunting him.

So without thinking, I grab his hands.

“This is real, all of it.”  I put the palm of his hand against my cheek.  “I am real.  I promise.  If you have more or less than ten fingers, you are still dreaming.  In dreams and nightmares, you’ll be without all ten fingers.”

With a frown, Stiles holds up his unsteady hands and begins to count, quietly at first and with each finger, his breathing becomes more even, voice sure and confident.

Then, the word both of us had been praying he’d say.


“Are there any parts of my body that I’m particularly insecure about? Yes, a lot more than people want to hear. I have really broad shoulders, I have a real athlete’s chest, and I have very short legs. But I think that women’s insecurities are really our own making. If you start to look at that insecurity as that imperfection that makes you perfectly you, then it changes your perspective on the insecurity. I love my body because it’s mine. And all the imperfections make me feel perfect.”

— Christmas Abbott, “The 5 Strongest Female Athletes Don’t Care That You Think They’re “Too Muscular,” Cosmopolitan.com


For a while in our marriage, it was pretty tight,“ he says. "And we liked that. We like living sort of hand-to-mouth. It makes you appreciate the time when you don’t have to live like that. We didn’t want to go to my parents and tuck our tails between our legs and be like, ‘Can you help us?’ We wanted to be our own adults. […] There was once another Hammer, by the name of MC, who spent all of his money really quickly, and I would like to avoid that.

Snowflakes {3/3}

Part One: Milkshakes

Part Two: Lunch Breaks 

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AN: part 3, final part. First chaptered fic for me (yes, only 3 chapters but still). Fluffiness overload, oh yeah. Like; for real; it’s all fluff. The whole thing just straight(not straight, gay) up fluff. 

Warning: Same as always; language. (though, actually, I don’t remember there being any bad language in this one) (maybe there is none) (look at me being all innocent)

Word count: 2786 words worth of pure fluff.

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Going Up (My Leg) - kookminthegreat - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Characters: Park Jimin, Jeon kahina
Additional Tags: Top Jungkook, Bottom Jimin, Daddy Kink, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Inspired by Fifty Shades Darker, general hotness, dominant Jungkook, Submissive Jimin, Elevator Naughtiness, Vibrators
Series: Part 1 of Kookmin Trash

This is a short drabble inspired by this Fifty Shades Darker trailer where Christian and Anastasia are in a crowded elevator. Christian acts like he drops something, bends over to pick “it” up, but when he starts to come up again, he brings his hand up Ana’s leg and well, you can guess what happens from there.

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Ahhh a part two to the one where Harry is upset and thinks his girl went and hung out with a guy at a bar? The one that says they will talk about it tomorrow

Part Two to TFLN #245. x

Harry. Missus.

I know it’s early in the morning in the UK for you. It’s late at night here in LA for me. But, I can’t get to sleep with a clouded mind, knowing that everything I said to you was out of pure jealousy and feigned anger. It was stupid of me to say you were retaliating to something that was just a friendly meeting and I was even more of a dick to call you and imply that you were a cheater.

I trust you with everything and I shouldn’t have said that.

I guess I just miss you so much whilst I’m away from you and it killed me to see you giving another man, that wasn’t me, attention. It killed me to know that you had a good time tonight (like you deserve) but I wasn’t the one to enjoy it with you. Even if it was just your presence around them or your laughter; it killed me that he got to see you so happy and be the source of your laughter. I hate that you’re not here with me, or, that I’m not there with you. I’m your boyfriend. I should be there with you to spend the nights together.

I hate being so far away from you and not being able to enjoy those nights out with you and your friends, to buy you drinks myself and to hold you and kiss you in front of everyone to show them you’re mine and buying you chocolate or peanuts from behind the bar because you’re hungry. I should have been there on a bar stool, with you stood between my legs, as the chatter just drowns out when we’re in our own bubble. 

I know they were your friends. You deserve all the friends in the world because you’re such a lovely and friendly and kind person. I shouldn’t have gotten angry because you’ve accepted all of my female friends so I should accept all of your male friends. You can have friends and what I said was stupid. It won’t look bad on me 

It was wrong of me to get upset over this. 

I’m so, so, sorry. xx



I’m really glad you didn’t break up with me after everything I said, because, honestly, I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. You’ve become a true piece of me and I can’t imagine that feeling of not having you in my life.

I love you, so much.

I hate how horrible I was to you and I don’t want you to think that I think of you as a cheater with some on the side. I know you’re not. You’re the most faithful person, and, you’re just incredible. xx

I know you’ve seen my texts, Gorgeous. You have the ‘read’ option on.

