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  • Joker: Batman? Pffff, what dumb superhero, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Batman pictures spill out of tailcoat] What a - what a weirdo, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] Ok, ok, listen - I hate the guy, l-listen [thousands of Batman pictures scatter across the floor] Oh my gosh, I-I'm just holding them fo-for Harley, oK jUsT LIS T E N

After this I’m gonna stop posting discourse and keep things upbeat on this blog, cuz honestly, the arguments im seeing are low key ridiculous and I’m tired but here’s my brain spill:

lego joker is literally A L E G O. the universe he lives in has no death or rape or gun sounds and is entirely separate from cannon, it is targeted towards CHILDREN just like the original batman comics were. It’s like fucking lazytown.

the killing joke is also a (technically) non-canon one shot/interpretation of joker and the movie literally takes place before any of that could have happened anyway. we get it, as a whole, the joker is a problematic character, but every interpretation of him is a separate entity. That’s how comic universes work.

Anyway that’s all i have to say on the matter anymore, do what you want everyone, happy shipping.

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♥Annabeth Chase.

♥- Family headcanon


  • Annabeth definitely has an amazing relationship with Magnus (it’s canon so…..)
  • One of my fav headcanons I have with Magnus and Annabeth is that they always talk about their crushes and their boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Annabeth talks endlessly about Percy but Magnus doesn’t know his real name cuz she always calls him “Seaweed Brain”. (I know this isn’t what happened in the books but shhhhhhh)
  • So literally when Annabeth shows up with Percy saying “This is my boyfriend,” Magnus is like “Seaweed Brain?” and while Percy looks very confused, Annabeth steps on his foot.
  • Magnus likes to talk about his life in Hotel Valhalla
  • He talks about everyone. His hallmates, Alex, Blitz and Hearth, Alex, Sam, Alex, dying, Alex…..
  • He talks about Alex a lot tbh
  • Annabeth is like, very smart and she figures out that Blitz and Hearth are dating before Magnus even considers it and knows he has a crush on Alex when he says he doesn’t
  • She keeps mentioning Alex and saying he should ask her out, and he’s like, “R U CRAZY????? I THOUGHT U WHERE SMART?????”
  • (This is after Magnus comes to terms with his crush and shows up to whatever random place Annabeth is, soaking wet and begging for help) (OOOOOH FANFIC IDEA!!!!!!!)
  • Literally thou the first time Annabeth meets Alex she goes “Ooooh this is the girl you say looks pretty Magnus?” And Magnus steps on her foot.
  • “Actually it’s guy to–day….” Alex says, automatically. He falters at the end, realizing what Annabeth said, then shoots a confused look at Magnus and Magnus stares at Annabeth furiously
  • Annabeth plays matchmaker and gets them together by the end of her visit (cuz she’s awesome)
  • Okay but enough of Annabeth and Magnus (the most amazing cousins ever)
  • I don’t remember a lot about her family but I think that while she goes to school in a normal school her dad keeps begging her to babysit her step-siblings.
  • So finally she gives in and calls Percy and they babysit together
  • And Percy is literally amazing with children and he brings his little sister too and all the little children are playing happily (and Percy may or may not put on a water show for the kids)
  • And Annabeth is kinda just floating around, making dinner and getting the older kids to do their homework
  • But then the youngest one comes up to her and pulls on her sleeve, asking her to play
  • They get out legos
  • The kids are giggling as they help Annabeth build an exact replica of the statue of liberty
  • After Annabeth gets a picture of them all with it (everyone flashing toothy grins) the little children knock it over and legos spill everywhere
  • Annabeth pretends to be mad but she laughing and her yelling doesn’t work
  • And the children fall in love with her and are hugging her
  • And she so shocked and it feels rlly good and she squishes them all in a hug (”C’mon Percy ur part of this family too”)
  • When the adults come home the children don’t want Annabeth to leave
  • Like they are latching onto her legs and begging her to stay
  • She tells her dad and stepmom that she will babysit anytime
  • And ofc her parents are those ppl that overpay their children for babysitting and she gets a ton of money that she uses for her and Percy to see Finding Dory or something idk (oooh maybe Fantastic Beasts bc Annabeth definitely is a potterhead)
  • And ye idk
Downpour: Pt 4

A Bucky x Reader Drab Series

Master List

A/N: Here is part 4! Sorry it took me so long. There’s only a few more parts! I really hope you guys are liking it. Send me all the feedback! I love hearing from you xo

Word Count: 667

- cliffhanger. there will be one in each part.

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James,” you said, getting down on your knee and holding your son’s shoulders. This was the only way for him to focus directly on you. “Why don’t you go play with your Legos while I talk to my friend Bucky, okay?”

“Yes mommy,” he replied, kissing you on your cheek before running back down the hallway and unintentionally slamming his door shut. You heard the box of Legos being spilled onto the floor, dreading having to help him pick them all up later. You stood up and turned to Bucky, who was standing in the same spot except this time his hat was in his hands.

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Here, have my head canon :D Stark Industries has a lot of women in high positions and in the engineering labs etc. because they offer part time jobs in almost every position and SI has a free day care center for the employees children. And sometimes Tony goes there and playes with the children (building Lego things etc.) and Steve finds out and things it's super cute. And the moms in SI are always very protective of Tony.

Of course the first time he stumbles in it’s a total accident, obviously, he was looking for one of their billion conference rooms, but then he sees this little blondie improperly constructing a lego car and really, is he supposed to not intervene? So he skips the meeting and teaches a couple toddlers how to build toy cars like champions. Next time he’s “looking for the conference room” he spots Jeremy totally not using the technique Tony taught him, because apparently kids are not very good listeners, but Tony’s willing—reluctantly, of course—to go back and reteach the lesson a few times until it sticks. So it becomes a Thing, him teaching these kids how to build cars, which evolves into trucks and trains and plane and on and on. He starts buying and bringing new legos—because honestly, this selection is crap and a division of SI, even a childcare one, can do much better—especially the Avengers sets because they adore him by this point, obviously, and the other Avengers too because they’re kids and superheroes are awesome. But it does leave Tony with a little explaining to do when he bumps into Steve one morning, drops his briefcase, and spills legos everywhere