legs feel like jelly

Just Follow Me- Jimin

Jimin Drabble
Warnings: none

Jimin hovered over you. Pressing kisses to your nose and cheeks and neck, everywhere except your lips. You two hadn’t reached that stage yet. There was something about actually pressing your lips to his that freaked you out, no matter how much you wanted to do it. Yeah you’ve kissed his cheek and that one time where you bopped his nose but the idea that you would actually kiss the boy you liked sent your heart racing and butterflies in your stomach soaring.

“you’re such a pretty girl” he laughed as his hand roamed over your side, keeping well away from your breast and hips but still enough that he managed to make your legs feel like jelly.

“pretty girl. pretty girl” he sung quietly as he peppered your cheeks with small kisses.

You had your head turned to the side avoiding looking at him in fear you might just kiss him. Why was this such a big deal!? There really wasn’t much involved. Lips against lips. That’s it. All you had to do was turn your hea-

Jimin’s lips touched yours as you did. You both froze, his eyes going wide at the new contact. Five seconds passed. Each heart beat loud and prominent and the only thing you could hear. The two of you just stared at each other, blinking and trying to make sense of what had just happened.

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Imagine Yoongi…

Waiting for you outside. He’s bored already because he’s been waiting for so long.
He doesn’t really wanna let his friends notice how eager he is to see you because they make fun of him and the way he becomes a “cutie pie” when it comes to you.
He tries to deny it but he knows deep inside it’s true, even though he hates it. He can’t even believe it himself the way you’ve been driving him crazy since the day you two met.
He never thought he would find someone who make his heart race the way it does when he is with you, or make his legs feel like jelly just with thinking of you.
As soon as he sees you walking out the door he turns around and he can’t contain the cheesy smile he’s been holding for only you to see.

But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 7: the reunion

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You’ve finally landed back in Seoul, moved into your fancy new apartment and reunited with your trainee friends. However, you’ve ended up having a reunion that you weren’t prepared for. Minho had clearly moved on and you were stuck in the past. Frozen on the spot with your world crumbling around you; it’s time to run or face your past.

*Your heart is in your mouth and your legs feel like jelly. Run… run! Go! You back away from the door and head for the exit with your face burning like fire. Your name is being called in that baritone voice but you don’t stop to listen. You push the door open and step out into the sleepy afternoon sunlight. At least out here you were safe, right? He couldn’t go out in public. You turn to look behind you as a silhouette hovers behind the tinted glass before disappearing. You breathe a sign of relief and try to calm your pounding heart.*

[Y/N] …right …groceries…

*You try to absorb yourself in shopping for groceries as you walk around the convenience store… trying to forget his pained expression. As you amble around the store in a trance, picking up random things, you don’t realise that the sun is starting to set. You pay for your things and step out into the cooler night air. You feel comforted by the darkness and stroll slowly back to your apartment. The sound of footsteps behind you makes you feel uneasy. You try to pick up your pace but a large hand grabs you from behind and pulls you into a dimly lit alley way.*

[Y/N] what the fu-

*You fall silent as your eyes fall upon the tall handsome figure stood before you. Minho leans against the wall and just stares at you; it was like he couldn’t believe it was really you.*

*You take in his appearance… he was more muscular… manlier. He was a man now and your insides whirled. You don’t dare to look up at his face as you feel his eyes burning into you. You hug your bag of groceries tight to your body and look down at the floor. What does he want?*

[MH] …when did you get back?

*His deep, cold voice sends chills down your spine and you gulp for air. You peak up at him but the intensity of his gaze makes you look away.*

[Y/N] yesterday…

*You answer in a small voice. You hear his quiet intake of breath as you talk; that was the first word you’d said to him in 2 years. You brave another glance up at his face and he isn’t looking at you. Your eyes trace the familiar features and you feel your heart ache. How was he even more handsome? He definitely looks more like an idol; his clothes scream money.*

[Y/N] …how …how have you been?

*The awkward small talk makes you cringe, but you have to say something. You need to know he’s okay. He looks up at you and his eyes lock onto yours.*

[MH] I’ve been good… I debuted.

[Y/N] I- I know… I saw…

*You notice a small smile twitch at the corner of his mouth.*

[MH] do- do you want to go get a coffee… or something?

