legs noir

Miraculous arguments in a nutshell
  • Chat noir: (Is angry) Well it is not my fault. I was distracted by your awesome moves and charming demeanor that I couldn't catch the item. Besides you threw it to hard with your toned arms.
  • Ladybug: (Is also yelling) Well if you kept your lovely green eyes focused on the task. Maybe you would have been able to catch it. I thought you would be able to get to it faster with those spectacular legs of yours.
  • Chat noir: Maybe if you used your lovely voice to tell me where you were throwing it exactly, I would have gotten it.
  • Ladybug: I assumed you would figure it out since your so smart.
  • (A bit far off, but able to hear every word)
  • Nino: I can't tell if they are arguing or flirting.
  • Alya: They either need to catch the akuma or make out, either one would look great on my blog.