legit smiling so big this is so cute



My heart was racing as we neared her in line. I’m a huge Jensen/Dean fan, so of course I follow their family closely, and it didn’t take long for me to adore Danneel. I’d heard nothing but good things from those that’d met her, and I was excited to see what she was like for myself.

I approach her with a (probably) shit-eating grin on my face. “Hiiii, Danneel!!”

“Heeyyy,” she said brightly. I stepped toward her timidly.

“Can I have a hug?” I ask.

“Sure!” she smiles, opening her arms. Oh my goodness she was so tiny but gave the best hug.

I step back. “I just want to say, on behalf of all women, PLEASE start a fashion blog,” I grin. She looks flattered. “I follow your social media and you always look so cute! I’d just love to hear where you get your stuff.”

“Aw, thank you,” she says, still looking flattered. “Sometimes I come downstairs and Jensen and Gino see what I’m wearing and go, ‘Uhhh, no’.” She laughs.

“What??” I demand in disbelief. “Girl, you do you. You always look on point. I’ve been dying to ask where you get those headbands you wear, I have a big forehead so I need those in my life.”

“What? You look so good, your hair looks so pretty,” she says, and I melt a little inside, because Misha had told me that morning that I have pretty hair; and even if it was just for a moment, I felt like I had my life together. Gino chooses that moment to cut in for a second and compliment my sweater (which is furry), and Danneel agrees.

“Aw, thank you!” I gush.

“Sure! And honestly I just kind of get stuff everywhere,” she continues to answer my question. “I shop at old-fashioned stores a lot.”

“Like thrift shops and stuff?”

She nods. “Yeah, and I buy wayyy too many shoes. Half of my shirts and stuff have holes in them but whatever.”

I smile so big. She is so relatable and chill it’s ridiculous. “Who cares if they have holes? As long as you feel cute, that’s what matters.”

I turn toward my friend who’d been holding my camera waiting on me to shut my big mouth 😂 We take a few pics, when they both compliment my “legit” camera (Sony alpha) and I continue walking down the table toward the end where Gino was.

I ask if they’d brought any FBB sweatshirts or hats, they say that no, unfortunately they only brought tees because of how expensive shipping was. They mentioned some ungodly amount and I whistled.

“Well I ordered a t shirt as soon as they were posted,” I tell them. “Do y’all know when they’d be coming in? At the bottom of the page it said they’d ship on the 30th.”

“Oh, yeah, they should definitely ship out by then,” Danneel says. She makes a stinky face. “But I cant tell you exactly when it’ll come in. The platform we’ve been using for online orders has been, uh, giving us some issues. Safe to say we won’t be using that platform much longer.”

I thanked them and told them it was amazing to meet them. They returned it.

Danneel is so laid back and sassy and I love her; I can see now how her and Jensen get along so well, and why he calls her his best friend; she’s so super easy to talk to.

It was a good weekend❤️

I went to see B.A.P and was front row!

And that shit was lit!

Bang is my bias but he like avoided eye contact with me (mostly) until hitouch and photo op I’m gonna make a video about it bcuz literally I died.

But anyway during the concert Zelo gave MAD fan service to me and stared so hard. Zelo gave me the most attention and DAE stared so hard I think my friend got in on video I waved at him and he waved back and gave me a heart.

I got some of it on video:

The girls next to me were freaking out cuz Zelo kept giving me hearts, he literally did it right to me.

Here’s Zelo shooting me hearts a few times lol :

 And again!:

I literally died and he smiled so hard 😭😍ugh I was like you’re not even my bias but damnnnnnn. Also in the beginning of the video when he’s drinking water he’s totally laughing at me cuz I was telling him to take off his jacket 😂 🔥.Anyway so I’m salty af cuz I got nothing from bang until the hitouch.

But let me talk about photo op first, this is where I nearly went to be with the lord Okay anyways Yongguk legit like would avoid eye contact with me during the concert, Except for that one last minute moment  when he came to our section waving at the fans, he looked in my camera!:

And Daehyun was also looking:

Me and my friend got separated cuz I had hitouch and photo but I was with another black girl Devon who I made friends with SHE LITERALLY SAW EVERYTHING so I have a witness. lol hitouch was like so quick u blink it was over and I saw they were literally only hi fiving people so I was bummed.

