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Austens 2k Tumblr Awards

hello lovelies! as you know, i hit 2k awhile back and ive wanting to celebrate and i thought a tumblr awards would be fun. a big thanks to my love daisy @padfootd for making the beautiful banner. just a few simple rules to follow! i know they are boring but rules are rules.

must be following me
reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks)
there will be two winner and two runners up for each category
the deadline to enter is may 4th, 11:59 pm central time.
the following week I will announce the winners

the categories and prizes are under the cut:

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60+ BotFA icons
  • 130px; includes thorin pining for mr. boggins, mr. boggins himself, smaug growing slow and fat in his dotage, elves destroying everyone, berd the bewman, kili the cutie and more fili than in the actual movie
  • feel free to use how many you want, just please live a like or reblog if you plan on using them!

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2k Winners!

hello loves! it’s finally time to announce the winners from my awards. thank you for the lovely daisy @padfootd for creating the banner for me! i just want to thank everyone for entering these awards. i am super grateful for all of you! it was super hard to pick winners and runners up and I had changed it so there are two winners two runners up! so without further ado, here are the winners and runners up! the prizes are below the winners! again, thank you all so much!! this was super hard!

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