lego abstraction

Ilvermorny House Headcanons pt3

Here we go again!!! ;)

Horned Serpent: ASTRONOMY WOOT WOOT; conspiracy theories; couldn’t be impulsive to save their lives; gets anxiety remedies from Pukwudgies; aren’t capable of sugar coating; overthinking everything; robotics; can never calm their minds; lego building; stress balls; abstract paintings; finding meaning in everything; not always present in conversations; bubble wrap; sweaters; twiddling thumbs; old converse; the smell of sharpies

Wampus: TWISTER CHAMPS 2016; says “fight me” to inanimate objects; perfume; marker boards in the common room; has a secret house dog; leather jackets; dinosaurs because they kick butt; can’t always explain their reasoning for things; drowns waffles & pancakes in syrup; body glitter; pretty rocks; callused hands; they know that sometimes what’s right is against the rules; sunglasses indoors; specially made Pukwudgie energy drinks

Thunderbird: “YOLO” *they say as they go in for another cookie*; boots; daydreaming always; waterfalls; collecting little lost things they find outside; impulsive to a fault; follows instinct over anything else; flannels; messages on steamed mirrors; neon lights; nervous talkers; stickers; shiny things; act first, think later; no-maj video games in the common room; blushing all the time; nail polish; long socks; tree houses; swimming; the thrill of making memories

Pukwudgie: BIRD WATCHING CLUB; flower crowns; extensive knowledge of fun facts; honeysuckles; feminism; sandals; jean jackets; focusing on expelling stress; follows what they know in their heart is right; heart over mind; 70’s rock music; pastels; painted nails; the best advice givers; have a hard time following their own advice; knitting just because; what comes around goes around(they know that from experience); don’t need anyone’s approval, but makes everyone feel like they are listened to; loyal to a fault; the best friends you could ask for