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akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him

happy birthday @hollywoodcassiecage, have a baehee 🙌
i saw u post about having a bad bday so i was hoping to cheer u up
also sorry its kinda sloppy and grey, i had to rush the shading and all that bcs time runs goddamn fast and for the first time in my life i was swamped

Please accept this really messy abandoned wip of my beautiful boy

Within the last few sessions, my friends and I had been exploring the capital city chassing down a pair of blood magic twins who screwed us over in a deal we had made with them. After putting a few pieces together that night, we went to sleep only to find that two, including my character, out of the three of us were kidnapped.

When my character woke up he found he was captured by the twins and was going to be used in a sacrifice that would allow the twins to keep control over the town. He ended up losing a leg in the process before his unkidnapped companion stepped in and fought them.

The next day our DM, who is my best friend, texted me.

DM: Sorry bout your leg btw

Me: Pfffffft!!! Eh Zaris will manage. Maybe. He has a broom so he can still move a bit. Unless he needs both legs for it. Then he’s a lil fucked.

DM: TBH, I was actually going to take both of your legs but Cam (our friend) interupted.

Me: Thanks babe. Appriciate it. What is a rouge without his legs?

DM: A bard

Me: Ok rude.

where the doomfist/lucio voicelines tho

doomfist was born into money, owns a prosthesis company, wears headphones, taunts the enemy team on not keeping up to his “rhythm”, and stayed in numbani while lucio’s concert was on. big bald robot armed red guy in his 40′s. 

lucio started with nothing, inspired millions with music, became a revolutionary icon, and toured during doomfist’s attack on numbani. small green ponytailed robot legged guy in his 20′s.

blizzard please:

  • lucio is the definition of doomfist’s ideology
  • lucio berating doomfist and doomfist fucking loving it 
  • doomfist bribing lucio with better legs to join talon
Eurydice, Eat Your Heart Out (Adrino Percy Jackson AU)

In the dark of Cabin 10, staring up at the roof of his bunk, Adrien could hear the distant plucking of a harp as waves lapped lazily against the shoreline.

All things considered, it wasn’t surprising that he was having trouble sleeping; less than twenty-four hours earlier his father’s limo was nearly destroyed by a rampaging Cyclops that the middle-aged fashion mogul dispatched with a quick flick of a sword he drew from seemingly nowhere. From there, it was somewhat of a blur of packing, private jet rides, and clandestine car trips to the sunny shores of Long Island, New York, a silver pen containing the only means of protection he had in case other monsters attacked.


He could still scarcely believe it. If someone had told him that he was the product of an affair between his mother and the Greco-Roman goddess of love and beauty a few days ago, he would have been dialing Gorilla’s number as quickly as he could while backing away from them. Now, surrounded by dozens of half-siblings he never knew existed, Adrien didn’t quite know what to make of his current situation. He still thought he was going to wake up, home in Paris, and the whole thing would have been just a fever dream brought on by bad cheese; the attack, the journey, the music-

Sitting up in bed, Adrien strained his ears over the snoring of his bunkmate to hear the almost aimless melody that meandered its way across the waves. It was a song that sounded so familiar; like the chorus to something he had heard on the radio years ago. It couldnt’ve been coming from far, judging by the way it cut through the sound of twenty-five teenagers’ beauty sleep, so, clutching his pen and carrying his sneakers, Adrien tip-toed towards the door as quietly as possible, stepping out into the warm Long Island night.

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Better Than Him Pt. 2

Part 1 

Highly requested, so here’s part 2. Enjoy!


“How. Many. Times. Do. I. Have. To. Tell. You. To. Not. See. Him.” He says between whips to my body. After whipping me those times, he starts walking away from me while he is saying something. I crawl to my jacket which was holding my phone. I quickly dial “1″ on my phone, which I programmed to be Shawn in my phone. But the ringing caused Jordan to turn around. Shawn immediately picked up the phone.

“Y/n?” he worried.

But all I could whisper out was “S-Shawn.” Before I got a kick in the face causing me to black out.

15 minutes after y/n left.

