legit swag


I promised “brevity and levity” in a follow up post, so here we go! For those who didn’t read the massive wall of text in the last post, I moved into a new apartment recently and the balcony situation is promising. I actually get some sun here! Scientific fact: Plants need sun to survive. Other scientific fact: Covered, north-facing balconies in the Pacific Northwest (such as the one at my previous apartment) do not receive much sun. AT ALL.

The first order of business after getting truly moved in was to find some cool balcony swag and plant some things. I’ve got several plants growing on the balcony at the moment, but the star attractions are a dwarf rose bush and a couple of tomato plants. They’ll each get their own follow-up post, so I won’t elaborate on them too much now. They’re both new, though, and I’ll be interested to see how both plants do in pots.

I also have a painted chameleon that matches my tile table. This is not gardening related, but it is swag related. LEGIT. 

Stay tuned!


There is legit only one word to describe Kisame…


He’s legit swag in everything he is, and everything he does. And poor babby’s backstory is sad. His question and search for true loyalty all throughout his existence in the series was so sad I spent most Kisame episodes either laughing because swag game too strong, or clutching my chest in a desperate attempt to hold my breaking heart from outside my thoracic cavity.

Also, I like the way he speaks. Everything he says (in the Japanese dub version) sounds perverted. It’s not what he says, it’s how he says it. He could be talking about some new form of sashimi and make it sound like it belongs in the shameshame territory.

Another reason why I love him, doesnt even need words, man.

…for reals.


OK, I’m done.

As for drawing this guy, I will admit, the blue skin thing was…new…but yolo, he’s a fishy babu. I WAS going to draw Hidan, but for some reason I had selective artist’s block or something bc he just wouldnt turn out legit. So meh, KISAME. And this was in the waiting room of a tyre replacement shop drinking watery hot chocolate, safe to say I am quite proud of myself.

But next, I’ll either draw Hidan or Zetsu (TT____TT)

Saving Itachi for the last bc sister want’s her bae to be perfect.