Zelo was first I don’t even remember what happened, but bang was next and instead of hi fiving, girl he held my hand legit for like 5 seconds and I told him he was my type and he smiled so BIG and my friend next to me said he was so busy still staring at me while I walked away her time got cut short! 😂😂😂 the only other person I remember was dae I told him he was cute and he thanked me and held my hand. I was still with my black girlfriend Devon and luckily when they numbered us off we were 1 and 2. So Idk if you’ve seen the pics powerhouse has posted but the girls were legit standing in FRONT of the boys leaving space for Jesus… I did not. I bee lined right to bang I didn’t even look at anyone us so it was blatantly obvious I was there for him I got right on him like my body was on his leg and then I was like fuck I’m covering him so I turned around and asked him if I was too tall He looked at me and said no you’re fine then moved NEXT to me so we were side by side and put HIS ARM AROUND ME. I honestly think I mentally blacked out. Lol anyway they were taking forever to take our pic(luckily) so I look at him and go you are so cute and he smiles his gummy smile and thanks me and says you too or so are you tbh I ain’t gonna lie I don’t remember cuz I was BLACKED out. When we were done I held his hand and my friend said he stared after me as I walked away. So to conclude Bang Yongguk is my future husband he just don’t know yet 😂😂😂😂

They took 3 pictures of my group and they freaking put the picture up where u CANT SEE BANGS HAND AROUND ME! I’m gonna sue lol But here’s the group photo:


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RFA+V+Saeran catching MC talking to themselves~ I actually do it a lot ^^"


  • at first he’s just
  • ?
  • who is in the room
  • who is it MC is talking to
  • are they using their phone??
  • after watching for a while he gives up and just asks
  • MC is a bit flustered about being caught just talking to themselves, but when Yoosung receives an explanation he’s just like
    • oh so that’s what that was! ok, cool!I”


  • at first she too tries to find what MC is talking too
  • she does realize that there’s. nobody there pretty quick and goes to the logical realization
  • she giggles and asks MC is they’re feeling tired, mostly because whenever she talks to herself it’s because she’s either very tired or overworked
  • MC goes a bit red as they explain that… nope it’s just. a normal thing.
  • she isn’t too shocked, just a bit curious and still offers MC some coffee or tea anyways


  • honestly MC has walked into this man practicing lines in some weird ass places so he has no right to judge
  • he just walks into the room, and hears MC having a pretty serious conversation
  • with themselves
  • he just shrugs it off, because he also has a tendency to pep-talk himself out loud before doing important stuff
  • he brings it up later at dinner and MC is a bit shook like. they didn’t notice him at all and had no idea he even knew they talked to themselves but he knows


  • do you know the thing where people sound like smartasses but they really don’t mean to
  • because this is literally what happens with this man
  • when he asks MC what they’re doing, they explain that it’s pretty usual for them to talk to themselves out loud or in their head, even though it’s usually out-loud and he taps his chin 
  • starts going like “ah, I read in a book once that people who talk to themselves are more intelligent” and talks a whole bunch
  • honestly it’s actually interesting so MC tunes in to listen because he’s clearly interested and has no malicious intent on talking about MC’s habit


  • when he was younger, he had the same habit; usually because talking to himself made it feel like there was someone other than him and saeran to talk to
  • he outgrew it due to his work, where letting his train of thought be known out loud was pretty dangerous
  • so when he sees MC chattering to themselves, he can’t help but smile a bit as he walks up to them
  • he pokes them on the cheek from behind, effectively startling them
  • he just tells MC that’s really cute and leaves it at that, but he leaves the room with a smile


  • he also talks to himself
  • it’s usually when he’s alone, so he doesn’t feel so lonely and can keep his mind occupied
  • so when he sees MC talking to themselves he just
  • sorta doesn’t even register that’s not usual?
  • he just walks by and keeps going
  • like it’s super casual for him really no big deal