I sit picking up pieces of broken glass from the frame that fell. I knew I shouldn’t have raised my voice at y/n. Who knows what’s going on in her life right now. I should’ve just been there and supported her, but I’m tired of seeing her crying  and have bruises covering her skin all the time. The thing is, Jordan used to be one of my close friends in high school. Until he became friends with the assholes of the school. I never really trusted him, especially when y/n started showing interest in him. Why do I always fuck things up?

Once I’ve thrown away all of the glass, I set the picture of us on the counter. The picture of us was taken at our friend’s New Year’s party, the night that changed everything. All three of us had attended this party. Y/n was with me while, like no surprise, Jordan was flirting with every girl in the room. You could see that Y/n was used to seeing Jordan being that way with many girls, but as soon as she talked to a guy it caused problems. At this point in time, Jordan was fine with me talking to y/n because we were all good friends, or so he thought. Y/n didn’t feel good from drinking, so I took her upstairs away from the crowd so she’d feel more comfortable. It was nice being alone with y/n and not around people who don’t really know me for me. Seeing y/n a little bit drunk was funny, but it had been the first time I’ve seen her genuinely happy. Her smile was my favorite feature about her. 

Flashback to 4 months ago.

“Shawn, I don’t feel so good..” She said as she stumbled walking in her heels.

“Let me go get Jordan and -”

“No, just let him be.” y/n said cutting me off.

“Here let’s go somewhere so you can relax.” Y/n nods in response. She puts an arm over my shoulder and I put a hand on her waist to help her walk. As we pass by the kitchen, I hand y/n a water bottle to hold. We slowly go upstairs until we make it to the guest bedroom. I shut the door behinds, then help y/n sit on the bed and take off her heels.

“You’re the sweetest guy ever, Shawn. I don’t know how you don’t have a girlfriend.” She says as I untie the long lace that’s wrapped around her leg. 

“Eh I have an eye on someone, but they’re in a relationship right now.”

“I’m sure if you tell her your feelings, she would leave him in an instant.” 

I finally slide off the heels on her feet. “If only it were that easy.” I sighed as I sat down next to her.

“Tell me about her. What’s she like?”

“Note to self: y/n gets nosey when she’s drunk.” Y/n lets out a laugh and a little snort, which was adorable.

“Oh shut up. What’s she like?”

I lay back so I’m on my back and looking at the ceiling. Y/n lays down on her stomach and rests her head on her hands so she was still propped up. “She has these amazing big brown eyes, she cares so much about others, but tries to hide it, when she smiles she has this adorable dimple, and… I don’t know. What do you want to know about her?” I lean on my side so I can look at her again.

“Do you see a future with her?”

I move a piece of hair out of her face and tuck it behind her ear. “I have since we were little kids.” At that moment, y/n leans in and kisses me on the lips. This is the feeling I’ve been aching for, for a long time. Her lips are soft and gentle. Y/n gets up and straddles my lap. She continues the kiss as she starts to unbutton my shirt. When my shirt is unbuttoned, she kisses my neck and starts to kiss down to my chest, but I stop her. I flip her over so that I am on top. “Let me take care of you.” she nods in response. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask her.

“I’ve never been more sure in my life.” 

I immediately crash my lips to hers. Out of all the girls I’ve kissed, this one was the most special. There was the spark like how movies have them. I undo the tie that was holding her dress together on the side. Her dress falls opens a little bit, but I move it so I can see her completely. I see a few bruises on her body that are starting to heal. The bruises were on her chest, stomach, and legs. They looked big enough for a fist to have made that mark on her skin. I didn’t ask her about them, instead I leaned down and kissed each of the spots instead. She leans up and brings my face up to her’s so she can kiss me again. I run my hands down her back and undo her bra as she runs her hands through my hair. She then slides my shirt down my shoulders and undoes my belt.

“Shawn, I need you.” she says only inches away from my face. I get up and slide off my pants and boxers. My shoes I had already taken off earlier when I took off y/n’s. I go back and join y/n on the bed. She lays back and I slip off her thong down her legs. She opens her legs so I can see all of her. I go between her legs and line myself up at her entrance. Waiting for a moment, I see her nod in approval. Finally I slide myself inside her and she’s really tight. “You’re so big.” Y/n moans out. My hips move at a slow pace so I can feel all of her and she can feel all of me. I start to kiss her neck as I thrust in and out. She runs her hands down my back creating goosebumps on my skin. Y/n grips the sheets as I go even deeper into her. She lets out a loud moan, but I kiss her quickly so it wouldn’t be heard by others as much. I let out a hiss as y/n scratches down my back. Thrusting faster and faster, y/n wraps her legs around me.

