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She hooked her leg around his ankle and pulled , and the mighty Kylo Ren went down, crashing and tumbling, with a yelp. Their lightsabers rolled away on the uneven ground, making her curse. She gathered the Force in her palm, felt it pulse and throb, and smashed her hands against his chest before he could get back onto his feet and grab his weapon. Ren let out a grunt.The tips of her fingers tingled when she pressed down against him, caging him in with her thighs. Her cheeks were ablaze as Ren made a strangled noise from the back of his throat. Her heart leapt into her throat, her skin hot and flushed, her thighs warm and snug against his sides. Unconsciously she lowered her head a fraction before she froze.
From Honeymoon by @lueurdelaube. 

Really enjoyed the story and the writing and can`t wait for more chapters. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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New hc that Mark can twist his legs around 360 degrees just as a natural feature ("defective") and does it to entertain the corrupted gems sometimes. Also to freak certain Grumps out. (He chased Matpat like that once then had to flee for his life when Nate caught him.)

yes this is Good and I Approve™

I had a dream that this really tall athletic girl picked me up so my legs wrapped around her waist and we were about to go for it but she was so tall she hit her head on the ceiling and passed out lmao

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Konoha senseis and sanin cuddling headcannons


Kakashi Hatake

  • Kakashi likes to be the big spoon and it’s all well and good until you realize just how hot he is. being pressed up against him for too long is like spending the night in a volcano and you have to take a breather, grab a glass of water and cool down before you go back in. 

Maito Gai

  • Gai will all but climb you like a tree. he has his arms and legs wrapped around you tightly, bracing you to his chest while he sleeps. you’re screwed if you toss and turn a lot, because you aren’t going anywhere. 

Asuma Sarutobi

  • the most comfortable part of Asuma is his chest, until his chest hair starts to tickle your face and you have to turn, then he curls up against your back 

Kurenai Yūhi

  • Kurenai shifts a lot when the two of you are cuddling, so it’s a lot easier for the two of you to just hold hands


  • Jiraiya likes to lie on his back and let you all but sprawl over his chest (which is pretty easy, he’s a big guy). however the same also applies for when he’s sleeping on his stomach and you are nestled onto his back. he doesn’t believe in personal space. 


  • Similar to Jiraiya, Tsunade likes to lie on her back and have you curl up against her side so she can hold you tightly (and so you can use her boobs as a nice pillow) 


  • Orochimaru won’t outright say he enjoys cuddling and will try to avoid it as much as he can, but late at night when he’s fast asleep, he subconsciously seeks you out and you can feel him wrap his arm around your waist.

Beads of sweat pooled at the auburn hairline of her forehead while the armor on the Highlander’s chest rose and fell in rapid succession. This was her area of choice when she needed to let off steam, plenty of training dummies made from a variety of different materials. The muscles in her thighs began to quiver as she stood for a moment to catch her breath, how long had she been going at this?

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◘ (Vincent or Winston I suppose)

{Poor poor Vincent. Let’s have the poor man be put into this position.}

He gives a sharp jolt, looking up at the man that wrapped his legs around his hips, effectively keeping him from shifting his position. “U-I’m, what are you doing…?” He asks, confused.