Brothers Kevin Ulrich and Christopher Ulrich of creative studio Brotherhood Workshop condensed the 124 minute-long plot of Jurassic World. into an awesome 90-second animated LEGO video. While the runtime for “Jurassic World in 90 seconds” is short, over 200 hours of work went into this impressive piece of LEGO geekery:

Visit the Brotherhood Workshop YouTube channel to check out more of their LEGO videos. If you’re interested in supporting the creation of future project, check out the Brotherhood Workshop Patreon page.

[via Leg Godt, Laughing Squid, and Design Taxi]

I had this idea in my Pre-cal class this morning that the Ninja could use Zane as a giant sunbathing mirror. So… I had to draw it. I went from the idea of them lying on pool chairs, but changed it when I realized pool chairs are too wide for Zane to fit over five of them. He isn’t THAT tall. I changed it to a big beach towel, which made it to where I could fit all five of them under Zane. Oh yeah, also here’s a reference for Zane’s robot torso by the way. His pecs would need to come in multiple pieces, so that they can overlap each other and allow Zane to put his arms out in front of him

Yard sale haul! Got a whole mess of Roboriders parts for the low price of nothing. Y’see, originally I was just going to get Swamp (top right), who was mixed in with a box of assorted toys that the sellers had out for a dollar. Since it was just that, they weren’t going to charge me. Then one of the guys there asked me if I wanted the canister, so why not? But then after he comes back with them, he asks if I want some loose pieces too- hell yeah! But… to make a long story short, I ended up digging through a cardboard box filled with dirt, acorns, and Pokemon cards for all of these. They’re all clean now, of course. I also ended up not taking the canisters as they were SUPER dirty and didn’t seem worthwhile.

Not pictured is a Chima Speedor from a different sale, which isn’t really anything special BUT the guy who sold it has a lot of stuff he hasn’t gone through yet, and he’s gonna give me a call if he finds any more Lego.

Meet the LEGO Spectre.

In my LEGO World, he is the embodiment of prayer. He’s a creation of good intention, but ultimately is selfish and troublesome. He owns a piece of everyone’s soul, and he is the judge of fate for everyone in the LEGO World. His agenda is his own, but he answers to someone even more mysterious.