“Y/n, I’m going to cum.” I say unsteadily. 

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.” Immediately I cum inside her and she cums too. I pull out and lay next to her. She lays her head on my shoulder as laying an arm around my stomach. We lay there in silence for a while, taking in what we had just done. I play with her with her long hair and she traces patterns on my skin. 

“Was I okay?” I say breaking the silence.

She leans up and looks at me, “You were the best I’ve had.”

She starts to tear up. “I’m sorry about not telling you about what happened." 

 I wipe away her tears, "We don’t have to talk about it right now, y/n. You can tell me when you’re ready." 

 Another tear falls as she smiles, "This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” She kisses me again. “We should probably get dressed though." 

I laugh, "Yeah we probably should.” We both get up and get dressed. She helps me button up my top and I help her with her dress. I want to ask her if we’re going to talk about it, but I know it’s too soon to ask so I don’t. Y/n goes over by the door and was about to open it. “Wait,” I say making her stop what she was doing. I kiss her one last time since I don’t know when I’ll be able to again. She let’s go of the door knob and wraps both arms around my neck and kisses me back for a while. Until the door opens with the last person we were wanting to see. Y/n gets pulled away from me and I get pushed in another direction. 

“Stay away from my girlfriend.” Jordan scoffs in my face, then backs away. “I should’ve known you’d do this at some point. You were always jealous of what I had." 

"Jordan, it’s not like that.” Y/n moves towards Jordan, but he turns around and slaps her. 

“Shut up, bitch. My own girlfriend can’t even keep her legs closed. There’s plenty of girls who would rather be in your spot." 

"Hey!” I shout and pull back his arm, “You don’t ever lay a hand on a girl.” Jordan then punches me in the face, causing my nose to bleed. 

“She’s my girlfriend. Not yours.” He turns back to y/n and grabs her arm. “And as for you, we’re leaving." 

End of flashback.

I zone back into where I was by my phone buzzing on the counter. Not looking at the number who called my phone I answer it anyways. A loud yell in the background of the phone call is heard. I pull the phone away for a second to read the caller ID and it says “Y/n Y/l/n”. 

“Y/n?” I said worriedly.

“S-shawn..” y/n said in a whisper then you could heard a scream in pain before everything went silent.

“Hello?” I say, but it was still silent. “Hello?” louder into the phone this time. Finally, I hear breathing into the phone. “Y/n, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“Oh she’s okay.” Jordan says through the phone. I can just picture his nasty evil smile in the tone he was talking in.

“You touch her again and -” 

“And if I do?”

“If you do, you’ll wish you did”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” then the line goes dead.

I quickly dial my friend Geoff’s number. Hoping that he picks up the phone, but he doesn’t. It goes to his voicemail, “Hey it’s Geoff, leave a message and I promise to call you right back!”

“Hey Geoff, it’s Shawn. I need help. Y/n’s hurt.” leaving the voicemail, then I call him again. “Come on, come on! Pick up!” And finally he does just that.

“Hey man! What’s up?” cheerily Geoff says.

“Where are you?”

“At home, why?”

“I’m coming to pick you up.” I say while running around looking for my keys “Y/n’s hurt and I need help. Jordan has y/n and she just called me and -”

“What are you waiting for? Get your ass over here!”

“Be there in 5.” I hung up and shoved my phone into my pocket. Before I go outside, I grab the baseball bat in my closet. I throw the baseball bat into the backseat and hop in the front seat. I put my keys in the ignition, making the engine roar back to life. Pulling out of the garage, I sit in the driveway for a few seconds to see the garage door shut. Racing down the street I think about how I’m going to hurt Jordan like he’s hurt y/n for months. I speed through every red light so I can hurry and pick up Geoff. Luckily he lives really close to where I do. I pull up in his drive way and lay my hand on the horn for a while. Geoff comes out with a duffle bag and Samantha follows shortly behind him. Geoff turns around and kisses her then heads over to the passenger side to put his stuff in the back seat and sit down up front. Samantha knocks on my window signaling to roll it down. 

