This week’s Jewish character of the week is: Gimli son of Glóin

(Erebor was their home, hard-fought and hard-won, and Gimli didn’t care how far he had to go - he would defend it against the coming dark. He didn’t expect to teach an elf, let alone his Legolas, why the same word was used for Hello, for Goodbye, and for Peace, but it was definitely a bonus.)


Last month I made a fanvid for Middle-Earth. Those stories will always inspire me, and they never ends.

Song: “Serenata Immortale” by Immediate Music


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (and Tauriel)

Dateline: Gundabad (25/25)

Unpopular opinions of the Silm/Lotr/The Hobbit #2:

here’s the first one 

Basically, below are my own personal “unpopular” opinions regarding the Silmarillion/Lotr/The Hobbit Reblog and add your own! I learned a lot last time!:

-Thorin dying. I just don’t understand how he has this entire epic quest, how he’s such a fleshed out character, how he gets a taste of what he wants, and still dies. I just don’t agree with that. I guess Tolkien is trying to teach us a lesson, but really?

-The Silvan/Woodland realm being less wise. Don’t even get me started about how they’re the ones actively fighting in the LotR. Don’t remind me how Thranduil protects his realm without a Ring of Power. I can go on and on about why calling Thranduil less wise—considering what he does, is rude af, but I’ve rambled about it too much.

-Legoals being the only elf in the fellowship. This is just tragic. He has to watch his friends die off, one by one. He can no longer share stories about how he fought side by side with them, can no longer talk to them about things they went through together, zip. I wonder if he knew this when joining the fellowship, knew that his best friend would be a dwarf doomed to die, and that he would eventually be the last one left. Just imagine the funerals. I wonder how sad he was. Like I bet you Legolas absolutely hated being an elf, when he could no longer relate to his friends. When they aged and joked about aching bones, and greying hair, Legolas was just Legolas. He started as the one most apathetic towards death, to it affecting him the most out of the fellowship.

-Finwe remarrying. I just never understood why he remarried. Okay I know it’s stated that he wanted more kids, but a) he could have waited for his wife to be reborn b) he clearly favored one above all others. And let’s not forget that it seemed like the entire line of Finwe was cursed soon after.

-Fingolfin marching the Noldor across the ice when he could have returned. It would not have been easy for him—for any of them—but if Finarfin—the little brother—could do it, than Fingolfin should have done it for the good of his people. As a ruler, he should not have dragged them across the ice. That was a stupid choice.

-Miriel being made to document her family’s deeds by the Valar—I am so against that. This poor elfing returns from the Halls of Mandos only to be told she must document all the wrong doings of her son and his line, like, why? Does Indis have to do the same thing, because her son did some pretty questionable things.

-The silvan elves and any elf born in Middle earth that suddenly gets sea longing, or is under threat of fading if they do not go to Valinor. First of all, the Noldor are going back because Valinor is their home, I can understand why they would want to go back, but the Sindar and Silvan? Why? Valinor isn’t their home, Middle Earth is. Valinor is nothing like Middle Earth, so why would some of them even want to go? Why when the Noldor decide to do something, it suddenly speaks for all of the elves? Honestly, that upsets me so much. elves who want to remain in Middle Earth should not be punished for doing this, considering that Valinor is not their home.

so i went to hastings today and saw this legolas notebook

it was $2 so i said what the fuck and bought it. i get home, open the plastic sleeve and what do i find? this.

every goddamn page has this weird “soft pastel legolas” print and now i know what im doing all my homework on for the rest of my career