legs in air

A Dumb Human Like You Chapter 5 is out!

Keith stumbled through Lance’s and Pidge’s dorm room, dizzy from the fair share of shots he’d had with the others a while ago. It really was pretty small for eight people to comfortably fit in.

Pidge and Allura were sitting on Pidge’s bed, Pidge with her legs crossed and shyly looking up at Allura who was currently gesturing and talking animatedly. Her cheeks were rosy. She seemed to become the chatty type when drunk.

Hunk sat on Lance’s bed, leaning against the wall, and looked amused at Lance’s dancing technique. Lance was quite the…extravagant dancer. One who needed a lot of space to unfold – quite literally – freely.

And that was not the best thing to do in a small room built to contain two people. His arms and legs often glided through the air and bumped into some of the furniture.

Lance could in fact dance decently. He just abandoned all of the memorised movements in favour of letting lose when drunk. Then nothing could stop him and from time to time some of the other party goers ended up getting slapped in the face.

But who Keith was looking for was – Shiro. Shiro, who stared quite intensely at Keith when he crossed the room. It made him feel even hotter than before, his face already flushed.

Keith always felt incredibly warm when having drunk alcohol. He had already pulled up his t-shirt at the front and tied it into a knot so at least his belly wasn’t covered by irritating fabric.

Shiro sat on the only chair in the room, with his back to the desk. Keith felt a bit bold and in an attempt to look sexy he glided over to Shiro and slid onto the table top.

It was an unfamiliar feeling being able to look down to meet Shiro’s gaze. Normally he was the small one and rather happy with that; Keith liked tall men.

“Hey there, big one”, Shiro teased as he looked up.

Keith grinned at him. It felt good acting confident around Shiro, not being a blushing mess. Which he returned to when Shiro leaned up and grabbed his hand.

Keith’s heart nearly stopped in his chest and his breath left him.


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there’s something not quite right about that man.

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