jivebot  asked:

What would you say your inspirations are, specifically for how you your animation style? I've never seen anything like it!

hey! so in the animation world my biggest inspirations are amy lockhart, sally cruikshank, richard condie, priit parn, and the fantadroms series.  all of these inspire me on the basis of drawing and movement aesthetics.. my drawing style tends to be mostly influenced by the way i learned how to draw as a child (tracing cartoons i saw on tv) and combining that with a lot of my own observations of real life, studies of the previous artists, and ticks ive developed over the years 

I’m basically self taught when it comes to animation. i started with doing stop motion with legos when i was 10 years old, and tried to work backwards to making it look like a cartoon rather than a stop motion lego animation. i ended up developing a lot of interesting ways of communicating motion. when i was younger i studied a lot of real life motion and cartoon motion and tried to implement it into lego stop motion, and when i transitioned into doing traditional animation, i took a lot of what i learned doing lego stop motion stuff and tried to implement it into 2d drawings. since then ive explored a lot of different techniques and ways of communicating motion and ive naturally ended up where i am now, with the combination of stop motion and traditional ways of animating working in tandem with each other… 

hope this was interesting or helpful!