lego heroes

If the Hero was the same person throughout the games
  • Hero: You think you’re my greatest enemy??
  • Gengar: Yes! You are obsessed with me!
  • Hero: No I’m not…
  • Gengar: Yes you are! Who else drives you to one up them the way I do??
  • Hero: Munna.
  • Gengar: No….
  • Hero: Grovyle.
  • Hero: Then I don’t have a bad guy. I like to fight other people.
  • Gengar: What??
  • Hero: I like to fight around.
  • Gengar: *starts to tear up as he sinks to the ground*
I Just Stopped A Robbery In Real Life You Guys!!

My fiancé and I were at the mall and the alarm goes off at Pink. This kid runs out with a MASSIVE bag of merchandise easily worth $300. He sort of stumbles and the worker lady doesn’t follow (I don’t think she’s legally allowed to.) My mind knew what was happening before I did and I FREAKIN LUNGED for the bag of stuff! There’s a brief struggle between us and my fiancé tries to grab at him but he ditches the bag, twists out of my fiancés hand and runs into kohls. I returned the bag feeling confient that I could do the right thing in an emergency and that my guy has my back. I FEEL LIKE A REAL LIFE SUPERHERO!!

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