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Hey guys, I am in need of some new blogs to follow!

A big portion of blogs I follow are currently inactive, this is due to the fact I’d say the majority of them are Sherlock related, and the fandom is in hibernation as of currently from what I can tell. 

If you post about things in the following list then please interact with this post and maybe also recommend me other blogs who post the same content (seriously, my dashboard is dead, sometimes even after 1 hour of not refreshing it’s only got 15 new posts)

NBC Hannibal

We Happy Few


Welcome to Night Vale


BBC Sherlock (I’d rather not see much content relating to season 4 though)

Lego Batman

The Book of Mormon

Invader Zim



Relatable™ posts





Web Comics

Tbh just throw any video game themed stuff at me I’ll probably like it

Gay related stuff


|Ultimate minimalistic Video Games Collection|
|Edits made by me :)|


Photo Bundle 2
1st: Fallout Character (Fallout)
2nd: Lego Movie Cosplays (Lego Movie)
3rd: Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.) ((side note: She said to me “what’s that over there?!” And pointed behind me. I looked behind and she flung a piece of paper at me. I then asked for a photo.))
4th: Terrance & Philip (South Park)
5th: Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
6th: Mordecai and Rigby Naruto crossover (Regular Show/ Naruto)
7th: Rainbow Dash and Rarity (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)
8th: Dead Pool Dolan (Dead Pool)
9th: Cosmo and Wanda (Fairy Odd Parents)
10: (Kill La Kill)


Fallout 4 LEGO Recreation