lego firefly

If it ends with -on or -an, odds are I love it.

  • Digimon
  • Pokemon
  • Bakugan
  • Dragon
  • Frozon
  • Naruton
  • Dinosauron
  • Star Warsan
  • Game of Throneson
  • Fireflyan
  • Marvelon
  • Disneyon
  • DreamWorksan
  • Power Rangersan
  • Transformersan
  • Blizzardon
  • Final Fantasyan
  • Kingdom Heartson

And so on and so an.

42abikadabbi  asked:

If zodiac signs were Ed Sheeran songs, what songs would they be?

Aries- “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” and “Firefly”

Taurus- “Lego House” and “Autumn Leaves”

Gemini- “Fall”

Cancer- “Kiss Me”, “Sunburn” and “Photograph”

Leo- “Sing” and “The Man”

Virgo- “Little Bird” and “One Night”

Libra- “Thinking Out Loud” and “So”

Scorpio- “Give Me Love” and “Don’t”

Sagittarius- “This” and “She”

Capricorn- “U.N.I” and “Wake Me Up”

Aquarius- “Gold Rush” and “The City”

Pisces- “Cold Coffee”, “Bloodstream” and “One”


Lego Always Shoot First

A conversation between Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy), Han Solo (Star Wars), and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), discussing the age old question: when is it ok to shoot first?

slightsheerio  asked:

You know what's cray? Ed can literally go all over the spectrum of music. FLAWLESSLY! He like sings songs like You Need Me I Don't Need You, The City, and One night, then sad and meaningful songs like The A Team, Small Bump and Autumn Leaves. Then you know what happens? He tops it all off with preety little good feel songs like This, Lego House, or firefly aND DONT EVEN GET NE STARTED IN THE BREAK UP SONGS LIKE SUNBURN UNI OR GIVE ME FUCKING LOVE. Gosh this kid is talented…