  • at first he’s confused
  • like he legit does not know if MC is talking to the phone? did someone break in? did MC invite guests? 
  • he can’t see how is he supposed to know
  • but he doesn’t hear anyone talking, and MC is talking a bit to casually for a phone call, so…?
  • he decides to not listen- because maybe it is a guest or something and he’d just be eavesdropping- and ask MC later
  • when MC tells him they were just talking to themselves, he’s just like oh. that makes so much more sense actually

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Please the jikook selca today is too much, im still staring at it, even ppl who don't ship them are talking about how it looks like they are boyfriends!! Call me dramatic but the way Jungkook is smiling is just so different, he looks so in love and happy and he's so close he's practically nuzzling Jimin's hair and the emojis Jimin put??? It looks like he's showing off how cute they are together, it's the softest photo I've seen all year, there's just an air around it, their body language too 😩


like,,,,, i can’t believe how boyfriendy this is????????

Final Fantasy XV - Cuddling

Prompto’s boots echoed loudly as he walked into Noctis’ apartment. He’d been given a key, but he’d still knocked three times, only entering upon receiving no confirmation that the apartment’s lethargic inhabitant was still alive.

“Noct!” he called, finally managing to undo the knots he’d tied to keep his slightly-too-small feet in his shoes. 

Again, he was met with silence. Laughing under his breath, the gunner quickly stole through the mess to the bedroom, wherein he found the owner submerged in layer, upon layer, of blankets.

Shaking the soft pile, Prompto called out again, “Noct. Noctis. Wake up, or Iggy is going to kill us both.”

He would deny to his dying day the high shriek he let out when the blanket mountain moved, the boy under it finally gracing the residents of his Majesty’s bedroom, namely Prompto, with his presence.

“Mm. Prompto, shh.”

Having regained his composure, Prompto laughed again, reaching down to give his friend a harder shove. 

“Noct, you have to wake up. Ignis and Gladio are expecting us.”

This time, he is awarded by the opening of a single eye. Noctis had once told Prompto his eyes looked like the ocean on a sunny day, bright, beautiful blue. Prompto had always thought Noctis’ were akin to the surface of a lake in winter. His reminiscing must have been obvious, as Noctis took the opportunity to flip back his blanket cave and latch onto the blonde’s waist, dragging him under. Prompto definitely shrieks this time. 

Giggling as he’s enveloped in the warmth of the blankets and of Noctis, Prompto tries to protest, but his voice fails him when he catches those seemingly lucent eyes pinned on him. He tells himself not to, but his body settles into the comfort of his boyfriend’s arms almost instinctually. Boyfriend. Prompto still kind of can’t believe it, but Noctis is there to remind him of it as much as is humanly possible. 

Noctis, seeing the thoughts flitting across Prompto’s facial features presses a quick kiss to his forehead, before pulling the other boy tighter against him, yawning into his hair.

The laugh that leaves Prompto’s mouth sounds like sunshine.

“Hey there, Sleeping Beauty.”

Noctis scoffs, “Excuse you, I’m Prince Charming.”

“That is a lie, and you know it.”

Noctis only doesn’t push him off the bed because he’s way too tired and he kind of is really in love with him. Feeling the silence set upon them, Noctis is suddenly uncomfortable. He likes silence, but he also has too much of it. He shakes the boy in his arms slightly.

“Prom, talk.”

Bottle glass eyes look at him, surprised, but his lips turn up at the corners and that’s more than enough for Noctis. So Prompto talks and talks and talks, Noctis listening to every word, because every second with this blonde angel should be treasured. At one point, Prompto stops, but the apartment no longer feels silent, and Noctis is too distracted by the freckles that dust the gunner’s cheeks. 

Prompto tugs his lip into his mouth, about to apologize for talking too much when his mouth is occupied, instead, by Noctis’ own. Eventually, they pull away for air, and Noctis’ mouth curves in a sleepy smile.

“Hey. Nerd.”

Prompto pouts.

“I love you.”

Prompto chokes on his own saliva, turning to Noctis in near disbelief. He’s crying before he realizes it, and Noctis sits up fast as lightning, cradling his face and asking what’s wrong, those beautiful wintry eyes worried.

Sniffling, Prompto replies, “Nothing’s wrong, you big dork, I’m happy. I…I never thought I’d hear someone say that about me.”