“Promise me that you will beat the shit out of him and get y/n out of there.” She says as soon as I rolled the window down.

“He’s going to get everything he did to y/n done to him tonight.”

Samantha ruffles my hair and then steps back. “Well what are you waiting for? Go get her! And for you,” she points at Geoff. “You better come home to me in one piece. I don’t want to lose the love of my life either.”

I pull out of his driveway and race to y/n’s house. “What did you bring in that bag?”

“Just a few things that will hurt him. Focus on your driving we don’t know how long we have.” 

A few minutes later, we arrive at y/n’s house. We both quickly jump out of the car and grab from the backseat. I grab my baseball bat and I see Geoff pull a gun out of his bag. “Woah, I said hurt him not kill him.”

Geoff shrugs, “We got to be prepared for the worst. We don’t know what he’ll do, besides we don’t even know what he has on him.”

After grabbing all of our equipment, we go up to the front door. Instead of breaking down the door, I unlock it with a key y/n gave me a while ago. By unlocking the door it reduces the chances of Jordan hearing us. 

“Step back, let me go first.” Geoff steps in front of me, holding out his gun so he’s ready to shoot anything in his way. I grip my bat as hard as I can so I’m prepared. We check everywhere upstairs: y/n’s bedroom, the living room, and even the kitchen, but she wasn’t there. That only left the basement. We both go to the stairway and walk down the stairs.

“Ahh! Here he is! And he even brought a guest!” Jordan is standing behind y/n with a gun held to her head. Y/n is kneeling on the ground in just her underwear and bra. Blood covers her body, her face is swollen with blood and tears covering her face. “Isn’t that nice, y/n?” He puts his head near her and she doesn’t respond. “I said isn’t that nice?!” As he pushes the gun further into her temple. Finally, she nods in response.

“Isn’t this a nice gatheri-” but Geoff cuts him off by shooting him in the shoulder. When Jordan is shot, y/n get’s up and runs over in our directions. She kicked the gun in our direction at the same time so it wasn’t in reach for Jordan.  Jordan gets up and runs towards us. I step in front of y/n to guard her. He tries to reach me, but I swing my metal bat at him. When I swung at him I heard a snap in his arm. I stand there in shock for a second, not believing what I had just done. A sharp pain to my face knocked me back into reality. After Jordan punched my face, I swung at him in the ribs causing him to fall again. This time I keep swinging and swinging at him, not caring what happened I just wanted him to know how it felt when he did things like this to y/n.

“Shawn stop. I got this. You get her out of here and to the hospital.” I drop the bat to the ground and kick him in the side one last time before going by y/n. I pick up y/n so I’m carrying her bridal style and carry her upstairs. Before heading out to the car, I grab y/n’s jacket so she at least has something to wear. She stands on her feet and I carefully help her put on her jacket. The jacket is long and ends at her knees, so it will provide her some warmth with her lack of clothing. I pick her up again and carry her out to the car. She adjusts in the passenger seat so she’s a little more comfortable. I do up her seatbelt, then I get in the driver’s seat and head towards the hospital.

“I’m so sorry about this.”

“Shh. Please. I don’t want to talk about this right now.” Y/n phases in and out.

“Okay, just please stay awake until we get there.” The rest of the ride on the way down there was silent. Minutes later we arrive to the hospital. I park by the emergency room and get out of the car then pick up y/n and run with her into the emergency room. 

“Help! I need help! She’s been hurt! Someone please help!”

A nurse goes to the intercom, “Paging any doctor to the emergency room.” All of this happens too fast, people come wheeling a gurney to us and tell me to lay her down on the gurney. After I lay her down, they immediately rush her down the hall. “Will she be okay?”

“They’ll do everything they can to help her.”

An hour later.

I finished giving my statement to a police officer a few minutes ago and now I’m pacing around the waiting room with a coffee in my hand. One of the nurses put a few stitches in my lip because Jordan got it pretty well. I see Geoff and Samantha come walking up to me in the waiting room. They both come up can give me a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” Samantha says

“How’s y/n doing?” wonders Geoff.

“I don’t know, they haven’t said anything to me yet. How’s the bastard?” I say before taking a sip of my coffee.

“I called Samantha over to come and get me, and we called the police and they’re taking care of what should happen to him.”

