lego kitchen


Roomies/Damon Salvatore imagine:

You should have seen it coming.
The same thing happened at the same time every day.

The Lego blocks. Those Damned Lego blocks. No no, they weren’t yours they were your roommates.
Damon Salvatore. You’d lived with him for over 6 months now and you hadn’t ever been so close to committing murder in your life.

“Goddamnit Damon, how old are you?"you hissed as you picked up the red Lego block on the floor.

"Ooops?"he smirked as he emerged from his room. He ran his hands through his bedhair and stretched, showing off his abs in the process.

You rolled your eyes and coughed.
"Good morning sunshine"he smiled as he ruffled up your hair. You swatted him away.

"I guess your not going to put on a shirt then?"you said as you put two slices of bread in the toaster.

"You love the view"he winked.

"I think I actually want to be sick"you gagged. It was his turn to roll his eyes.

"Damon, please stop leaving your little knife blocks on the floor"you pleaded as you placed the Lego brick on the kitchen counter.

"Noted"he replied as he switched on the Tv.
You brushed your hair back into place and quickly ran to your room to get your shoes.

"Where are you going so bright and early sunshine?"He asked from the living room.

"Coffee with a friend, Problem?"You called back as you tied up your shoelaces.

"Not at all petal"he ruffled your hair again.

"Damon, your actually impossible could you n-is that my toast?"you whined as you sent Damon a death glare.

"See you later"he shouted with his mouth full of your breakfast before disappearing down the hall to the bathroom.
"Tough morning?"Your best friend Phoebe pouted at you after she handed you a large cup of coffee.

"Tough roommate"you sighed.

"I take it we’re talking about the Greek god your sharing your glam apartment with"Phoebe wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

"One, Ew. Two, it’s not a glam apartment anymore and three, Ew?!"you exclaimed.

"Oh c'mon y/n your telling me you haven’t thought about hooking up with him not even once"She stared at you expectantly.

"Nope"you shook your head.

"Your such a liar"Phoebe smirked.

"I can practically feel the sexual tension from here you two should just date already"she added.

"Okay that’s twice I’ve wanted to throw up this morning"you said before taking another sip of your very strong very needed coffee.

Your phone started to vibrate. You and your best friend watched it for a minute then you finally decided to pick it up.

You groaned loudly when you saw that the message was from your not so charming roommate.

"Speaking of the devil, Listen Phoebe I have to go, something about an ex boyfriend at my door"You frowned as you gathered your things.

"Oh that doesn’t sound good, remember to Text me"she said waving.
If someone asked you how bad the scene was when you turned up
on a scale of 1 to 10 you’d have to say it was a Solid 11.

Your eyebrows furrowed together when you reached your floor. The door to your apartment was wide open. Anyone could have walked in and stolen something.

You walked towards your flat curiously and stuck your head inside.
There was blood everywhere, your candles were smashed all over the floor and right in the middle of it all Damon and your ex Kieran were throwing punches as each other.

"Oh my god! Kieran leave him alone let go of him now!"you screamed as you ran towards your ex.
You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him off of Damon.

"Leave now before I call the police"you shouted at Kieran.
Once he had left you turnt to Damon and sighed. He was still panting heavily and blood was pouring from his nose.

Cuts and bruises covered his body.
"Jesus Damon"you sighed as you helped him off of the ground.

You wrapped his arms over your shoulders and you made him sit on the counter.
Pulling out your ice bags and your first aid kit quickly.

"What happened in those 10 minutes it took for me to get up here Damon?"you asked shaking your head.

"He may have said some things"he mumbled as you held the ice pack to his head.

"What things?"you raised your eyebrow.

"Some disgusting things about you, he wanted to come in and wait for you and I said no"he whispered.

"Damon, look Kieran is my problem not yours I can handle him. Thank you for sticking up for me"you smiled.

"You can buy me a drink to say thank you properly"he smirked.

"And here I was thinking that we were having a moment"you rolled your eyes.

"So it’s a yes then?"he smiled.

"Do you know what Salvatore, why not"you nodded in response.

Does anyone want a part 2?😚

it’s nearly impossible to find a loki-proof cake pan.


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