*You look up in surprise and find yourself nodding. You’re both unsure of how close to stand as you walk together; you feel an urge to reach for his hand so you clutch your groceries even tighter. Minho notices and offers to carry them for you. Your arms feel empty and awkward as you follow Minho down several small, quiet streets.*

[Y/N] where are we going?

[MH] a quiet cafe… I go there a lot…

*You blush as you remember that he’s a celebrity now. You eventually arrive at the entrance to a building. It definitely didn’t look like a cafe from the outside, but as you descend the stairs a strong smell of warm coffee embraces you and the dim lighting invites you in.*

*Minho guides you into a corner booth and wanders off to buy some drinks. You take in the atmosphere of the cafe; you can tell that it’s fairly exclusive and you’re certain that you recognise a view of the faces hiding in the dark corners of the room. You reach for your phone and check the time; it’s 6PM… where did the day go?*

[MH] ahem…

*A strong coffee aroma fills your nostrils as Minho places a mug awkwardly in front of you before sitting down.*

[Y/N] thanks…

*You become extremely conscious of Minho staring at you. You look down at the table and reach for your coffee but his big hand intercepts you. You freeze and look at him, wide-eyed.*

[MH] why do you look so scared?… it’s not the first time we’ve held hands…

*You blush and feel your hands get sweaty under the heat of his. His thumb runs gently over your fingers.*

[MH] I can’t believe you’re here…

[Y/N] Minho…

*Before you can sigh and pull away your hand, Minho squeezes your hand tighter.*

[MH] Talk to me. Please.

*You look up in surprise and notice his pained expression; guilt ripples through you.*

[MH] Tell me about what you’ve been doing for the past 2 years…

*You tentatively delve into a conversation about your job and the Seoul branch launch event. Minho reciprocates by telling you about his adventures as an idol; the concerts, the events, the fans… you feel the envy building up inside of you. He was living your dream.*

[MH] Do you have a boyfriend?

*The personal question takes you by surprise and your cheeks flush pink.*

[Y/N] …no

*You swear you hear him mutter ‘good’ under his breath but you can’t be certain. Suddenly Minho’s phone starts to ring; he reaches for his phone and glares at the screen before putting it on silent.*

[MH] where were we…?

*You slowly turn back to the conversation. You make the most of your free hands and sip your coffee. It isn’t long until Minho has them imprisoned again. You allow yourself this moment of comfort and before you know it you’re both laughing together.*

[JH] oppa~

*A girlish trill breaks your laughter and Minho’s face turns serious as he looks towards the sound.*

*You follow his gaze and notice a girl heading towards you both with a fierce determination. You recognise her from somewhere. As she gets closer you realise that she’s the girl from earlier; the one Minho had been entangled with in the studio. You feel nauseous just looking at her.*

[JH] Oppa… I tried calling you! Why didn’t you answer?

*Minho ignores her and turns back to you. You become heavily aware of your hands being in his and you try to pull away but he holds you in place.*

[MH] I was just having coffee with Y/N

[JH] Y/N? Weren’t you a trainee?

*She squints at you and notices your hands. She motions for Minho to let her into the booth; he stands up reluctantly. Rather than sitting straight down, she sticks herself to his side.*

[JH] I’m Jihye… Minho’s girlfriend.

*You resist the urge to roll your eyes at her.*

[Y/N] yeah, I used to be a trainee…

[JH] why did you leave? 

*Her sweet expression can’t hide the malice in her tone. You shuffle awkwardly in your seat. Was this his type now? Shallow and childish?*

[Y/N] I… I- um

[JH] I guess being an idol isn’t for everybody…

*You notice Minho recoil at her possessive touch, but you simply decide you’re too tired to deal with this right now.*

[Y/N] I better go…

*Minho’s eyes search your face confused as you grab your groceries from under the table.*

[JH] we have plans too, right oppa?

[MH] we do?

*You reach for your handbag but Minho puts out a hand to stop you. You smile shyly and bow to them both.*

[Y/N] well, you’re clearly busy so I’ll… see you around…

*You start to walk towards the exit. Why did walking away always hurt so much? His voice follows after you.*

[MH] Soon?

*You turn around and smile at him; ignoring Jihye’s sulky expression. You knew you couldn’t see him again, but the temptation to add a little fuel to Jihye’s fire was too strong. You glimpse at his expression.*

[Y/N] Soon.