“An officer just got done talking to me, too.”

“Shawn Mendes?” A doctor says, causing me to snap in his direction. I walk over to him.

“That’s me. Is y/n okay?”

“Y/n is going to be alright, but there’s a little complication..”

anonymous asked:

izzy do you have tips on positive self image? i get self conscious because of my long spindly arms and fleshy calves, and the way that i kind of look like a pebble. plz respond - cccc

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling bad about your body :( Self love can be rough sometimes.

I don’t know if I really have “tips” to help you, but I do have some things that help me I think? They’re more mentality things than tips though but:

  • say “i don’t care.” Whenever you find yourself thinking something bad about your appearance, legit tell yourself you don’t care. “I have a zit– but who cares?” Honestly, imo it’s way easier to build up neutral self image than positive self image. It’ll probably take a while for you to legitimately not care, but fake it ‘til you make it you know?
  • be nicer to strangers. you know when you’re walking down the street sometimes and you kinda lowkey pass judgement on the people you pass? Like “he’s got weird hair” or “at least i’m more attractive than her.” Stop those thoughts at the station. Try replacing criticisms with compliments. That impulse will carry over when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • change your language. Don’t call your arms spindly, call them long. Little adjustments in vocab can definitely help a little bit.
  • find people who look like you. My mom was always complaining about how she has big thighs and lots of cellulite. But then i pointed out that i got my thighs from her and i like them just fine and she like. stopped. Look for people that have features like yours. It’s a lot harder to judge yourself when you have to judge a friend/family member/stranger to do it
  • try being “ugly” for a day. Don’t hide that zit. Don’t wax your brows. If you’re someone who usually shaves their legs, don’t shave them. See if anyone treats you differently. I can say pretty confidently that most of the time, no one will.
  • “what if someone else said this to me?” When you’re criticizing the way you look, try switching PoVs. Instead of saying “I look bad” pretend it’s a stranger saying “you look bad.” I dunno about you but if some asshole told me i look ugly I’d deck them lmao
  • fight the power! Society says everyone should hate the way they look. So if you decide to not do that, you’re punk rock as fuck

I’ll be real: a lot of my approach to self image is from like years of being spiteful lmao. My mom would always make little comments about my weight and my hair and how I needed to shave and blah blah blah, and I basically decided to be a contrarian little shit and aggressively not care. “Bella your legs are hairy.” “Eh.” “Bella your eyebrows are bad.” “M’kay.” “Bella you need to lose weight.” “Nah.”

It pissed my mom the fuck off haha. But eventually she stopped making the comments? And I’m really unconcerned about my appearance now? Like, I have cellulite and hair everywhere and zits. And I also have cool, thick thighs, hair that’s really fun and bouncy, and muscley arms that can pick up a grown man. There’s things about myself I find attractive and unattractive. And ultimately it doesn’t matter, because my appearance doesn’t determine how good a friend I am, or how good I do in school, or how much people like me. 

That got long and rambly, but I really hope I helped a little bit, anon!! And I hope you feel better soon!

♡ D E T E R M I N A T I O N ♡

undertale + @danisnotonfire​ & @amazingphil​ = (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
(srsly go watch it)

more phan doodles here

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Hey I know your probably super busy but I just wanted to ask if you could make a super short story on tumblr of you meeting stretch cause i really ship you guys i was just wondering what would happen if you ended up meeting each other. Your amazing Senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to tell you that.

*A chance to self-insert myself with Stretch and incorporate my x-ray headcanons that no one asked for in one go?  You know I’m all over this!  
Also, thank you, my sweet anon-kohai!  <333  The fact that you ship me with him enough to want to read this makes me happy.  You’re a sweetheart.

*Oh man, lemme lay some first person on you guys.  I’ve been writing in second for so long that this felt all kinds of wrong.  

As I walked through the ER, I glanced down at the order in my hand, wondering what I was about to walk into.  The registration was woefully incomplete, with only a placeholder “John Doe” name and a generic birthday, so I wasn’t sure what sort of patient to expect.  Usually, those sorts of placeholders were used if the patient was incapacitated or in some sort of traumatic accident–yet the doctor had only ordered an x-ray of the forearm, instead of the usual chest and pelvis films.

