Some people prefer to discuss their problems, while others do not. The fact that someone is wearing a smile does not always mean it is legitimate. Sometimes you have to look past a vibrant smile to see the pain hidden within another person’s eyes.

Imagine Woozi serenading you by singing your favorite song to help cheer you up when you’re feeling down because he know that it’ll make you feel better.

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Ok so, I'm an INTJ and I want to ruin the stupid emotionless stereotype with this ask. I laugh at stupid cat videos and awful internet memes. I cry when I'm overly stressed or things get to be too much. I get irritated easily but I still have fun and FEEL things. INTJs aren't robots, we just don't rely on feelings to make logical decisions. Now everyone who only believes the stereotype can go back to taking your shitty 16personalities tests and reading what supernatural character your type is.

INFJ admin: In other words, you’re human.

That’s the problem with MBTI sometimes, if you go too far with it it’s very de-humanizing and the types become more like fictional characters and archetypes rather than actual individual people with their own likes and needs and backgrounds.

You’d think the whole “INTJs are cold robots” thing would have died by now, god forbid if there’s actually still people in the community who legitimately think this lol. It’s kinda funny if it’s used as obvious satire but when people perpetuate it as fact you get a lot of people thinking they’re either 1. not actual INTJs because they laughed once or 2. Thinking they’re INTJs because they don’t show their feelings much (which may as easily be an Fi-dom)

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have you ever tried to become thin?

I’m sorry if I come across rude, because I don’t know whether you are legitimately trying to harass me or are honestly concerned. Either way, I don’t appreciate the question and I’m quite sick of them. I’ve:
~been on diets since I was 4 or 5 years old
~been to a weight loss camp where I was made to do rigorous exercises most of the day in the hot sun (I developed very bad skin blisters and heat stroke) while eating less than 500 calories a day
~been through multiple battles with eating disorders, particularly restrictive eating to the point of starvation, obsessive calorie counting, and habitual strenuous exercise routines (of course I still have these disorders, though I am managing them at the moment. My last relapse was a couple months ago where I was skipping most meals and only drinking one or two small protein shakes a day and I nearly ended up in hospital)
~have been forbidden by my psych from counting calories, using scales, skipping meals, etc. because of this
~used to hate my body to the point where I would break down into tears almost every night. That was when I was in elementary and middle school
~have used various “weight loss” medications inappropriately
~now have several chronic illnesses
~am still dealing with pressure from my parents daily about losing weight to the point my mental health is being very negatively affected (despite my having numerous talks with them over the subject and its affects on me)
~am still dealing with affects of bullying over my weight by people I trusted
So yes. I have “tried to become thin”. And in doing so, I have suffered more than you think. My focus right now is on health. I am trying to take mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health into equal consideration to create a balance for myself. If I get more questions like these, I might block the people sending them. Thanks.

Okay, so like what the absolute fuck possess’ a parent to call their child a fuck-up?

Like really though, why would you ever say that? Like you wouldn’t say it about someone else or their child. So, what gives you the right to call your own child a fuck-up?

I don’t care if your mad like you could just say ‘you fucked up *insert what they’re mad about*’. Legitimately, it fucking hurts, you just say 'you’re a fuck-up’ to hurt someone else. And if you say it you mean it, obviously.

Like just this morning, I couldn’t find my glasses because someone moved them and we are going on a 'road-trip’. I need my glasses because I’m practically blind so I was of course very upset about losing them. My dad got mad at me for not being able to find them and I’m already on the verge of tears when he goes, “Emma, this was supposed to be a good day, but you’ve turned it to shit, as always. You always do this when we’re going out. You fuck-up everything.” To which my mother said the same multiple times before and after that happened.

That’s why I’m writing this post because after hearing that your a fuck-up as much as I already do, on top of thinking you are, can make someone do something they regret.

In conclusion, if you call someone a fuck-up and they kill themselves/self-harm/ect. I believe it is your fault. Just like if you tell someone to kill themselves and they do it. You murdered them because you pushed them to do what they already were thinking about doing.


