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what do you think happened with liams biological dad? do you think he was an abusive dickhead or he just walked out? i'd like to hear your take on it!

Anon, you are my kind of anon. Even though I’m supposed to be writing sterek.


(Disclaimer: I only watched season 4 once a year ago and so I may be remembering this wrong. DON’T CARE. THIS IS MY TRUTH.)

Okay, so let’s get this angst ball rolling and say that I 100% think that Liam’s biological father was an abusive dickhead. 100%!


  • Liam being so cocky about lacrosse in season 4. Of course, he’s cocky. If you’re loud and obnoxious and better than everyone, no one is going to look to closely at you. No one is going to notice if you take your time getting to class, walking slowly enough that you have a limp because they will assume it’s a strut, and if you randomly can’t come to a party or the movies- it’s not because your dad went crazy when you asked or you were afraid to leave your mom alone, it’s because you’re an asshole. And if there’s a bruise across your face but grin when asked about it, even teachers assume you’ve gotten in a fight. (see: logan echolls for a lot of this too)
  • Plus, he is good at lacrosse and it’s the one thing that makes his Dad happy, the one thing that he can do right for once and sometimes his Dad and his mom come to his games and they sit up there and look happy and he is good at lacrosse. He is. 
  • It’s when lacrosse season is over that it gets bad. His dad gets bored and Liam does things wrong and he can’t even blame his dad for getting frustrated sometimes. He is pretty stupid. He can’t do things right.
  • And he is angry. He’s angry all the time and the doctors had called it Intermittent Explosive Disorder but he’s angry all the time. At his dad because a part of him knows this is wrong, at his teachers because sometimes he wishes they would notice, at his friends who keep playfully jabbing in him the side and don’t realize that there is a bruise there, that that hurts, that he’s not messing around when he tells them to stop. 
  • Mostly, though, he’s mad at himself because he should be better and he should be able to hold onto his temper because he’s not his dad, he’s not but he can’t do anything and sometimes he sees red and even his old friends have started to hate him now and he can’t do anything about it.

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Let the prince show you how it’s done. [Wild Surskit used BubbleBeam!]

((Surskit is showing off again, the beach is now at dusk ATM ^^))

One of my dad’s friends called me today and asked if I would be willing to model some Nike items for him - like, legitmately model for him while he takes pictures and whatnot. Not sure if he’s being serious or if he just wants to see a girl walk around in a sports bra and spandex for an hour, but I think I should be worried.

For a lot of people, having something make money is the thing that legitimizes it. Maybe mainstream media legitimizes it to a certain point, but mainstream media plus actually making money is, “Oh, this is real.” For me, I was just trying to understand how these networks work.

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Do you think Mayim and Jim has ever been sexually involved with each other? Even just once? answer me with a yes or a no only, no further explanation

No. And this is my blog, I can give an explanation if I so please. Which are in the tags.

I legitmately know someone that hates Attack on Titan because it doesn’t have fanservice boobs or nothing to fap on like the gross of a person they are