lego adventure time

Things to get for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

1. Be Mine Omelette Du Fromage T-Shirt

2. The Powerpuff Girls Tiara Trouble DVD 

3. Funko Steven Universe Pint Sized Heroes 

4. Steven Universe Mini Rockerz

5. Funko Steven Universe Mystery Minis

6. The Powerpuff Girls Fleece Throw Blanket

7. Adventure Time Crafts Book

8. Adventure Time LEGO Ideas 

9. The Powerpuff Girls Blossom Pouch

10. Adventure Time “Let’s Always Be Stupid Forever!” T-Shirt

@cartoonnetwork Huzzah for last minute entries! This is my entry to Cartoon Network’s fun little Adventure Time×Lego Batman Movie contest!( Lego Batman was amazing btw, please go see it!) Had alot of fun drawing in the styles of these two! Hope you like it!

This is the Cartoon Network Asia’s schedule this week (MON 11/20 TO SUN 11/26). 

Ben 10: Omnitricked premieres this Saturday at 10.00AM, being really close to the US premiere of the special this Wednesday. NEW Justice League Action on weekends and a new Justice League animated movie on Saturday at 2.00PM, with encores at 9.30PM.

~ ESTJ Animated Characters ~

This is my ideal Cartoon Network schedule this week (MON 10.16 TO SUN 10.22). Nothing much to change from last week, except with fresh slots of movies and the addition of JLA and Transformers on Fridays after the NEW NEW NEW NEW block to give them a chance to shine.

Billy & Mandy also return for Halloween vibes.