Please, don’t ignore me. 

Please, don’t be mad at me anymore. I’m so sorry.x

I’m not ignoring you. 

I’ve slept on it. I’ve thought it through. And, I can’t actually see my life without you, so, you are forgiven.

I wasn’t ignoring you; I had to run out and get something for breakfast because I was starving. So, I did the weekly shop and got myself some lunch, too. I’ve only just got back from that little café we went to one time. 

Weekly shop on a Wednesday? x

I was there at the supermarket, so, I figured I would get some groceries and all that. I’m going on a healthy food phase; I brought so many peppers and salad-y things to eat.

You should have seen me though. The good food totally looked different to the girl buying it.

I was a mess.

You never look like a mess, Gorgeous.

I call you Gorgeous for a reason. x

I had greasy hair and no make-up on, a stained t-shirt from your wardrobe and a pair of joggers tucked into my socks. It was awful but I didn’t feel like dressing up, only to take it all off again when I got home. 

I bumped into some fans too but I was too embarrassed to see them so I ran away.

You’re a silly one, aren’t you? 

You could dress in a bin bag with vomit in your hair and running mascara and you’d still be the most beautiful. x

I didn’t want to take photos or hug them and meet them when I looked like that. Paps go a few shots of me though, so, you’ll see just how much of a scruffball I looked.

It won’t look bad on your reputation, will it? ;)

Alright, you cheeky thing.

I don’t care how you look on the magazines or the papers or anything. You’re my scruffball.

You’re a true asset to my reputation and I’d be nowhere without you. x

Shut up. x

You’ve definitely forgiven me? 

Right? x

I think we should have a serious talk when we’re both available for Skype, okay? To talk it through computer face to computer face.


Give me 10 minutes? I’ll shower and make it look less like I haven’t slept for the full 8 hours. x


I like how you look and sound in the morning. You look really cute and cuddly with your sleepy eyes and your raspy voice. x

Okay. I won’t. 

Get on now? x

On my way upstairs. x

Rated PG for Panties and Garter belts

Word Count: 3,000

{ Violet looked like she had just stepped straight out of the pages of some Italian Vogue magazine. All Matt could see were those long, delicate legs. When she spun around -heels striking the pavement like a match, dress swirling around her body like a flame, black hair sticking to her burning cheeks- he was amazed that she hadn’t lit the ground on fire.}

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You scream like a girl

There are women who paint portraits with their howls—
the hues of each key framing their spirit baying at the earth.

The riots they caused in their throats as little girls grew with them
and found colours to match each pitch—
we represent an entire spectrum with our screams.

You run like a girl

Girls sprint the mountains of themselves
over-coming the toughest of the world’s landscapes
grounded right on their fingertips:
the summit found in our minds, tipping over our bodies.

The wind and its secrets taught us how to run:
we fly over the crowns of hills and wear them as our own.

Even with twisted ankles, our legs carry us faster than our lovers
who gnaw at the heels of our feet.
Buckled bones will not hold me back and
neither will you.

You cry like a girl

We have woken with blood on our thighs and brewed a stream from our eyes
to bathe ourselves in—to cleanse ourselves of him.

There is pride in our waters: a revival of our force.
The soul cannot reclaim itself if it does not leak.  
This is how we prepare for battle.

You fight like a girl

The girls I know wear fangs around their necks—
ivories pulled right from their hearts.
They lock horns by throwing tusks with their tongues:
bloody knuckles and ripped-up lips.

The world is red.

this is an offering of anger bubbling in these fists,
waiting to erupt on the expectations of weakness. 

My knees will not collapse at the sight of you,
my knuckles will not uncurl for you.

You’ll never get ahead if you act like a girl

We could measure the distance from the past
if we were to twist our necks towards our spines 
but there is never an hour to spend taking a step behind. 

Right here is where we move.

Us women with our rioting chords, curled nails
and heightening minds,
we know how to take steps with our souls,
how to put ourselves before the filthy hands that crush our earth—
how to jump further than we are told.

Stop being such a girl

We are not shameful of the organs we carry—
we are not shaped to answer your impulses.
We will celebrate our figures, our goals, our performances:
sometimes, without an invitation made out to you.

This is not a threat.  

There is honey in our spirit and it is given when received.
But the queen of the hive is the deadliest ruler.  

If ‘woman’ is going to be thrown with the intention of a curse,
women are going to sting like one.

—  Alessia Di Cesare, Girl as a Swear Word