It was probably a drunk without an ID that slipped and fell.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck?

Either way, from the cast cart situated outside the room, it seemed like they had already fixed the fracture without getting x-rays beforehand.  That’s weird, but I shrugged it off.  They probably had films done at another hospital.

I knocked on the door to announce my presence, and then swung it open, my usual speech already on my tongue.

“Hey there, I’m Ty–”

The sight inside the room caused me to trail off, my professionalism wavering.  There were two people inside, one seated on the edge of the stretcher with his sleeve rolled up and a bright blue cast on his arm–obviously my patient–and another clinging to the man’s opposite arm and wailing.

“I’M S-SO SORRY!  IT’S ALL MY F-FAULT!  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO PAPY NOW?!”  the crying man asked, his grip tightening protectively on my patient’s–Papy’s?–arm.  

I was so thrown off that I completely blanked for a moment.

These two men were skeleton monsters.  

Monsters had separate hospitals–healers, magic, and all of that fun stuff–so, any that were mistakenly brought to ours were immediately transferred out.  We simply didn’t have the means to treat them.  I’ve never had one as a patient, and they haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms into my city, either.  I’ve seen a few here and there, but never…

Never skeletons.

“Sorry,” I blurted, brushing the hair back from my face in a nervous gesture.  I dropped my gaze to the order clasped in my hand, as if I could glean some sort of new insight, but really–I just wanted to try not to stare.  

And boy was that difficult.

“I’m from X-ray.  I’m just going to get a couple of pictures of that arm,” I explained, while the distraught man sniffled.

“PICTURES?”  His brow furrowed.  "WHAT’S X-RAY?“

“Pictures of, ah… bones,” I replied, noticing the way my patient’s grin suddenly widened.  From the look on his face, I could tell he was amused.  

“considering i’m a skeleton, i’d say i’m pretty photogenic,” he claimed, which made me relax.  Oh geez, at least we’re addressing the elephant in the room.  

“They just want to make sure the bones look all right inside the cast,” I mentioned with a smile, since the other man still looks so baffled.  I could only assume that’s why they would order the x-ray of a skeleton monster.  


“Nope, won’t feel a thing.”  I turned my attention back to my patient and opened the door wider.  "We’ll just go down the hall, Mister… Papy?“

"papyrus,” my patient corrected, standing from the bed.  He chuckled and shrugged slightly.  "you can call me stretch, hun.“

There’s something about his lazy smirk that made me blush, and oh man, he’s a skeleton, and I needed to get it together.  

"I’M COMING, TOO!” the other skeleton insisted, standing as well, but Papyrus stopped him with a gentle hand to his chest.  

“nah, bro, you can stay here.  it’ll only take a minute.”  


“just relax and watch some tv, ok?”

He looked as if he wanted to protest further, but as soon as his eye(lights?) shifted to the cast on Papyrus’s arm, he deflated and nodded.  

“hey.”  Papyrus set his good hand on the other’s shoulder, his expression gentle.  "i’m ok.“


I didn’t correct him, instead marveling over the gentleness Papyrus showed him.  The other skeleton still seemed distraught, his cheeks a strange shade of blue–just like the tears prickling the corner of his eyesockets–but he managed to smile brightly.  

When we stepped into the hall, Papyrus closed the door behind us.  

“sorry ‘bout that.  that’s my bro, sans.  he’s never seen me hurt before.”

I lead the way, though couldn’t help trying to sneak glances of Papyrus’s bones.  Most of them seemed to be covered by his oversized orange hoodie, but he was wearing shorts, and from what I could glimpse of his knee and tib/fib, the anatomy looked strikingly similar to a human.  

“It’s no problem.  It’s sweet of him to worry about you.  What happened to your arm?”

“i’d rather not cast blame.”  He winked, lifting his cast slightly, and I realized he just made a pun.  Gentle, charming, and funny?  He’s hit all my weak spots.  "it’s nothing i’m too broken up about.“

I grinned like an idiot.  I even slowed my pace from what my friends call my ‘hospital speed’ to meander beside him.  He’s easy-going, in no hurry, and even with his slouched posture, he’s much taller than I am.  

"You’ve never broken a bone before?”

