I made a Wyldstyle cosplay for The LEGO Movie!

The hoodie is made of a giant men’s hoodie I cut up and resized to fit me. I made the designs by drawing out the patterns onto contact paper, painting a layer of white so the colours would be bright, and then adding the pink and blue. I’m planning to make the pants and shoes at a later date, because oops, we got snowed/iced in. I’m excited to take this to some LEGO and comic conventions!

Carlyle Livingston used to build props and models for the film industry, and Wayne Hussey is the director of BrickCon, a LEGO fan convention. With their powers combined, they were able to patiently spend over 400 hours assembling a LEGO replica of The Batcave. The finished product consists of about 20,000 bricks and weighs around 100 pounds…

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