*You purr before turning away confidently; summer dress and hair swirling with your action. It felt good.*

~to be continued~

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Hot For Teacher

Authors note:It’s another long one *smut*

Finally, the best lesson of the day. Well, only because of your teacher, Mr Choi Minho. He taught physical education in your school and you were blessed enough to have it three times a week. Sometimes, if you were really lucky, you’d catch a glimpse of the waist band of his boxers or his abs whilst he was moving; he was sex on legs and all the girls were head over heels for him, including you.

It was hard to run during cross country as Mr Minho made your legs feel like jelly, wobbly and unstable. Enthusiastically, he was jumping up and down, cheering everyone on and encouraging them to keep running. It was embarrassing, seeing as you weren’t the most athletic in the group. You were sure that out of all the girls in the class, he wouldn’t fancy you but he seemed to like you, always giving you a warm smile and a pat on the back, his stunning warm eyes glistening as he praised you on your hard work. No matter what, you always tried to do your best and he could see that.

As you were running, you were thinking that maybe it would impress him if you tried to get more fit. Not that you thought you needed to be skinnier as you were happy at the size you were but you had to admit you could be a tad healthier. Mr Minho always said that anyone was welcome to come to him if they had a problem or a question. When it came to fitness, you had no clue where to start and perhaps, if you came to his office, he could help you. Perhaps he’d praise you on your willingness to do extra work and so, after running, you took a big drink of water for hydration and headed to Mr Minho’s office.

Confidently, you strutted in to his office; too confidently. He was peeling off his wet shirt, revealing his stunning, athletic body; your jaw dropped to the floor. You knew you should have knocked. 

“Oh. I’m sorry Mr Minho. I..I’ll come back later..”

 You stumbled on your words, not being able to take your eyes him; they were stuck to him like super glue. 

“No no, it’s okay. Please, take a seat.”

 He gestured to the chair across from his desk in a casual manor. Awkwardly, you took a seat and waited for your P.E teacher to finish patting himself down with a towel. He looked stunning, like a god. You forgot what you even wanted to say to him as he made your brain cells go all blurry. With that charming smile, he sat down across you and rested his muscular arms on the wooden desk. 

“What can I do for you (Y/N)?” 

He questioned kindly, like he sincerely wanted to listen to you. 

“Well um..I um…I was interested in wanting to get fitter but I don’t know where to start..what to work on first..” 

You tried to explain properly but you just couldn’t. Every time you looked in to his eyes, you lost all trail of thought. 


 He chuckled, making your heart race and your palms get sweatier by the minute. 

“Well, what do you feel you need work on?”

 He asked as he got up and sat on the desk, closer to you. His sensual presence made it difficult to breathe.

 “Um..maybe my stomach?”

 Mr Minho frowned at your statement. 

“I think you have a beautiful body (Y/N).”

 ‘Oh no’ you thought as you felt your face heat up like a fire with your cheeks turning bright red no doubt.

 “Thank you but, I wish I had a body like yours, Sir.”

 It was brave of you to say but it was true; he was so fit that it hurt. Surprisingly, he hopped off the table, showing you his full body again.

 “Like this?”

 He questioned. Accidentally biting your lip in lust, you nodded. Gently, he took your hand in his and began to run your hand down his built frame. Your knees began to feel weak, your mouth went dry as a desert and you even had to squeeze your legs closed from the excitement you felt between them.

 “So you want your stomach to feel like this?” 

His question just seemed like a faint mumble as all you could concentrate on was the feel of his six pack. Gulping, you nodded your head, staring at his stomach.

 “Stand up (Y/N).”

 He instructed before going over to the office door and locking it. The sound of it locking echoed in your ears, bringing the déjà vu of your dreams. You couldn’t believe what was happening even though you wanted something to happen so desperately. Standing up, you allowed him to examine your figure from head to toe. His eyes on you felt incredible, like he was touching you without even moving.

 “Can I take a look?” 

He questioned, his hands holding the bottom of your gym shirt. Your heart was pounding faster than it was while you were running. 


 You replied, even though you were nervous as hell to show him your body but you lifted up your arms and allowed him to slowly remove your top.

Before him, you stood in your bra and let him trace the outline the curves of your breasts and hips. It felt so good; it was beyond anything you’d felt before. 

“(Y/N), your body is perfect. I don’t know why you’d want to change it.”

 His words felt like heaven to your ears; you felt like a princess.

 “I wanted to change for you Sir, so you’d like me.” 

