legiterally excited

So they released hints as to the backgrounds of the Deadly Six today. This new (speculative) information is legitimately not helping my half-hearted attempts at keeping all of my hype bottled. Also getting the possible suggestion that all the crazy ideas going into TUZ for shits-n-giggles may not be that far off the mark, which has sent me over the moon in fabulous nerd fashion. I am just eating this stuff up. Also, what obnoxious nerd finally got their preorder in? This obnoxious nerd. Never been more thrilled to take a trip to the mall.

Zazz is doing a pretty good impression of my current feelings, good for him.

Throwing together some quick promotional stuff for the Patreon banner. Getting unrealistically excited for the whole thing - trying to temper it since there is equal chance this will blow up in my face, but I have to admit the prospect of being able to put some real time towards my sprawling personal projects featuring fine ladies such as these has given me considerable jitters. (Just to reitterate from before, this is not a paywall Patreon - which you all will soon see!)