AZR Anunnaki par David Collins
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Finally have my SHIP done and off my bucket list. It was a big love hate relationship getting this completed. My intention from the beginning was to build a ship that had a hanger bay with mechs in it. I’ve seen a lot of ships built over the years with hanger bays in them but it looked to me like frequently the hanger bay was an after thought and what goes in the hanger even more so. So I started with my smallest pieces and built up from there. Built mechs big enough to house a minifig, then built a hanger big enough to house 3 mechs, then built a ship big enough to house the hanger (which by the way increased in size 3 different times till i finally was satisfied with its proportions). This ended up being a lot bigger than i initially envisioned. It is 6 feet long, but i’ll include several specs below. Any ways i’m so glad this labor of love is done. I owe a big thanks to my wife and family for allowing me to spend way to much time on this project. Length: 225 Studs (6 feet) Height: 75 bricks (28 inches) Width: 50 studs (15.5 inches) Piece Count: Over 30,000 Pieces Build Time: 250+ Hours

More lego here.


Invader Zim returns in comic book form and now LEGO brick-built figures! With your vote, this could be made into an official LEGO set!

Click the link to go to LEGO Ideas and support the project. It’s free to create an account and support!

If Zim gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review the project and see if it would make a good LEGO set. If LEGO decides to sell it, they design the final product.

Please reblog and share on other social media sites! Sharing this project with others is the only way it will reach 10,000 supporters.

Here I am! Sorry for not being here the last days. I didn’t have my Laptop. Anyways.

New concept picture! My old drawing of Tox was out of date, so here I made it once again.
Notice this: no shading, no lighting, uniform colors, clear details and double sided.
I’m trying a different style to showcase characters and designs. So, now I have two styles; Full shading and effects but only one side and lack of specific colors for references, and this one. Keeping the weapons of course.

If I’m honest, I prefer this style, when it comes to showcase stuff. I like the back side in this, and it works better as a reference sheet overall.
I’m going to make all the UA supervillains this way, but which style would you prefer to see after that? Full picture or clear detail?

On a different note: Next Inferno Criminal will be Spy Clops, Kopaka is almost ready (I think you’ll really like it!) and I’ll start with Exo-Force! (Hitomi to be exact)
Tell me which villain would you like to see next! If no one votes, I think I’ll go for Electrolyzer.