You uttered, going shy. 


He said softly, tilting your chin up so you looked in to his chocolate eyes. 

“I like you just the way you are (Y/N). You’re the prettiest girl in the school.”

 “I am?” 

You questioned in absolute amazement. Mr Minho nodded and let out a seductive chuckle. Your heart thumped against your chest as the two of you moved in to kiss. His plump lips were the best you’d ever had, smooth like silk. On the teacher’s chair, he sat back and allowed you straddle his lap. Feeling like a diva, you grinded against his hard on, kissing him roughly and let the sexual frustration you’d felt since forever go out of the window. You were glad he was already topless as you enjoyed feeling his pecks he kissed your neck, making you breathless. 

“Oh Sir! That feels so good.”

 You groaned against his shoulder. Minho’s lips made their way down to your bare chest then on top of your bra. Making every second last longer, he took his time un-clipping each hook on your bra. It was like it fell down on to the floor and released your breasts in slow motion. Instantly, his hot lips were kissing, biting and sucking your sensitive nipples. You had to bite down on your bottom lip to refrain from moaning so loud. 

“Your breasts are perfect too. Is there anything on you that isn’t flawless (Y/N)?”

 He asked between your breasts. It was impossible to stop whimpering in pleasure as he rolled his wet tongue around your nipples like they tasted of cherries.  

“Stand up baby and show me that butt.”

 Smirking, you climbed off him and turned around. Teasing him, you took your sweet time pulling down your shorts and panties, revealing your behind. “Wow.” You heard him whisper.

Suddenly, you felt a harsh slap against your butt cheek. At first it hurt, but, to your surprise, the pain began to melt in to pleasure. The next thing you knew, you were bent over the table with your butt in the air and Minho’s tongue in your pussy.

 “Oh my god!”

 You cried out. Minho’s tongue licked up every drop of juice in and around your pussy and he was hungry like an animal for more. 

“You taste amazing (Y/N). I could diet on this.”

 You were limp; a moaning and whimpering mess. He was driving you crazy and the only thing that could satisfy the sex demon living within you was Mr Minho’s cock. Going out of your mind, you got on your knees before the delicious teacher and yanked his grey sweat pants and black Calvin Klein boxers down to his feet. The sex god’s cock stood up, erect in the air in front of you and you eyed it like a tiger stalking its prey. Hot for teacher, you took his manhood in your mouth. Firstly, you warmed him up by just sucking on the end, then, with your eyes on his face, you took him further and further in until he hit the back of your throat. The sound of his deep, husky groans were so hot that it only encouraged you to do more. As you sucked him, you played with his balls; that drove him wild like a lion in the jungle. 

“Yes baby. Just like that.” 

He panted, his hands grabbing chunks of your hair. The tension was white hot. The room was murky with the invisible steam the two of you were creating.

Mr Choi Minho grabbed your waist and pulled you up to your feet. Dominantly, he grabbed your neck and crushed his lips on yours, claiming your mouth as his.

 “What do you want (Y/N)?”

 He growled, his eyes burning with lust.

 “Fuck me, please.” 

You begged; you meant it. With the sexiest smirk to exist, he pushed down on to the desk and yanked your legs apart.

 “How bad do you want it?”

 He teased more. Your body was so full of adrenaline; you felt like you could erupt like a volcano.

 “Just fuck me already!”

 You cried, throwing your head back in frustration. He chuckled at how horny you were and in one harsh thrust, he entered your incredibly wet pussy. The both of you moaned in sync. You’d waited for that moment all of your school days.

 “Show me what physical education is Sir.”

 You panted as he fucked you like a porn star. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. Minho bit his lip, letting his hips do the work. So excited, you met his movements. Minho went so deep; he was stretching you to the extremes. 

“Tell me how you want it baby.”

 The teacher had always been so keen to help you to the finish line.


 You cried, not caring if the whole school heard you. The desk began to creak as he began to pound you mercilessly with the biggest, most beautiful cock you’d ever laid your eyes on. Your body felt empty when he pulled out of you. Minho sat back down on the teacher’s chair and beckoned you to come to him. Thirsty for more of him, you eased yourself down on his manhood and took him as deep as you could, moaning as he entered your body once more. Losing all self-consciousness, you rode him like a cowgirl; you were so glad you came in to his office.

 “Please don’t stop.”

