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Mtmte Brainstorm, Rodimus, Megatron, and Cygate where s/o human or cybertronian is dying from injuries sustained during a fight and s/o's last words are "don't let this hold you. Live. I love you."


Edit: legit tears were shed while writing this why did you make me do this


- Everything was a blur; no one knew just what exactly was going on. But there was a lot of gunfire and whizzing bullets.

- Brainstorm was trying so hard to get s/o out of there; apparently he wasn’t fast enough.

- S/o fell to the floor; hard and fast. He stopped and everything seemed to freeze.

- They were shot; repeatedly in the back. 

- He was panicking so much, he can’t stand to see this happen again.

- “N-No. No no no! Come on, stay with me! You’re going to be fine, come on get up!”

- “B-Brainstorm. We both know I won’t make it.”

- At this point, he could barely see through his tears. 

- “No….Y-You’ll be okay!”

- S/o could only shake their head and smile sadly, taking his helm into their hands so they could look at him properly.

- “Listen. You are smart, you are a-amazing…You can g-go on without me. I love you..Keep going…”

- And just like that, they died and he was left alone again. 

- He swore to himself he’d never let this happen again, no matter the means.

- Even if it meant never loving another being again..



- He wasn’t on the mission with s/o, so when he got the news they were dying, he was absolutely heart broken.

- He couldn’t believe it; he practically let this happen.

- When he arrived at medbay, everyone left. They knew he’d need to be alone with them.

- “I..W-What…What happened?”

- S/o looked at him, pained and weak. “Ambush..”

- Their voice was so soft and fragile; he was already beginning to cry.

- “I shouldn’t have let you go…I shouldn’t have let this happen….”

- S/o placed a hand on his cheekplate, smiling faintly.

- “Hey…You have a ship to run…You shouldn’t be sad.”

- He stared at them, his distress growing by the second.

- “Promise me you’ll keep going…Please..If I’m going to die, I want to know that my conjux isn’t going to live the rest of his life grieving..”

- He nodded, gripping their hand tightly as their eyes started to grow dull.

- “I love you..“ 

- "I love you too, Rodimus..”



- He should have protected them better. He should have paid attention. But he didn’t. And now he’s paying the price for his ignorance.

- He didn’t think that s/o would get caught up in the gunfight; but they did. And they  ended up taking a couple of bullets for him while the enemy ran off.

- Now here they were, laying sprawled in his servo while he knelt over them and silently sobbed.

- They were bleeding out too fast, and there was nothing that Megatron could do to stop it.

- “Hey…Don’t worry about me. You’re…You’re going to live centuries longer than me.  Enjoy it.”

- He was crying more. It was uncharacteristic of him, but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stand the thought of living without s/o.

- “I can’t…Not without you." 

- "Megatron…Don’t let this hold onto you. Live and enjoy the rest of your life….I..Love you..”

- They went limp, and he went silent. He knew he should follow through with their wish, but he still needed time to grieve.

- He allotted himself a month for grievance. After that month, he followed through with s/o’s wish. If he is going to live, he’s going to live for them.


Poly Cyclonus/Tailgate:

- Cyclonus was beyond pissed, while Tailgate was already depressed and grieving.

- They didn’t know exactly what happened, except that s/o was attacked and now they were dying.

- “Will you two…S-Stop freaking out for ten seconds.”

- They both apologized and cradled s/o, tears mixing onto their face and falling past them.

- “Just so you two dorks know…I love you..”

- “We love you too.” Cyclonus had to say it; Tailgate couldn’t stop crying.

- S/o grabbed each of their hands, squeezing them as they stared up, smiling painfully.

- “I love you two…So much….Please, don’t let this hold you back…You’ll still have eachother.”

- Tailgates cries were getting louder as he held s/o closer to himself and Cyclonus; Cyclonus quietly held the two as he silently cried.

- “Promise you won’t forget me..?”

- “Of course not!” Tailgate almost screamed, hugging s/o tightly as they began to go limp.

- S/o’s eyes never closed; they’d die with the image of their two beloved burned into their eyes.


‘cause we don’t know what we’re saying
we’re just swimmin’ ‘round in our glasses
and talkin’ out of our asses like we’re all gonna make it

stream made in the am

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Plot: Daryl leaves with Merle, leaving behind a brokenhearted Beth who wants him to come back to the prison. She has flashbacks of their time together and in the end, he comes back and apologizes for leaving. She forgives him, of course. 

Here it is, the video that legit had me in tears while making it! It’s filled with voiceovers, manips and a few other surprises. Check out my channel for more videos. Thanks guys! Enjoy.

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