lego dioramas


last time la luna par jooka5000
Via Flickr :
Slowly I picked my camera from the bag and took this photograph of the pilot approaching U-Wing Starfighter. It was a moment that was gone in a second as pilot went to his business. A magic moment, I thought afterwards. So soon, just after you’ve gone, my senses sharpen and it took so damn long to realize, i’ve could sneak in to that Starfighter and look out this planet from the space. Oh, well! Sometimes the simplest scenes you photograph between the key sessions are the golden ones.

Calling Artists!

Okay, we’ve locked in our authors! Now it’s time for the artists to come in!!

Sign ups for artists are still open and will be until October 15th.

On October 16th, all artists who have signed up will receive email instructions for making their story claims. All claims must be made by October 24th, and final assignments will go out 1-2 days after that.

Remember, art to be submitted for this challenge can be ANY type of art: fanmixes, gif sets, digital wallpapers, REAL wallpapers, dioramas, Lego escenifications, drawings, paintings, comic pages, paper-mache, a composed song, a knitted scarf/hat/tea cosy, jewelry. We’re not limiting you on this!

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