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This week, we spotlight Wrapped Up Tight (Safe In My Arms)!

Hurt/Comfort is always a stunning genre when done well, and @annalisequeer-ing‘s standout Wrapped Up Tight (Safe In My Arms) tackles the topic with the sensitivity and tenderness that makes it best. After Emma suffers at the hand of an abusive boyfriend, Regina picks up the pieces with character no-nonsense care and love, and the healing process is never easy, particularly with Emma’s and Regina’s deeper feelings involved. @annalisequeer-ing guides us through a beautiful story of two women growing closer and falling in love, and @lego-femslash depicts it with skillful Lego art that captures the mood of the piece in the most unlikely medium!

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The MBTI Types When They Were Children

ENTP: The troublemaker child who was constantly pushing the teacher’s boundaries to see which rules could be bent.

INTJ: The reserved child who occasionally blurted out something so intelligent that their parents and teachers felt genuinely intimidated.

ENTJ: The child who ruled the playground through a mixture of intimidation and sophisticated political tactics.

INTP: The spacey child who accidentally walked into things a lot because he/she was busy wondering whether Martians were capable of understanding human language.

ESTJ: The schoolyard bully, who genuinely thought he was doing everyone a favor by telling them what was wrong with them.

ISFJ: The sweet, well-mannered child whom all the other parents kind of wished was their child.

ISTP: The child whose LEGO skills were matched only by educated architects.

INFJ: The ‘old soul’ child who acted like more of an adult than their parents.

ISTJ: The obedient child who took their chores and corresponding allowance more seriously than most adults take their full-time jobs.

INFP: The people-pleasing child who consistently put on a happy face at school, then came home and cried about something a classmate said to them six hours before.

ESTP: The daredevil child who got themselves banned from most of the playground equipment by second grade.

ENFJ: The child whom everyone in their class referred to as their best friend.

ESFP: The class clown who considered no stunt too dangerous if it would temporarily earn them the spotlight.

ISFP: The easy-going child who always volunteered to go along with whatever game or activity would make their friends the happiest.

ENFP: The wildly imaginative child who had ten thousand different answers to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

ESFJ: The popular child who dictated the rules of the playground by selectively handing out friendship necklaces.

Summer Job

Featuring: Choi Seung Hyun, TOP and Big Bang 

Story type: One-shot

Story Summary: Summer job and unexpected feelings 

The summer was here and I hated it the most. Not only was I forced to go to my grandmother place in Korea, I were separated from my friends. Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to have fun like all my friends. 

This year was somewhat worst since my cousins were not in Korea and I was left alone with your grandmother and aunts. It is not that I dislike spending time with her, I actually really adore my grandmother. It was just the boring lifestyle of the country side that really gets to me. This time round, I decided I had enough. Although I had agreed to come to Korea because my grandmother desperately pleaded me to, I had managed to negotiate a deal. I was going to be staying at her place for 2 weeks, before heading down to Seoul to find a job and enjoy the rest of my summer vacation. 

Learning new experience and gaining life skill. That was how I presented the idea to my parents. They were a little hesitant but eventually gave in to my request Freedom at last!! For the first time ever, I was actually looking forward to summer holidays. 

The two weeks pass by quicker than I had thought. Time was spent trying to repair my grandmother kitchen. The pipe was leaking and she had problem bending down, so it was up to you to fix in. Having an obsession with fixing things and playing with toys like lego, honed my skill in repair works. However, things were looking grim on the second week as I still couldn’t find any job in Seoul. Part of me had given up hope that I will be even going to Seoul. My aunt was also not around to help me with it. But my grandmother, being her, she was extremely sensitive to people around her and she knew immediately that I was worrying over it. A phone call to some people and she announces that she found me a job in a entertainment company as a stage/performance assistance. Apparently, it was in the same company that my aunt was working. So much for thinking that my aunt was busy. My grandmother must have called her and she got the job for me. 

Smiling to myself, i did a little happy dance before beginning to pack my suitcase for my trip. My grandmother had given me my aunt’s house keys and I could stay there while I was working in Seoul. It was also extremely nearby to the company. As I stare at the address that was given to me by my grandmother, I realise it was YG entertainment. My aunt had always been secretive about where she was working. Company policies she calls it. She was a talented fashion designer and had attended various international fashion festival.  

“Wow. YG” I thought to myself. I was surprise even, but was determined not to be affected by being a fangirl or anything. This was a serious summer job and all I wanted to do, was to focus on the job and do my best. 

The hustle and bustle of Seoul was extremely different from the countrysides. Here, even at midnight or early hours of the morning, people were walking around, eating and drinking. It was a sight to see as I was overly bored with the countryside lifestyle.

To my surprise, my summer job involves working odd hours, usually late afternoon to midnight. Luckily, my aunt’s place was within walking distance from the headquarters itself. I was assigned to a stage management team and everyone quickly call me maknae. Not coming from a Korean background, I was initially confused by the name, but eventually, i got used to it. 

The big bang members were extremely handsome. TOP especially. There was something about his eyes that got to me. However, I kept my distance and maintain politeness with them. Not wanting to get into any trouble and determined to do well at my first job. It wasn’t until Seungri constant disturbing that we grew a little closer and I started to relax a little around them. He was a funny guy, constantly begging me to teach him English. The rest of the members seemed friendly too, especially Jiyong and Daesung. The only person who had not even return me a smile was TOP. He was always in his own bubble, occasionally staring at me with deathly glare. At some point, I even asked Seungri if TOP hated me. He was my bias when I didn’t know them, but now I was just worried if he hated me.

