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This is what happens when you make jokes


Kerbaros The Seeker

Kerbaros is from a species of tribal-like insects that are the developing world currently called Sector Va. Being part of many wars and battles Kerbaros can be best described as cocky but smart witted, being leader of his tribe he doesn’t wield any weapon or shield due to his immense size and strength. However he usually favors his raw instinct rather than logic and reason.


Venzark 2.0

Venzark is considered to be the last of a forgotten underground species known as the Terracona. While he was exploring what was said to be the ruins his underground town of his people, he noticed how there was a portal like device that looked surprisingly new compared to all of the scattered rumble. It was strange because it felt like this thing was asking to be used. In fact he felt like the portal was whispering to him throughout the shadows, commanding Venzark to use it like some sort of drug. This device was known to be as the Gate of Shadows, where it is said that it’s a portal that leads you to a dark world that copies the one like ours. But it is controlled madly by an ancient relic of a god that goes by the name of Duke. Venzark and the Gate of Shadows are both connected to each other Mentally and physically,which allows Venzark to pulls things things in and out of the portal with relative ease.