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Nordics as Online Articles

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Norway: These 13 Sticks Of Butter Believe Nothing Is Delicious-er Than Being Bitter

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Iceland: A Man Is Knitting Tiny Jumpers For Baby Puffins

The MBTI Types When They Were Children

ENTP: The troublemaker child who was constantly pushing the teacher’s boundaries to see which rules could be bent.

INTJ: The reserved child who occasionally blurted out something so intelligent that their parents and teachers felt genuinely intimidated.

ENTJ: The child who ruled the playground through a mixture of intimidation and sophisticated political tactics.

INTP: The spacey child who accidentally walked into things a lot because he/she was busy wondering whether Martians were capable of understanding human language.

ESTJ: The schoolyard bully, who genuinely thought he was doing everyone a favor by telling them what was wrong with them.

ISFJ: The sweet, well-mannered child whom all the other parents kind of wished was their child.

ISTP: The child whose LEGO skills were matched only by educated architects.

INFJ: The ‘old soul’ child who acted like more of an adult than their parents.

ISTJ: The obedient child who took their chores and corresponding allowance more seriously than most adults take their full-time jobs.

INFP: The people-pleasing child who consistently put on a happy face at school, then came home and cried about something a classmate said to them six hours before.

ESTP: The daredevil child who got themselves banned from most of the playground equipment by second grade.

ENFJ: The child whom everyone in their class referred to as their best friend.

ESFP: The class clown who considered no stunt too dangerous if it would temporarily earn them the spotlight.

ISFP: The easy-going child who always volunteered to go along with whatever game or activity would make their friends the happiest.

ENFP: The wildly imaginative child who had ten thousand different answers to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

ESFJ: The popular child who dictated the rules of the playground by selectively handing out friendship necklaces.

Daddy, this LEGO toy is going to take forever to build, but that’s ok because I’m young so I have time. You might want to find something else to do, though.
—  Pretty sure YoungerTwin either just called me old or was trying to run me off since his LEGO building skills are about 3,000 times better than mine.