Swimfesion to the Max

Lets get to know each other! Put a number in my messages and I will answer completely honestly

1. Favorite Event

2. Least Favorite Event

3. 3 favorite Pump Up songs

4. Most embarrassing swimming moment

5. MCM in the swimming world

6. WCW in the swimming world

7. Biggest Dream

8. Biggest Fear

9. Favorite Set

10. Most feared set

11. First thoughts when you hear (Your choice)

12. Most inspiring moment

13. A story that should be said, but is now

14. Most influential person in my career

15. Biggest “Oh shit” moment so far 

16. A weird fact about myself

17. Weirdest Swim related dream

18. Peeing in the pool position

19. A sport I wish I was capable of playing

20. Advice I would of given younger me when I first started swimming

21. What gets me through practice

22. Favorite Cap

23. Most valued swim thing

24. My Swimfesion

25. Anything your little heart desires

Granby Girls & Boys Basketball Game Tonight .

mmannnn , it was GOOOD .  the girls was iighhtt , they justb kept bussin they ass on the court ,  like damn.  and they was missin shots.

… … .  but the  booyysss … .    T O O  L I V E !  they put in work . hittin them 3’s and dunking on norview .  ugh !  i never knew how much i liked basketball .  even though we lost , we played a good game .

#cometpride !   love them comets ! <3