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Cartoon Network’s Christmas Wish List Guide

Tis the season… for awesome, amazing holiday presents! Need help filling out your holiday wish list? Still seeking out gifts for family and friends? No worries. Cartoon Network has got you covered!

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook

Grab your friends and get cooking in the land of Ooo with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, featuring recipes from all your favorite characters and kingdoms.

DCxAdventure Time Troop Snow Jacket

The Troop takes classic varsity styling and blends it with mountain function.. and a touch of fun from the Land of Ooo!

DCxAdventure Time Shoes

Add the awesome comfort of DC’s signature shoe models with print graphics of your favorite Adventure Time characters, and what do you get? Must-have holiday footwear!!!


Trase x AT Shoes:

Women¹s Heathrow x AT Shoes:

Rebound xAT B Hightop Shoes:

DCxAT Snowboard

An Adventure Time snowboard. Enough said.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack

Adventure Time - Level Pack. Help Finn the Human on his mission to find the Enchidrion and prove to Princess Bubblegum that he’s a hero! Battle foes as you travel through the Forest of Mount Cragdor, the Dark Magician’s Brain World and more in this exclusive Adventure Time game level.

Over The Garden Wall Wirt Cape

Looking for some alone time to write poetry? Next time you wander into the woods make sure you wear this cape from Over the Garden Wall.

PPG Aura Power Pods

Now the Powerpuff Girls have new aura powers related to their unique personalities. The Aura Power Pods are sparkly aura-powered vehicles with a 2 inch Powerpuff Girls figure inside.

PPG 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset

With The Powerpuff Girls 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset, you can jump into action with Bubbles, and, with the guidance of Professor Utonium, protect the people of Townsville.

Steven Universe Lion Collector’s Coin Bank

Collectible coin bank customized to look just like the magical pink lion from Steven Universe. Yay!

Steven Universe Monopoly Game

Custom game board locations. Collectible game tokens that include Greg’s van and Garnet’s gauntlet. And special gem shards that replace the houses you usually find inside a Monopoly game. Yes. Yes. Yesssssssssssss.

Yahtzee Steven Universe Garnet’s Gauntlet Board Game

It’s Yahtzee… with a giant Garnet Gauntlet dice-shaker. How cool is that?

@cartoonnetwork Huzzah for last minute entries! This is my entry to Cartoon Network’s fun little Adventure Time×Lego Batman Movie contest!( Lego Batman was amazing btw, please go see it!) Had alot of fun drawing in the styles of these two! Hope you like it!


Hello! I’m Mika and I’m doing commissions!
Please DM me, and know that it is PayPal only!
If you would like an additional character, it will cost an extra $3
Ocs are aloud!
I will NOT do gore or NSFW
Once the commission is finished it will be emailed to you

Things to get for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

1. Be Mine Omelette Du Fromage T-Shirt

2. The Powerpuff Girls Tiara Trouble DVD 

3. Funko Steven Universe Pint Sized Heroes 

4. Steven Universe Mini Rockerz

5. Funko Steven Universe Mystery Minis

6. The Powerpuff Girls Fleece Throw Blanket

7. Adventure Time Crafts Book

8. Adventure Time LEGO Ideas 

9. The Powerpuff Girls Blossom Pouch

10. Adventure Time “Let’s Always Be Stupid Forever!” T-Shirt


More Images of LEGO Dimensions Year 2

Altogether 16 new IPs will be integrated into the game with new story and battle modes. We still have to wait for designs of Powerpuff Girls, Bettlejuice, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Knight Rider. 

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LEGO Dimensions

A new wave of LEGO Dimension content has just been revealed and it features characters from the Ghostbusters reboot, Adventure Time, A-Team, Mission Impossible, and Harry Potter as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Gremlins, The Goonies, Teen Titans Go!, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knight Rider, The Powerpuff Girls, Beetlejuice and E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial.

Once again LEGO brings together a ton of awesome!