 You begged as you were coming closer to your orgasm. The juices from your pussy began to leak down on to Minho’s balls, bringing him on the brink of exploding too. With your sharp nails, you dug in to Minho’s shoulders as the energy that had been building up finally burst like a balloon.

 “Fuck! Oh my god! I’m coming Sir!” 

You screeched with pleasure, throwing your head back. Minho squeezed your ass with his strong hands. “That’s right babe, cum for me!” He roared. When your orgasm finished, he bent you over the desk for the last time and fucked you hard, making your tight pussy squeeze around his length.

 “Oh my god (Y/N)! I need to..”

 Quickly, he pulled out of your pussy and released his warm, sticky seed on your butt.


 He panted heavily, his toned chest rising and falling as his lungs began to work double time. Minho sat on the desk to get his breath back. You didn’t know how to feel but you certainly felt fitter. You squeaked when he lifted you up and placed you his lap but you soon felt comfortable there, nuzzling your head between the crook of his neck and his shoulder. His body was cosy and warm like a blanket.

 “Feel better about yourself?”

 He asked sweetly.

 “Uh huh.”

 You replied, nodding your head. 

“Good because you always impress me. You’re beautiful and will be at any size.” 

Cuddling him, you wondered if you’d ever do it again. 

“Is this just a one-time thing?”

 You questioned curiously, softly running your fingers over his impressive torso. Minho chuckled, sending the butterflies in your stomach in to a frenzy. “Monday. Meet me in here.” Monday; the next time you had physical education. 

“Okay Sir.”


You raised your eyebrows at Fitz over your hand of cards, smirking ever so slightly, “You must be peanut butter because you’re making my legs feel like jelly.”

Fitz looked up, blinking at you in confusion and shock. You resisted the urge to laugh at the blush that crept up his neck. “Wanna measure the coefficient of static friction between us?” you continued, smirk growing as his blush continued to darken. “Wanna get together and test the spring potential of my mattress?”

That was it, Fitz was stammering and flushing furiously as he tossed his hand on the table, “I fold, you win.”

You grinned as you collected the candies you two had been using in the place of poker chips. “I wasn’t bluffing!” you called after him, tossing a chocolate kiss in his direction.

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when you have a crush on someone at work and cant function around them oh gosh that girl was so beautiful and kind and funny I swear.. I nearly combusted of feels around her… its almost 3 years in the past now but whenever I see her in the store or in public it feels like my legs turn into jelly and my brain gets fried

im weak

Another scribble thing. The two bigger ones were prompted by the lovely tags by @hawkefels and @fauxfires (whose tags consistently make me squee with delight what’s up with that???), and the leetle one is just a sleepy morning doodle. ^^ The tags in question:

#& also i bet hawke gives anders piggyback rides when they wonders in woods that are just
#blanketed in snow
#bc at least one of them deserves to keep their clothes warm n dry & not be buried waist deep in snow
#n in hawke’s opinion it should be anders
#he can’t keep doing it all day bc he’s not in his twenties anymore but it’s still v much worth it [via Hawkefels]

YES. 8) He MAY or may not regret it later when his shoulders are sore and his legs feel like jelly, but there’s a perk to being basically married to a mage and a healer - maybe there are healing rubs afterwards. ^^

Sometimes they trip and end up in a big tangle of limbs in a snowdrift and there is much amused cursing and laughing. And probably a dog trying to help.

#oh god they’re actually dressed for the weather!!!!!!!  #jay hawke  #probably knitted them himself  #because he’s a S H E P H E R D and he knows his wool okay   [via Fauxfires]

You know he did. xD He learned to sew and knit to keep himself occupied while shepherding, and he’s picky about his yarns and the quality of the wool he uses. He can knit braids and everything, and then he sometimes just… accidentally knits holes and stuff when he’s not paying attention. Expect anything knitted by him to have wonderful absent-mindedly made mistakes that are probably visible from miles away. ^^ Unraveling isn’t his thing!

