lego system


KURUME autonomous vehicles by Ghosty

ok but consider

memes on the Hephaestus

-[placing object that is not coffee into coffee mug] wow i love this new coffee

- when will the mouthwash return from the war

-classical music is alien appropriation

- everyone trying to out-obscure everyone else with references to the most minor things

- (everyone assumes Doug will have the most up his sleeve)

- (surprise)

- (it’s Minkowski and her theater-loving ass)

- ‘but what does Pryce and Carter say about THIS’

- plant monster impersonations

- putting sticky notes on Hilbert’s back

- [minor inconvenience] ‘this is why we needed a cannon’

- friendship bracelets

- Hera saying ‘I’m in’ in a deadpan whenever she accesses a system

- the lego incident


nikkuya is a “permanent”,a person immune to the NX7 virus,it’s infection instead giving them inhuman strengh and practically making them immortal,thought parts of their body is still replaced with the virus’s usual mechanical components

nikkuya  himself is over 600 years old,proof that the virus was already existant long before the epidemic

he is the only permanent currently know

do u ever start watching a cartoon while babysitting and develop headcanons that u really like and want to draw? 

idk what that background is tho im sorry i tried my best


it snowed in brooklyn this morning. spring break starts now and this afternoon i had some hours of clarity where i was able to design most of a functional railway crane, which i hope to one day build out of LEGO parts. 

i think there’s a lot to write about building trains out of LEGO. i think here is an intersection of systems. LEGO is an idealized joinery system with functional components, as well as a system that governs its own aesthetics (bright colors, blocky shapes, the inevitable raised studs). model railroading is similar, layouts are a system of joined track parts forming circuits on which on trains perform choreographed loops, often set against the backdrop of a narrative, such as an approximated historic era, or a geographical sketch.   


Name: Medic
Title: “The Greedy, Shallow Healer”
Gender: Female
Species: “Doesn’t matter”
Race: “Where’s my money?”
Occupation: Medic
Prevailing Element: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral
Typical Tool(s): Skirts shields, mechanical arms, swap-out tools, replacement hand
MOC Status: Assembled.

More pictures here.

Her actual name is Collete, but she doesn’t care enough to tell anyone, so she just prefers everyone to refer to her as Medic. A master healer who takes her work as not only being helpful, but profitable. She charges for her work regardless of who asks and will follow those who pay top dollar. However, if you happen to short-change her, she will become your enemy.

She was originally outfitted with small hand tools, but with time, started augmenting mechanical armaments to herself for quicker jobs. Going as far as to decapitate her own arm just to switch her tools more efficiently. She is also equipped with shields that can either be wielded by hand or by mind. They protect her back as she is repairing her clients and also act as a skirt.

If you actually get to know her personally, you’ll know that she doesn’t make a habit of giving herself rest. She works from job to job, sleeping only when it impedes her work. Collecting money for a reason that she is unaware of anymore. When she allows herself time to rest, she stays on speaking terms with her clients, stays friendly, and always talks about her significant other.