He shook his head.  "first time for everything.  have you?  i heard human bones can break pretty easily.“

"No broken bones here.  Are monster bones stronger than human ones?”

He shrugged.  "dunno.  a lot of monsters don’t have bones, but probably.  never seen a monster break anything.“

"Really?”  I couldn’t keep the surprise from my voice–and slight disappointment.  X-raying monsters and seeing how different their anatomy is would be so interesting!  I opened up the door to the x-ray room, twisting to face him while he follows me inside.  

He grinned wider.  "yep.  hate to break it to ya, hun, but this may be your only chance to x-ray a monster.“

"Well, I do have to admit, out of all the monsters out there, the fact that I’m x-raying you is kind of hilarious.”

“almost as if you already have x-ray vision, huh?”  

“Pretty much, yeah.  Have a seat here… Stretch.”  He’s charming enough that I tried out the nickname he gave me, only for Papyrus to hold my gaze the entire time he moves to sit down.  There’s something about his grin that made me feel a little nervous, and I hoped my face didn’t look as red as I thought it did.  It certainly was hot all of a sudden.  

On the end of the table, there was a digital detector already set up, the x-ray tube positioned over it.  Papyrus rolled up the sleeve of his uninjured arm, exposing the bones of his radius and ulna–and I couldn’t help but stare.  The anatomy looked just like a human arm, although his carpal bones were more solidified.  

He had me a little confused, so I pulled the order sheet out of my pocket to check which arm was ordered–but he only looked amused.  "so, is it broken?“  He held up his uninjured arm, quirking a bony brow.  How was  he even able to move his brow ridge, anyway?  His skull doesn’t even have any sutures along the top; it’s all just smooth bone.

Oh god, I’m staring again.

"Legally, I can’t tell you.  I just take x-rays; I don’t read 'em.”  I shrug, reaching over him to grab onto his casted arm and slide it into the center of the detector.  

He chuckled.  "honey, it isn’t an x-ray.  it’s my arm.“

I definitely started blushing now.  Shit, from the way his lazy grin curved up around the edges, his eyelights twinkling with mirth, it must be one of those obvious, fierce blushes.  

Can skeletons blush?  

Now isn’t the time to find out, c'mon.

"Also not a doctor,” I insisted, trying to concentrate, but… dammit, it was hard when he kept looking at me with that grin.  His voice was low and smooth, and I found myself wanting to hear more puns.  

I positioned his casted arm and then fixed the collimator light on the tube to encompass all of his forearm.  He watched intently, flexing his phalanges outside the cast.  I don’t even really need to touch his hand to get him in the right position, but… I’m curious.  So, I reached out and touched his fingers under the guise of straightening his arm.  His bones were smooth and warm.

“ever touched bones before?” he inquired, and I felt as if he were trying to fluster me–to call me out for my curiosity.  Instead, I just smiled and met his gaze with a shrug.

“A couple of times, actually.”

His smirk faded, and he gave me an incredulous look.  "seriously?“

"You’d be surprised.”  With him flustering me, I start to walk back to the console behind the wall to shoot the x-ray, but then I notice the lead shield is still on the table.  "Whoops.  Hang on, lemme lay this in your lap.“

He leans back a little, keeping his arm in place as I lay the heavy lead across his pelvis.  "what’s this for?”

“Protection.  It keeps the x-rays off you.”  I gave him the vague speech I give the curious kids without a second thought.  However, Papyrus doesn’t buy it.  

“why’s it only across my legs then?”

Eh, he’s an adult; I can go into more detail.  "It protects your reprodu–… ah…“  I trailed off awkwardly when I realize again that he’s a skeleton.  

Does he even have…?

Papyrus’s grin turned absolutely shit-eating.  "my…?”

So much blood rushed to my face at once that I felt light-headed and absolutely mortified.  Why did I have to be so awkward?  "Your reproductive organs,“ I stated, trying to regain any sort of professionalism despite the fact that I’m burning right now.  "The radiation we use is minimal, but it’s still for the best to always be protected.”

I can’t meet his gaze anymore.

“yep, guess there are some bones that need protection.”

Does that mean he does have..?

Hoo boy.  I nodded, humming my assent as I turned around and went to the console.  By now, a few other techs have started peeking around and making loud, surprised noises over the fact that my patient’s a skeleton.  I swung an arm back at them in an effort to make them shut up, and when I glanced through the window to the exam room, Papyrus is waving at them with his good arm.  

