Because I’m a bit of a nut… (like you didn’t know that already)

Today I decided, after watching “Star Trek Into Darkness” that I wanted to see if anyone had put Benedict Cumberbatch into an Elf outfit (photoshopped of course) and low and behold Google did not disappoint.

See, I have a small duology of LOTR stories that deal with the sons of Oropher (Seregbrun) and the sons of Thranduil (Nothrimraegath) and I had never really had an image in mind for Thranduil’s elder brother Galenion nor for Legolas’ elder brother Morolas.

So of course once I found a picture of Benedict… I wondered if anyone had done one of Tom Hiddleston… and boom, Google was my friend once more.

Thus I went and made them into mini-walls with text and black & white and everything.  Of course the image of Thranduil is Lee Pace and the image of Legolas is Orlando Bloom, but now I finally have mental images for Galenion and for Morolas!

Oh and yes I know that it should be “Oropherion” and “Thranduilion” for “son of Oropher” and “son of Thranduil” but I made “ion” plural so that it reads “Oropheriyn” (sons of Oropher) and “Thranduiliyn” (sons of Thranduil).

Of course I also had an old fanart someone did of Jason Isaacs dressed as Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter) that was turned into an Elf.  Truth be told this was what was always in my mind as Thranduil until Lee Pace came along… and now that image has become what I think of when I think of Oropher… so I made a little wall for it too (and since we don’t know who he’s the son of, it just says his name).


I’m gonna go work on Seregbrun some more now hehehe.

Wallpaper by me, LegolasLover2003 entitled “Many Faces of Lee”

Thranduil (The Hobbit)
Ronan (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Red Bandit (The Fall)
Calpernia (Soldier’s Girl)
Fernando (Lincoln)
Michael (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day)
Joe (Halt & Catch Fire)
Ned (Pushing Daisies)

Someone who can actually draw (unlike me) needs to so draw this…

Thranduil doesn’t trust his new royal pie maker…

Yeah I drew that in like 5 seconds because I had the idea while doing dishes… maybe one day I’ll actually go back and draw it to where it’s not crap… but until then, enjoy Ned’s apron that says “I Bake Pies + Wake The Dead” and their matching bushy eyebrows.