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To celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, here are all the (non comic-com exclusive) Spider-Man minifigs lego has released.
From left to right, back to front; Iron Spider, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, classic Spider-Man, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

20 Facts about Jason Todd in the media:

1) Jason’s death was widely covered by the media and caused outrage since people weren’t happy with how a friendly kid character like Robin was killed in such a brutal way nor the whole voting thing.
2) Tim Drake in the 90s Batman show is Jason in every way expect name and his obsession with Batman. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini (the show creators) revealed that the reason why Tim was pretty much Jason 2.0 was because they actually wanted Jason, but they couldn’t use him because DC wanted to promote Tim.
3) It was noted that Dick Grayson in the 90s Batman movies has some of Jason’s traits.
4) Robin in the Teen Titans show was a mix of the first three Robins (Dick, Jason and Tim) as it was confirmed by the show creators despite the fact that they give him the first Robin’s name.
5) Jason is teased as one of the possible identities of Red X and Beast Boy completely believe that he is Jason.
6) Jason was referred by name in the Birds of Prey show where he was mentioned in a conversation between Barbara and Helena.
7) Jason was mentioned in the Batman: TBB show as a reference to DITF.
8) Jason first official appearance is in the 2010 Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie.
9) UTRH is the second best selling DC animated movie and considered by many as one of DC best projects.
10) UTRH was referred once in the Supernatural tv show starring Jensen Ackles who was the voice actor of Red Hood in the movie (whenever Jensen was asked about which superhero he would want to play, he always answer Red Hood and seems to be quite fond of Jason).
11) In the episode “Satisfaction” of YJ S2, an image of Jason as Robin is seen as part of the JLA’s memorial. Greg Weisman (YJ creator) was once asked by a fan if he was ever interested in using Red Hood and he replied that he would be happy to use Jason).
12) Jason was referred couple of times in TTG.
13) John Blake in the Dark Knight trilogy (who’s real name is revealed to be “Robin”) shared many elements of the first three Robins (He shared Jason’s background and some of his traits).
14) In one of the Big Bang Theory season 2 episodes, Sheldon and comic book owner Stuart argue over who would be Batman’s successor where Stuart argued that Jason should be Batman.
15) Jason was confirmed to be the died Robin who was referred in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad and was actually the first batfamily member besides Alfred to be confirmed to exist in the DCEU. Whether they are planning to bring him back as Red Hood or not has yet to be seen.
16) It was noted by fans that Roy Harper from the Arrow series shared a lot of similarities with Jason and it was actually acknowledged by the writers when they made allusion to Jason in the show.
17) In the popular Arkham game series, Jason was referred by the joker in AA, was the titular character in the final part of series, has a DLC as Red Hood, was referred in Arkham VR and his Arkham Knight design considered by some to be one of the best comic book character design.
18) Jason as Red Hood is playable character in the handheld version of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and on console version for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.The LEGO Batman Movie Red Hood’s design draws from both the joker and Jason and his biography teases that it could either of them.
19) Jason was referred by the joker in the first game of Injustice, was playable character as AK in the mobile version and was confirmed as the first DLC in I2.
20) Red Hood was trending on twitter after his gameplay trailer was revealed (he was the only injustice character besides the joker to get trending) and the watchtower live stream of his gameplay had over 10k people watching online. In 2017 E3, Ed Boon (NRS director) revealed that Jason is by far the most requested character and the reaction and response they got over him were the biggest they ever got over a DC character (go Jason!).

Who saw the new Wonder Woman trailer yesterday? It looks awesome!
Here are the Amazonian heroes. Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, and Donna Troy. Wonder woman isn’t custom, but the other 2 are. I based Wonder Girl’s suit off of her new 52 design, and Donna Troy off her Rebirth design.


With The LEGO Batman Movie being released this week, Warner Brothers TV Studios are joining the celebration with LEGO styled billboards outside their Burbank location. 

Apparently Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs of 2 Broke Girls as well as Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory even got to meet with the LEGO Batman Movies main super heroes for the occasion:

Just a little update:

The CW super heroes also get an appearance in this promo…