His voice is soft and shaky, but full of a trust that makes Noctis’ heart clench. Who couldn’t love this sweet, sweet boy? 

The prince leans down, pressing kisses against freckled cheeks and puffy red eyes until Prompto is laughing, “That tickles, Noct!”

Noctis’ eyes open, only to see Prompto’s taking on a mischevious glint, before he’s pushed off the bed. Groaning, he lays on the floor, shooting a look of betrayal to the face that is now cackling at him from above. 

Sobering, Prompto speaks, cheeks still red from laughter, “You really should get ready, Iggy will have my fucking head if you don’t.”

“I do like your head.”

Noctis receives a peace sign and a grin for that.

“…but not more than my bed.”

The noise Prompto makes is not human, and the gunner proceeds to scowl, flipping over on Noctis’ bed, and most tragically, curling all the blankets around him in some sort of nest-like method. Climbing back up, Noctis gives an experimental tug, sighing when the blankets won’t yield. 

“You did push me off the bed.”

Prompto seems to consider this and, deciding they’re even, allows Noctis to bury under the blankets to cuddle him once more.

A few moments of silence pass, before, “Iggy is going to kill us.”


A sigh.

“You’re already asleep aren’t you, you big baby.”


More silence.

“Hey Noct?”


“I love you too.”

Prompto feels Noctis’ smile on his neck.

author’s note - finally got ffxv, and these two are so cute!! also i haven’t slept properly in two days, i may have switched tenses like eight times, and there’s no real plot other than cuddling and prompto being the literal sun. not the happiest with this, but i felt like writing, so it’ll do for now. enjoy! (also there’s a rain storm going on outside and it’s pretty cool, so it kind of set the sleepy mood)

Woke ASF

Hey Boo!🌸 Let me start my stating that your blog truly is one of the best out there, If someone wants to argue this fact just drop y’all locations and we can talk😂😂. I am not sure how these raggedy, edgeless hoes think there is something wrong with creating a space where black women can literally be themselves and be a family. ALL TEA NO SHADE🐸☕️.
Anyways lol I did not come here to acknowledge their foolish ways but bruh I got a story that I believe Kmusic Fam will enjoy.

So recently Florida had a bitch ass visit from Hurricane Irma (her hoe ass, literally FUCKED shit up but thankfully I am okay) . Myself and my lil sister stay in a red zone so we had to evacuate the place, so we decided to pass the hurricane at a shelter (which was an elementary school)with three of our girlfriends (we are all Haitian women, shoutouts to my Zoes lol). ANTI ways. The shelter was PACKED and we had people from across the globe there, dead ass hella languages were being spoken even Lingala. We waited in line for literally a whole entire lifetime.So when we finally get our classroom (Our home for the next 2 nights). Out classroom was also connected to another classroom ( with a bathroom in the middle) and the classroom next to us was full of Korean people (mostly guys lol). To be honest I wasn’t checking if they were cute or not cause a bish was STRESSED WITH IRMA RAGGEDY ASS😔😒 plus physicality isn’t that much of a big deal for me since I’m looking to find out if your holistically yourself (as in mind, soul, and body) #hippystatus🌸🍃
My classroom had about likes good 13 people in there I met some really cool people and most of us were young.
So as the hours go by our classroom became super lit because we started playing games and we black folks was having hella fun lol but the crazy thing was the Korean Boys legit kept coming through our classroom’s entrance in order to get to their rooms and they literally did this like 6 times bruh (mind You there is legit a whole door that directly gets them to their respective area😅) there was even this moment where two of them came to our classroom “to wash their hands” (both classrooms had sinks so…🙃) so while they were there waiting their turn they were staring at us and whispering MAD LOUD about us (they said something like I really wanna join them and when they got caught they started smiling so big 😜 it was so cute (I was like bruh just SPEAK🗣🗣😒). But here comes the COOLEST PART OF THE STORY YALL 😂😂
So I love to read, I’m legit always reading a book, so as I’m in my classroom chilling one of the boys come over to our side again(😅) but this time he walked up to me and sat next to me on the kids table I was seating at lol he smiled at me real big and asked me: “ Are you in my class as well because I’m reading that book too”. I forgot to mention the book I’m reading is Sister Citizen: shame, stereotypes, and black women in America by Melissa V. Harris- Perry (it’s a must read). I look at him and I say: “Lol no I’m reading this for fun what class are you taking?” Then this boy says: “I am taking a class called Black Women in Society” so you know I had to ask why was he taking the class. This boy says: “ Well a lot of my Korean guy friends always wanted to know more about black women because we believe that they are beautiful inside and out but they aren’t a lot of you guys in Korea and I wanted to know more about what it meant to be a black women so I decided to take a class about you guys and because I also wanted to meet some black girls” bruh I was laughing so hard and then we started talking about how Asians and black people have a lot in common and he wishes he can see more black women in Korea and he also expressed his annoyance for the cultural appropriation going on in Kmusic world bruh that man was passionate, like dead ass he was so annoyed and I appreciated that he peeped the different perspectives and his English was PERFECT !

