legs of a man

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oh mmy god have u see n the bluray shorts


I’m becoming increasingly worried for Reigen. He mentions getting the high school girl’s uniform from an “acquaintance.” What the actual fuck. What kinds of people has this man met??? 

Also, he thought waxing his legs was a good idea? Where did he buy the leg wax? Did he enter a store in a school uniform? I’m-

And Teru. He can’t force his real hair to grow with his powers, but he becomes so enthusiastic when he finds out that he can manipulate the growth of his wigs that he goes overboard. Teru’s questionable fashion sense is confirmed to be horrible. This boy will be the death of me. He’s like my cousin with a Barbie styling head.

I have too many questions and not enough answers. Hopefully someone will be able to translate the shorts soon…

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Do you think Itachi was a boobs man or an ass man? I know the probability of him thinking about women was very small as he had so much to deal with, but what do you think his preference would be?

Hmmm, it’s definitely a thinker! But I’m pretty sure that had he had time for any of that, or had the massacre never happened and such, Itachi would have been more of a boobs man—though I don’t think he was the type that was like, “the larger the better”. I think his preference swayed more towards petite, slimmer women with small or moderate sized breasts. I can see him thinking that boobs are just very pretty and cute, and he likes how sensitive they can be. Though if I had the choice, I’d have to say that he probably would be more of a legs man than boobs/ass.