Well, I tried my best to pay as little attention to them as I could. The rest of the staffs were pretty glad that I was quite cool about them being around. Obviously, people who had filled for this spot were usually fans. 

The job was pretty simple, albeit tiring. Sometimes, it tested my creativity and my determination to do well. Last minute screw ups on the performance stage was the worst thing anyone could expect. And boy did that happen. 

One of the stage launcher for TOP was broken. It was stuck and the platform was not able to move up. TOP was suppose to be standing on it, before the platform pushed upwards quickly and he will land with a jump into the stage. However, it was currently stuck and all the other members’ launcher worked perfectly well. I looked behind the platform and noticed that the gears had something stuck in between. A piece of wood was in the gears and that had resulted in the abrupt stop of the machine. As the rest of the stage team were bulky guys who were not able to fit into the gears, I volunteered to repair it from the inside. 

“Cut the power off and make sure that the platform don’t slam shut. Y/N’ is going in to remove the wood” 

As you began to couch down to waddle into the bottom of the platform, TOP appeared and immediately asked the head stage manager if anything was wrong. He nodded his head but his eyes remain fixed on me. I felt the eyes looking through my soul and I shuddered. Deep down, wondering why he hate me so much and what had I even do. “Make sure the power is off”, he said in his low voice. 

You waddled into the platform once they gave you thumbs up, indicating that the power was off. You shifted the piece of wood and yank it out of the gears. Looking down around you, you picked up possible wood pieces that could get stuck and brush them to another corner, away from the gears. 

SLAM! I felt fast movement beside me and then complete darkness. The platform was activated and had sprung up. If I was a little closer to the platform, I was sure I could have gotten injured. Thankfully, due to the position I was in, I was able to fit nicely into the small space between the gears and the platform. 

“Y/N’ ARE YOU OKAY?” I looked around and heard someone shouting and pushing on the platform. Sooner or later, the gears started up again and I saw bright lights coming filling the darkness and felt cool air against my skin. As the bright light blinded me, I raised my hand to cover my eyes. I wasn’t able to see what was in front of me. Suddenly, strong arms grabbed me and somewhat shifted me out of the platform. Another hand grabbed at my hand that was covering my eyes and pulled it down, “YOU OKAY? ARE YOU HURT?”, as my vision adjusted to the brightness, what I saw in front of me, immediately made me shift backwards. TOP’s face was so close to mine that I could feel his breathing. He was inspecting if I was injured with a very worried face. Seeing my shock reaction, he too, let go of my arms and took a few steps back, looking somewhat embarrassed. 

“YA. DIDN’T WE SAY CUT OF THE POWER? WHAT WOULD YOU ALL DO IF YOU HURT HER? AND WHY IS SHE EVEN DOING IT? DOES SHE LOOK LIKE A REPAIRMAN? IS SHE EVEN TRAIN?” after shouting at the team, he stormed off backstage, leaving behind a very shock crew and the rest of the big bang members. Seungri and Jiyong had came forward to ask if i was alright, and I nodded immediately. I was fine, I mean, I was not even hurt. 

“uhhh… sorry manager” I bowed and apologies, but he waved it off. 

“it is my fault. Something bad could have happened. But I don’t know why he reacted that way…” 

I nodded. it was strange for TOP to suddenly have that outburst. I mean, all those times I saw him with them, he was the calmest, happy, joyful kind of person. I had never seen him this angry before. 

“AYYY Hyung. You didn’t know?” Seungri said in a teasing manner to the head stage manager, who only looked at him confused. 

“We gotta perform soon. Someone needs to comfort TOP and tell him to stop hiding” Jiyong said, while looking straight at you. 

“Ya. Jiyong is right. You go. Since he got this angry because of you” Seungri said. You saw the smirk in their faces and was incredibly confused. Nevertheless, you hurried backstage, obeying their instructions. 

I gave a soft knock on the door that was labelled TOP. 

“Come in” a low voice said. 

I opened the door slowly and saw him leaning sitting on the sofa with his head tilted backwards. 

“Jiyong said….” and I was cut off by his sudden actions. He immediately stood up, his face full of surprise. “Y/N’? what… what are you doing here?”. 

“Jiyong said the concert is starting…” and I was cut of again by his sudden actions. This time, he was standing really close to me and was staring at me. “uhhh .. I am not injur….” I said. Shocked by his sudden actions but was cut off again. He had pulled me into his chest and had envelop me in the tightest hug ever. I almost felt like I was going to die because I couldn’t breathe. 

“I like you” a low voice said. Shocked, I looked up and before I could even reply, I was cut off again. This time by loud cheering and shouting coming from the door. Seungri and Jiyong was shouting so loudly and they were cheering “stage launcher! stage launcher” over and over again. TOP placed his arm around your shoulders and smiled. “Perhaps, tonight, wait for me after the concert ends?”. I felt a blush appearing and couldn’t help but smile. I nodded and he pulled me out of the room, hitting Seungri head on the way out. 

“Watch me on stage. Only me” he said, before disappearing down the hallways with the rest of the members. 



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