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okay yes tru he was a dick like 95% of the time but the backstory nora gave in the extra content made me see him in a…

ok i just reread the extra content on him- still eh. yes, it would have been interesting to see him cooperate, but i think he’d have still been an ass. he may not be a complete asshole, yes, he can do good things, but neither that nor the tragic backstory make up for the way he acts to me. in the books, he was portrayed as violent and homophobic and he was essentially just a roadblock to the foxes’ success - nora killed him off since 2006 so even she didn’t think he’d improve lmaooo

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Can you please link to the fics you are reading? :)

I’m actually following about 40, but the ones I’m legitimately reading right now are:

How do you solve a problem like Ginevra? by @drsallysparrow
She’s a darling, she’s a demon. *AU*  Tom/Ginny.

Obnoxious by @littlemulattokitten
Hermione makes the mistake of introducing her boyfriends to her best friend (and ex) from Uni. Draco’s twitching, Theo’s far too pleased with himself, Hermione’s counting candles, Blaise just wants to know more about Pavlov, and where’s their wine? Tetrad poly crack fic that was never meant to be taken seriously, but the characters had other plans. M mostly for Theo’s mouth.

And I’m behind, but it’s brilliant…

Left Hook, by @elicitillicit

Yes, that email is really from Paypal. And, yes, it's really malicious.
Cybercriminals have exploited a feature in PayPal that allows them to send phishing links and make it look like it's coming from PayPal.
By Stu Sjouwerman

Score another one for the bad guys, who have yet again demonstrated their seemingly inexhaustible ability to concoct new methods to exploit legitimate services in order to bypass existing anti-malware defenses and spam traps. Proofpoint researchers report in a special security advisory that malicious actors are delivering the Chthonic banking trojan (itself a variant of the infamous Zeus trojan) through the Paypal “money request” feature.

Using legitimate (and undoubtedly compromised) Paypal accounts, the bad guys are sending potential victims bogus phishing requests for money through Paypal. In addition to losing a few hundred bucks to imposters, potential victims may also fall victim to the Chthonic banking trojan if they click the embedded link in the email.

Making this again because xenophobes/racists some people like to use the geographical term for the Middle East as a stamp of ridicule when referring to the Balkans, because they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that the Balkans are European, just because there is a blend of western and eastern culture legitimately don’t know about the geographical makeup of Europe.

The Balkans is a region that includes countries on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast of Europe.

Balkan (Southeastern Europe):
Greece (Balkan+Mediterranean)

Technically Balkan:
Romania (Eastern European+Balkan)

Not Balkan, but relevant:

Hungary (Central European)
Cyprus (Mediterranean)
Turkey (Anatolian+Middle Eastern)

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When I see someone bashing on callouts, they often provide examples of them being made over dumb/ignorant reasons, or being outright lies. Perhaps those examples are all that they've have been exposed to, instead of the legitimately made ones?

It’s always possible. I mean, there are definitely poorly constructed callout posts out there and people who might make them on the basis of “I don’t like this person and this is why” and I by no means consider those legitimate callout posts. By all means the reality of things is most important and to that end if someone has the grounds and evidence to refute a poorly made post, then they should do it.

The sort of people I was referring to in that post aren’t them, just to clarify. I was moreso referring to the ones who denounce callout posts as objectively wrong without actually considering what someone was called out for, and without weighing those actions against the “drama” of exposing them. 
It’s definitely possible that someone might adopt that standpoint because they’ve only seen ignorantly made callouts, but I notice here in RP-land it’s the legitimate ones (the ones that expose abusers, thieves, racists, and other bigoted inclinations) that get around the most so I imagine it’ll get progressively harder and harder to not be exposed to a valid callout.

today i had to catch the bus with two people from my art class whose conversation was legitimately like  “mmm i love gucci at the moment, such great lad style…have you seen this vice documentary about british rave culture…film photography is really having a comeback…i watched this amazing documentary called foodinc…i wish banksy would suck my dick” etc etc

For those people on grindr whose profiles say things along the lines of “white only”, you’re not original. We’ve seen this before. Above bathrooms, on school doors, in buses. Its honestly just segregation of yourself and one of the last places I thought I’d have to witness it was in the LGBT community. A community that has fought for equality for so long. When I get on Grindr or any other dating app for that matter, I don’t get on there to feel like 3/5th a person or to re-experience segregation. And don’t you dare tell me it’s not racist. You are legitimately discriminating against a group of people based on their race. Like I literally don’t know how else to say it. Should I make a “That's Racist” power point? Should there be a Venn diagram of what is and isn’t racist? Do you need a list??