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Somebody just got some new masks!!!! @cyber-hand‘s PHENOMENAL Mask of Time (pedastal) version is easily my favorite of the two, evoking a Glatorian “mouth” shaping with the g2 faceplate. His Mask of Fire is SO classic! It looks ten thousand times better on him than the original mask! I couldn’t be happier with these products, and look foward to buying more in the future!

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PzInf - III “Flamberg” by Sunder_59
Via Flickr:

3d-printed “legos” we made in lab today - the blue one was made using fused deposition molding, the clear one with stereolithography

both were printed in runs of five, print time for each run was about an hour (not bad, especially for the stereolithographer!)

(you can still see traces of the orange polymer we used to build the supports on the first one, and the second one needs some more uv exposure to completely set and stop being sticky… post-processing is a bitch.)

classwork can be cool, sometimes :)