lego grip

commission for the ever-lovely @lydiejo as a present for @violue based on a snippet of their fic:

“Dean can’t help but be caught off guard by Castiel’s clothes. He’s only seen the guy the one time, and that was in the shirt and slacks for the hotel. That was Hotel Castiel. This is Regular Castiel, and apparently Regular Castiel wears jeans, black converse sneakers, a blue t-shirt with the main character from The Lego Movie, a blue studded wristband, bracelets with Legos and Lego heads instead of beads or charms, and a black cotton mini skirt over his pants. Dean’s surprised, but he likes it. Especially the skirt

“Wow, I almost wore the same thing,” Dean says, smirking.

read the fic here!


Spent most of the weekend outside riding bikes or watching the kids ride bikes. I made a point to have a glass of my favorite wine. Yes, i am old enough to have a favorite. I drank it in my flip flops and yelled CAR nine thousand times.

The rest of the weekend was errands, elderly people checkin(my aunt and uncle), soccer games, and one double birthday party. I didn’t mind the party bc that meant a Target run and i got the gooood coffee.

… later….Got laundry done but zero cleaning accomplished. Its ok i can clean this coming weekend. So it is clean sheets night and i killed some emails and a glass of milk earlier. I proofread some social studies essay stuff and read a very gripping lego batman bedtime story.

I need like a two hour bath and a massage but instead i will just snuggle under these fresh covers.
Have a good week everybody!😘💖

Under the Hood: Loose Connection

Summary: Six months after Dean loses the woman he loves, he tries to move on. 
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female), Dean/Random Blonde
Rating: Soft R
A/N: I did say, “Or is it?” 

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