Anna’s heart is beating out of her chest when Kristoff presses his chest against her back and wraps his arms around her, his hands gripping the bat on top of her own. He’s definitely saying something to her but she can’t make out the words over the rush of blood in her ears. Her legs suddenly feel like jelly but she supposes it doesn’t matter much as she’s practically sitting in his lap. While standing, if that’s possible. And now he’s touching her hip with his hand, pulling her even closer to him and his chest is so solid and big along her back, she feels like she could stay in this spot for hours and boy does he smell nice, why must he smell nice too? The swaying of his hips pulls her out of her reverie. She moves with him and lord she feels like she’s bouncing on his thighs, is this right? Should learning to swing a bat make her stomach swoop like this and send jolts of electricity through her limbs? And then they’re swinging the bat, arms sweeping across her chest in unison and it’s like a hug and a dance and she doesn’t want him to let her go. He doesn’t.

Ichigo finally gets enough courage to kiss Rukia. 

 Rukia seems to be shocked and touches her lips with wide eyes while Ichigo is still holding her shoulders, possibly to help keep him from shaking or keep him standing because his legs feel like jelly after that kiss, staring at her to see her reaction. Rukia looks at him and then down to pull something from her robes and his eyes widen as it looks like it’s the memory modifier and he grabs her wrist holding the device with his other hand to her face, forcing her to look up at him. 

“I… I’m sorry for what I did…” Ichigo feels his voice cracking and he trails off, all the adrenaline from before drained from his body and his heart feels like it’s being squeezed right out of his chest. 

 "Ichigo…“ Rukia looks at him, seemingly surprised before her brows furrow together and a frown graces her lips. She opens her mouth to speak but Ichigo hurries to cut her off, fearing the worst as it takes every ounce of strength and courage he has left to merely hold her gaze and not turn away. 

 "Rukia, please just listen,” his voice hoarse and Rukia’s frown deepens at his obvious distress. 


 "I understand that you’re probably mad. Especially if you already… Hell, I just… Without asking…” Ichigo is floundering with his words and his gaze drifts downward, disgusted with himself. 

 Rukia’s eyes harden and she seems to be scowling when he glances back at her and he blanches for a moment, fear gripping him hard as he feels her wrist attempt to twist out of his grasp, her other hand pushing his hand from her face. 


 "I don’t want to forget!" 

 Ichigo’s sudden shout seems to catch Rukia off guard as she stares at him with wide eyes, shocked at the desperation reflected in his gaze. 

 "For me, I’ve never felt like this for anyone. I’ve never wanted to do these things or felt such… It’s just you, Rukia. And for my first kiss, I’m glad it’s you. I don’t want to forget so don’t…" 

 Ichigo bows his head as the last of his strength leaves him and he feels his knees finally give out. His knees would have hit the ground hard hard had Rukia not instinctively reached out to grab him, taking her down as well. Automatically his arms went up to clutch her own as he kept his head bowed, nearly burying his face in her shoulder, muffling his voice. She almost missed his next words. 

“Don’t erase my memory." 

 They stayed like that, kneeling on the ground uncomfortably, Rukia’s back unnatural rigid and straight while Ichigo hunched over with his face hidden against her shoulder, both clutching each other like a lifeline. 

 Ichigo clenched his eyes together tightly when he felt Rukia relax and start to pull away, thinking he needed to prepare himself for the inevitable of his memories to be modified. 

 What he didn’t expect was for Rukia to start chuckling as she slipped a hand under his chin and forced him to look up at her. 

 Instead of anger, hatred, or even disgust, he found Rukia with an expression of exasperation mixed with amusement. 

“Idiot. Why would I do that?" 

 Ichigo could only stare at her, his mouth agape before he pulled back and glanced down at her hand then back into her eyes. 

 "But you… You pulled out that memory thing–" 

 "Idiot,” Rukia cut in sharply, but her lips were curled into a small smile as she brandished the object into his face, “it’s a candy dispenser. It has mints. It’s cute isn’t it?”

 For a moment there was only silence as he stared at the object in her hand.  Ichigo then batted the rabbit themed candy dispenser from his face, scowling as his face flushed in embarrassment. He quickly tried to turn the conversation from his obvious blunder. 

“Wha… What are you trying to say then? My breath smells?“ 

“Perhaps.” Rukia deflected nonchalantly. “And do you not recall I told you the memory modifier does not work on those with strong reiatsu? Idiot." 

“S-shut up! What else was I supposed to think when you don’t say anything and bring that stupid thing out…?”

Just an idea from thinking how the memory modifier looks like a pez candy dispenser. Also Rukia actually wanted a mint because she was somewhat horrified to think maybe her breath might smell since Ichigo kissed her out of the blue and she wanted one so they could continue but she won’t ever let him know the truth!