Long story short y’all Idols or not them boys outchere ready to embrace they beautiful Queens👑 So don’t be shy lol I mean not all people are going to like you and that’s fine but don’t let that stop you from making that first move my loves. I know this story MAD long and it’s not about love or a fine ASS men but I hope y’all enjoyed it lol.

Hopefully I’ll meet you GUISE at our first real life cookout! 💕 stay bless Queens🌸🍃

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mmm I'm high key crushin on this guy in my drama class & I'm hoping he likes me back ofc like we were practicing lines together the other day- our characters are foils + HATE each other- but we were smiling at each other it was so nice,, (luckily tho we're serious when we've been running the legit scene) also we have almost the same shoes but his are all black & mine are rainbow it's kinda cute omg im so glad to be achillean

Hey… that’s gaaayy
Omg I know it’s been weeks but I hope y'all get together 💕

-Mod Big

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Ofc 15 year old JK is has develop a big fat crush on jimin if he acts so lovingly towards like legit I remember when I was 15 and if someone acted like how jimin was towards jungkook I would definitely catch feelings

i’m not saying jungkook’s been in love with jimin since they first met but that’s exactly what i’m saying. like, he was always so ?? shy ?? around him and it’s the cutest thing ever. like, just look at his cute little smile in the video?? he’s so soft for jimin?? and like,, i know my view is clouded bc i ship jikook. but if i were seeing that video for the first time with no context, i’d think they were boyfriends.

Astro Internet Friend AU

i couldn’t add gifs bc my computer is being a bitch so sorry :’) hopefully you all still enjoy ^-^ 


  • ok nerd
  • always makes dad jokes
  • “how are you doing today, jinwoo?”
  • “i know it’s cheesy, but i feel grate.”
  • then he laughs at his own joke for ten minutes
  • and it’s a MESS when mj ends up plopping down beside jinjin and making his own jokes
  • it’s a legit fuckin joke battle

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Alert: Park Jimin is perfect the way he is

If you’re one of those people going “I miss his abs” or “i prefer his body during Danger era” fucking stop and take a really good look at yourself in the mirror.

Why? Because he’s hot? He’s Jimin, he’s hot just being him because he’s a gorgeous human being and if the only thing you think of to say when you think of “Jimin” is “abs” just leave. Be gone, because you’re not a fan of Jimin, you’re a fan of his muscles which has absolutely NOTHING to do with him whatsoever.

Sure, you can love his abs, there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t go “i miss his abs” or “i loved the way he looked during Danger era” because, you know what? You’re part of the problem, the reason why Jimin has image/weight issues. As ARMY, as Jimin stans, you have heard about how fucking hard he worked for those abs because he knows the fans like it! And he thinks that’s the only reason he’s liked! It’s not! As fans, we haven’t helped his image issues in the least, and I feel disgusted at that.

And personally, I prefer his “chocolate abs melted” because he looks so HEALTHY and HAPPY right now! He looks like he’s actually starting to like the way he looks and whatever the hell is prompting this change in him, I hope he gets more of it because seeing Jimin happy is what matters to me!

