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If the Hero was the same person throughout the games
  • Hero: You think you’re my greatest enemy??
  • Gengar: Yes! You are obsessed with me!
  • Hero: No I’m not…
  • Gengar: Yes you are! Who else drives you to one up them the way I do??
  • Hero: Munna.
  • Gengar: No….
  • Hero: Grovyle.
  • Hero: Then I don’t have a bad guy. I like to fight other people.
  • Gengar: What??
  • Hero: I like to fight around.
  • Gengar: *starts to tear up as he sinks to the ground*
The Lego Batman Movie Review

Just saw the Lego Batman Movie, and it was surprisingly very good! It was much better than I was expecting, and was even a lot better than The Lego Movie.

This movie is more than just a cash grab movie based on a famous toy line and DC Superhero. This movie is more than just a parody of Batman, it has a surprisingly well made plot, and a lot of fun surprises throughout. There are a lot of fun jabs at nearly anything Batman and DC Comics related. There’s also surprise appearances from other villains from non DC related franchises. This had more crossover material than the original Lego Movie even, which is quite shocking, since you’d think this would’ve only focused Lego versions of Batman characters, with a few DC Hero cameos thrown in.

The action, and humor in this was fantastic. The climax of the movie was both exciting, and surprisingly emotional, I heard a few people crying a few seats behind me. This movie not only had a lot of great references to previous Batman portrayals from over 90 years of DC comic history, but it also offered a lot of new stuff that no Batman portrayal has ever really tackled well before. Even Batman in this movie had a lot of depth, and character development throughout the film, there were even times where I felt so sorry for him in this movie, there was a lot of emotion put into this.

The voice acting was great as well, like Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis as Joker, and Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon/Bat Girl. The humor was so funny as well, right from the beginning, we hear Batman side commenting on the cliche of opening logos and movie intros. The movie even went as far as admitting last year’s Batman VS Superman, and Suicide Squad were big disappointments. It’s so ironic how a film called The Lego Batman Movie ended up being a lot better than DC’s 2 big hitters from last year, and it didn’t get as much promotion as those 2 critical disappointments.

The audience was laughing throughout the film, I heard more laughs coming from teens and adults, than the actual little kids who dragged their parents into seeing it. The movie was definitely the funniest super hero related film I’ve ever seen. One part that cracked the whole theater up, was when Robin meets Bruce Wayne, and he’s just thrilled to meet Bruce. He mentions how his name is Richard, but everyone at the Orphanage calls him Dick. Bruce then says “Yes, kids can call people very cruel names…”

So yeah, The Lego Batman Movie was surprisingly a very fun movie to watch, and was worth watching in theaters. If anyone saw the Lego Movie, but didn’t like it, I encourage you to still give this one a chance, it is a lot better, funnier, more action packed, and even more heart warming than The Lego Movie.

  • How to Train your Dragon 2: Oh I want to see how awesome Hiccup and Toothless are in the sequel.
  • After watching: WHY THE FUCK YOU RUINED ME
  • The Lego Movie: A movie about Legos seriously? Let's see how good it is.
  • The Book of Life: Wow I wanna know more about the Mexican culture~
  • Big Hero 6: Oh man, first Disney/Marvel animated movie! I hope it's awesome!

What happens at Arkham Asylum ? par Alex THELEGOFAN
Via Flickr :
Hey folks it’s Alex here with my Arkham Asylum, I’ve opened also the Killer Croc Tail-Gator box😮📦 The Joker stuck the basketball🏀 So, The Riddler is angry😡 Two-Face is stuck under the weight😨 Poison Ivy and Catwoman are eating together😺🍂🍉 And the officer watch the prisonners👮… Original picture by me

You may be cool but you will never be as cool as Harley Quinn serving as a companion to The Doctor while testing at Aperture Science.