“The tale of the crimson queen is a tragic one; for the most part. As she was elected ruler after Lanudos’ banishment and after the old fort of Rhagard was first discovered, she reveived word of an ancient mask which had been sealed away in an ancient fortress to the east.
Taking a team of Toa Hagah with her, she soon discovered the mask; but unknowingly to her, it also became a plight on the island for the coming decades. As one of her followers donned the mask, the ancient spirit within only known as "Nuva” took control of his body and severly injured Lorani in the following battle. Ever since that day she was bound to life-preserving machines on her cold throne from which she reigned.
Only just before the Battle Of Rhagard could she finally be healed and restored, ending her suffering.

A revamp of a side character seen in my comic Elegy, who was first made in February 2013 for the BCBS building contest (See here). The character was ever since entered kind of unfinished as I could never quite figure out a way to make decent looking arms and legs for her custom body design. Apparently it only took me three years to finally figure it out.
The last image shows her as she appeared in the comic for comparison.


some dimensions drawings from yesterday and today, including the unikitty i posted yesterday

i’ve been devoting pages to characters, like some kind of log or something. i’m having fun tho so that’s nice


Alpha, The Renegade
Designation: ATU0001

Cloned from Arkus’ blood and placed in an alternate reality, Alpha was assigned the task of being the first of many fully-controllable, programmable, warriors. As a sort of prototype to the project, his creators had little to no control over his behavior. Deemed a failure, he was kept as a combatant for later clones, but would often destroy later clones in sparring matches. Imbued with the energy of the Nui-Stone, Alpha commands a form of red lightning, as well as an assortment of powers including: teleportation, increased speed and strength, shielding, and adaptability. Because of his aggression and habit of killing other clones he was scheduled to be terminated, but escaped to pursue a life of his own choice.


Lego Dimensions stuff was 50% off today at the Lego Store today so I picked up everything they had, or at least what I happened to be interested in. I don’t actually own Lego Dimensions yet and probably won’t for a bit but I’m glad to have picked up 75% of what I was looking to get from this series for a good deal. Not much left that I actually want from this series so I’m pretty happy!

But the big surprise was coming across the Neo Shodo series 1! My Hot Topic happens to have a really good import section so I just figured I’d stop by and check, and I’m glad I did! I was really into the original Shodo line and was very much looking forward to Neo Shodo coming out when it was initially announced. Despite my excitement, I had to cancel my orders when it finally came close to releasing because I was flying back to California to visit my family and I wouldn’t be in Japan to receive it. It was unexpected so I had already missed my chance to import it from HLJ or AmiAmi -.-. Enough time passed that I never came across them in Osaka when I did return so it just seemed like it wasn’t meant to be… especially since the mark ups for this line were astronomical as well. But here we are! 

As much as I love these, please don’t pay $30-$40 for any one of these. They are amazing figures at there intended price point but are not worth that much!