During Danger era he was skinny and underweight. What part of this: 

Looks at all nice and healthy to you? Tell me, I mean seriously, how does he look good, healthy, in those pictures compared to this:

He’s thicker. Sure. His muscles aren’t as defined. Sure. And he looks healthy. He looks amazing. Jimin has always struggled with his weight, or don’t you remember that? Why would you force Jimin onto this pedestal about how he SHOULD look? Sure, his body is great, yeah yeah…but it’s not even on my list of reasons as to why I love him!

His eyes, the way they sparkle when he’s really happy. He can’t hide his emotions, he’s an open book! If anyone thinks differently, go ahead, fight me on it, but he’s an open fucking book, and you can easily find examples of when he’s uncomfortable, legit happy, or hurt. It’s not hard!

His smile, how big it gets and how narrow his eyes go when he’s smiling so hugely. His cute, bright laugh and the way he reacts with his whole body when he finds something funny.

His OBVIOUS passion for dance, the way you can see and FEEL how much he loves it when you watch him–just like you can see and FEEL his love for Bangtan, and for ARMYs.

If you only care about what he looks like… go away, because he doesn’t need those sorts of “ARMYs”, no idol does. Stop focusing so much on the visual. These idols are real people too, you know. And sometimes, I think fans do more harm than good.

TRB VIP+ Experience

Ok so it’s been almost 2 days since I saw/met bangtan and I wanted to write about it so I don’t completely forget about everything. -I put links in the text so yall can see what I was talking about. :) 

Anyway, so I get to the venue around 4ish and it was so hot, my friends got me a jimin photocards and at that time it didn’t feel real. Subkulture decided to let us in early and I managed to get in soon.

 I didn’t get to my seat until 6:30, and when I realized how close I was I freaked the fuck out I was like 2 feet away from the stage and there was NO barricade, like there usually is at most concerts so I could literally just walk up to the stage and touch it. 

The opening intro began and then they came out and it was so amazing like they were so unreal?????? 

Jimin- My ultimate bias, he was so much taller than I imagined, and his skin was so flawless and he was barely sweating unlike Tae and Yoongi. His voice was so rough during WABP but really soft during Let Me Know, his high note left me DEAD. He was such a tease and his aegyo was really cute. During Attack on Bangtan, they all had the go pro and recorded me and the girls around me because we were SUPER close, like literally on the stage. When it was quiet I would scream out for him and he would just laugh and smile shyly. His thighs are also really big and his abs looked so soft and smooth. Honestly I don’t know how I managed to stay alive while he was infront of me. 

Namjoon- So let me tell you Namjoon gets LIT on stage, he’s so slanky and tall lmao and his dancing is so strange. He kept jumping up and down and during cypher pt 3 he was just going everywhere. At one point his boxers were showing for a good 10 seconds and all he said was “oops sorry”, if I remember correctly they were Calvin Klein lol he kept thanking us and said Texas was really hot. His english was also very nice. 

Yoongi- Yoongi was the one who worried me the most because the entire show he looked extremely exhausted. When there was chairs he would be the only one sitting down and closing his eyes for a few moments and I felt really bad. He did aegyo which was really cute. He was really turnt during Cypher pt 3, when the song played, the entire venue was SHAKING. His skin is so pale and smooth and he looked really small when sitting down. He also hit every word in his raps and every move in his dance it was amazing. When he spoke english he said something about him never forgetting Dallas and asking us to never forget him.

Hoseok-  Dear god Hoseok… He had by far the BEST fanservice. He kept interacting with us and laughing at the girls infront of me because they were dancing to everything. The entire time he was smiling and being cute. His raps were the best and he sounds even better live. He threw water at my section during Cypher Pt 3, it was amazing I felt like I was getting baptized lmao  

Taehyung- He was right infront of me at was WAY more attractive in real life. He used his tongue a lot and kept being rudeeee. He also sweats a lot. He would smile when we would call out for him, and he kept calling us cowgirls lmao his english was so cute. He also looked very tired but still hit every dance move. HIS VOICE IS AMAZING LIVE AND SUPER DEEP. 

Seokjin- He went up so many spots on my bias list because he was super nice and so good looking. He looked perfect and his singing is so much better than the recordings. He also laughed at us so many times and interacted with us a lot. The girls infront of me had a blowup mic and he took it and sang with it and returned it right back. His smile is so adorable and his lips are so plump. He left their towel on stage and this girl handed me it so I ended up getting it. 

