lego dave


- Garmadon is all kisses with his kitten
-Lloyd has mastered the art of scratching the kitty under the chin
-Koko is very happy to have a kitty but doesn’t want her dress to get torn
-Jay has a fear of holding cats but is a-okay standing next to Garmadon so he can get as close to the cat as humanly possible
-Zane is overloaded with cuteness and could care less about the white hair on his suit

Some Movie Lloyd headcannons based on my favorite Franco movie “Now You See Me“

- Is the best when it comes to stealth

- Lloyd loves magic tricks and his favorite tricks are card tricks

- He can throw cards with impeccable aim and can even use them as shurikin like weapons against attackers in desperate moments

- Has a bad habit of stealing things from people and eventually he gives them back out of self guilt

- Is often hidden away from enemies by the team so he can be used as a sort of trump card

- Will often make sarcastic comments to his attackers while he’s fighting them

- Has an AMAZING talent of being able to mimic other people’s voices. He once did this to Jay and it scared the shit out of him

- Is very resourceful and can render anyone useless with the simplest things like a dish towel and a sink

- Scared of bridges and going too fast in a car, his biggest fear is being in a bad car accident

- If he has any money on him he always gives it to the poor and people who need it more