“Don’t move, all right?”

“sorry.  that spiel about protection was just so moving i couldn’t help it.”

Someone help me; I can’t stop laughing.  

I took the x-ray and waited for the image to pop up on the screen.  I’ve gotta admit, I was curious to see how badly he broke his arm, as well as how the ortho doc fixed it.  Would the bones really stay together inside the cast, or did they plate it with some wire and then cast it so the bones wouldn’t shift?   Will his bones heal at the same rate as a humans, or does magic speed up the process? 

The image that pops up on the screen was unreadable.

It was bright white and blurry, as if his arm had been moving, with faint grays where the cast outlined his arm.  I stared at it for a moment, while my other coworkers moved to try to peek around my shoulder.  

“how’s it look?  break it to me gently.”

“Uhhh…”  If it’s white, that means the x-rays didn’t go through it, and I didn’t see him move his arm.  "Lemme try the next view.“  I walked around the wall and hold my arm out straight to simulate the positioning.  "Gimme a karate chop.”

Papyrus complied, though he seemed skeptical.  "did the first picture take?“

"You might not be as photogenic as you thought,” I responded with a shrug, which brought his grin back.  I reached out and grabbed his hand, rolling his thumb back slightly in an effort to get his bones directly on top of one another.  As soon as I let go, Papyrus rolled his hand back in.  

I grabbed his hand and rolled it back again.  "Keep it like this,“ I instructed, and his fingers lightly curled around my thumb.  

"if you say so, hun,” he replied in that smooth, low voice, and I reluctantly pulled my hand away.  That look clearly stated that I’m blushing again, that he was aware of what he was doing.

I headed back to the console and took the second x-ray, bumping up the settings in an effort to penetrate his bone.  Just like the first, it turned out bright white and blurry.  "It can’t be a mechanical issue because my marker showed up…“ I murmured both to myself and my nosy coworkers, pointing at the R beside his cast, denoting which arm it is.  Papyrus seemed concerned by the way I was staring at his films, so he scoots the chair back and stands, setting the lead shield on the edge of the table.  

"is it ok if i come back there?”  I nodded, and Papyrus turned the corner to look at the x-rays.  He stared at them for a moment, before shrugging, seemingly unperturbed.  "welp i ulna see a white blob.“

"Looks like your bone is different than a human’s,” I responded, feeling a little disappointed.  Maybe it has to do with his magic?  Magic might not be able to be penetrated by radiation.  Or maybe his bones are just comprised of something radiopaque–it could be a number of things.  

“ah well, it’ll be ok.  monsters heal fast.  i just came because my bro insisted, anyway,” Papyrus remarked with a shrug.   He’s definitely one of the most chill people I’ve ever met, I’ll give him that.  

“Well, that’s all I can do.  Lemme walk ya back to your room.”  

I lead him back into the hall, and even though the x-rays didn’t work out… I felt reluctant to take him back.  Maybe it was because he was the first monster I’ve actually spoken to for this long, and that’s interesting.  Or maybe it’s because his bones are fascinating.  

Or maybe it’s because he’s funny and seems kind toward his brother, and my stomach actually twisted when he looked me in the eye and grinned.

“so… what time do you get off work?”

I faltered in my steps and nearly tripped.  Is he asking what I think he’s asking?

Unfortunately, I work late.  

“Midnight,” I replied with a wry smile.

Papyrus hummed, slowing his steps.  "do you like pancakes or donuts?“

"Love 'em both.”  My heart’s racing.  

“welp, i know a place that stays open 24/7.  muffet’s.”  Papyrus reached into his hoodie’s pocket and handed me a wrinkled card.

                                                 odd jobs

A phone number was listed below.  

“text me if ya wanna grab a bite to eat.  trust me, you donut want to miss the food.”  He winked, and I found myself thinking that I really didn’t want to miss out on the company, either.

“I might take you up on that.  For the food, of course.”

“hmm… i think i might be able to take x-rays now.”

“Why do you say that?”

Papyrus grinned, leaning in close to me as we approached his room.  With his mouth directly beside my ear, he murmured, “because i can see through you.”