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Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (7)
  • Iceland: I'll be a morning person when society decides morning starts at noon.
  • Norway: I'll apologize for my innocently sarcastic comments when people stop being total dumbasses.
  • Finland: Let people think what they want and if they speak up then give them a black eye.
  • Sweden: I even had a relatively normal dream about rearranging furniture.
  • Denmark: Lego, my old friend, help me in my time of need.

Böyle bir eve sahip olmak istiyorum içinde oyun oynadığım…

ps: oldum!

sunmontuewrites  asked:

Saw this on someone's blog - but a 'Honey I Shrunk the Pack' type thing. So shrunk/mini Sterek (or anyone really) and having to use dolls furniture, or Lego blocks to do things... because I am obsessed.

“Stiles, this is ridiculous, you can’t expect them to—” Derek starts, but Stiles is already watching with delight as mini-fied Scott, Allison, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd wander around the Lego set he pulled out of the closet. 

“Oh, come on, it’s the perfect size,” Stiles coos, and mini-Scott gives him a thumbs up and a broad grin as he wanders around the bricks of the half-finished models of Helm’s Deep. 

Derek raises his eye warily when Allison wrestles a miniature bow-and-arrow set from a Uruk-Hai and balances it in her little hands. 

“We don’t have time for this,” Derek grumbles, “We have to figure out a way to reverse the spell.”  

“Where’s your sense of fun?” Stiles teases, holding up a Uruk-Hai and playfully fights Scott with it. Erica and Boyd have meanwhile scaled the towers and Isaac seems to have commandeered Aragorn’s sword. 

Derek glares when a small arrow hits him, courtesy of Allison, who smirks.