Jungkook- Jungle crocs was my #7 in my bts bias list but now he’s my bias wrecker. He was super tall and kept checking out the fans lmao he has a really cute eye smile and his voice was angelic. I don’t remember much from him but his dancing was legit. 

HITOUCH WAS BY FAR MY FAVORITE PART. So the line went Tae, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok. When I walked in there I put my phone in the pocket of my shirt and began recording it, the security guards didn’t notice but I was SO scared of getting caught. I saw Tae and he was so smiley and jumpy, he only slapped my hand but I felt how big they were lmao Then Yoongi smiled and he looked really tired, he had the softest hands too. Jungkook bowed and gave me this smile I will never forget omg and he was soooo tall. Jin gave me a really big smile and shook my hand, he said thank you. Then Jimin, omfg, I was so nervous and you could hear it in my voice. He was so handsome and his skin was GLOWING. I held his hand in both of mine and they were so small, there was still room in my hands, like that’s how small they were. We made eye contact the entire time and I told him I loved him and he said ‘thank you, i love you too’ and then my mind went blank. Namjoon looked like he was high or something lmao he gave me a soft handshake and said thank you with closed eyes and slightly bowed. Then Hoseok, he was smiling from ear to ear, and said thank you and then I tripped infront of him and he said “Oh no”. My friend behind me said he completely skipped her because he was worried I had fallen down so he kept looking at me, I was super embarrassed afterwards but at the same time I couldn’t believe what had happened. After hi-touch I tried waiting for them but I had to leave and I was super tired. 

Some links to songs I recorded: Just One Day, Tomorrow, War Of Hormones

Here’s the link to my hi-touch video that I managed to record

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I seriously can't get over kookie's smile when jimin ran to bow again with them! He even smiled before turning to Jimin, the love in his eyes and his huge smile really made my heart warm. I don't even care what they are now because whatever bond they share is just so beautiful ❤️

he looked so cute when he turned towards jimin. his smile was so big and it was just :))) so cute like i love them.  like, i could legit just see the love shooting out of his eyes as he looked at jimin and smiled at him all soft like.

GazettE Meet and Greet San Francisco may 1st (2016)

Ok so I’m gonna tell you guy about my “meeting the band” experience.

First off, there were no boxes at the venue to give the members gift so my little something something that I wanted to give Ruki I was afraid was gonna go to waste. But then my friend convinced me to just give it to him in person. But that comes later…

First up was Aoi right off the back. My heart couldn’t take it. He was so beautiful and he grabbed both my hand with his warm soft hands and told me “thank you.” Which I said back to him. Then it was on to Reita. He took the jack of his costume off because it was super hot in there. His voice was really love and beautiful when he shock my hands and said thank you. Wow Reita you surprised me with how good you look in person. Then my bias Ruki. He was so cute during the whole concert, and now I had to give him my present. He had his sleeves rolled up so you could see the tattoos on both his arms. He also grabbed both of my hands and said thank you. He’s such a little baby, so adorable. So, then I quickly grabbed out my present, which was a small angel made out of Orangina cardboard. So I pulled it out and held it out to him and he quickly snatched it out of my hand like a child getting a present would. God he’s so cute. At first I think he was kinda confused on what it was but then he said, “Ah! Orangina!” Best. Moment. Ever. I tired so hard not to fan girl that Ruki liked my present. Then he nudged Reita and Kai like, “look at my gift!” Then it was over to Kai. Good god that man’s smile. The dimples are legit. Such a cutie. He also said thank you in English. Lastly was Uruha. He seemed so genuine and kinda. His hands were big and soft. All I could do was smile and say thank you. I didn’t want to leave them, but of course dreams can last forever. Ok so glad I got the chance to meet them it was truly a night I’ll never forget!

anonymous asked:

I wonder if the heart eyes are even more obvious in real life than in pics 😂 cause it’s ridiculously cute just in pics

i wouldn’t doubt it. his entire face when he looks at jimin just shows his emotions? like, his eyes scrunch up and i can legit see the adoration pouring from them. His smile becomes so soft and big. and it’s jsut so cute. i wouldn’t doubt if his hearteyes were magnified irl