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anonymous asked:

If it's still open, maybe #80 for Chat Noir and #9 for Ladybug?

I was so excited to work on these, especially the Ladybug one, because these palettes have colors that are so different but also work together so well; great choices!

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Miraculous arguments in a nutshell
  • Chat noir: (Is angry) Well it is not my fault. I was distracted by your awesome moves and charming demeanor that I couldn't catch the item. Besides you threw it to hard with your toned arms.
  • Ladybug: (Is also yelling) Well if you kept your lovely green eyes focused on the task. Maybe you would have been able to catch it. I thought you would be able to get to it faster with those spectacular legs of yours.
  • Chat noir: Maybe if you used your lovely voice to tell me where you were throwing it exactly, I would have gotten it.
  • Ladybug: I assumed you would figure it out since your so smart.
  • (A bit far off, but able to hear every word)
  • Nino: I can't tell if they are arguing or flirting.
  • Alya: They either need to catch the akuma or make out, either one would look great on my blog.
ML christmas post reveal
  • Chat noir: Merry Christmas, My lady. (Pulls out mistletoe and holds it over his head)
  • Ladybug: (looks at him and smirks. She snatches the mistletoe out of his hands and throws it off the roof)
  • Chat noir: Oh... I guess you don't....
  • Ladybug: (Grabs his face, and kisses him hard, that chat noir does the leg lift.)
  • Chat noir: (Is released from kiss) I-I-I
  • Ladybug: You don't need a mistletoe to kiss me silly kitty, just ask. (Heads off to building, as Chat melts like a puddle)

consider this: a CRIMINAL (GTA) AU.

Rather than being known as for fame, LADYBUG and CHAT NOIR are found infamous, the rebelling teenagers donning their ‘alter egos’ for nights of thrills and close calls.  

some quick outfit sketches of our infamous ‘heroes’.

tried to incorporate their alter egos into both outfits on the left and right :0c