Let there be (more) lights!

And so shall it be that more lights are installed on this little machine. All mods are done in JB, except the front tray LED & the console LED are done at Express Audio House (Upper Thomson Road)

External image
 LED Cabin Light

External image
 Legroom LED Light Front Driver + Passenger

External image
 Legroom LED Light Back Passenger 

External image
 Boot LED

Hope you enjoy the brightness ^^

Off to Seattle! Bought my very first bridal magazine at the airport… Can’t believe we’re getting married in 6 months! And I don’t have a dress!😱 Any suggestions for amazing bridal dresses? I want something bohemic, simple, beautiful.

#legroom #happy #wedding #bridal #love (at Gate 6 Queen Beatrix International Airport)

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Delta Flight Rerouted After Passengers Fight Over Legroom

A Delta flight from New York to Florida was rerouted Monday, the airline confirmed, the third flight diversion caused by passengers fighting over legroom in recent weeks.

Delta Flight 2370 departed from New York’s LaGuardia Airport at about 7 p.m. Monday, en route to West Palm Beach. The flight was diverted to Jacksonville after the disturbance, which passengers say was sparked when a woman who was knitting reclined her chair, sending the woman behind her into a rage.

“The flight attendant came over, and that just exasperated what was going on, and then [the complaining passenger] demanded that the flight land,” a fellow passenger said later. “She said something to the effect of, ‘I don’t care about the consequences. Put this plane down now.’”

The airline complied, and the woman who complained was removed from the flight in Jacksonville. She was not arrested.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the captain elected to divert to the closest airport,” Delta said in a statement. “Local law enforcement met the flight and removed the passenger.”