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sicphy  asked:

I want to know more about you!


Please enjoy these facts about me:

  • In one year’s time I will have completed my undergrad degree and will go on to study astrophysics
  • Science has changed my perspective on life
  • I am dissatisfied with the direction Doctor Who is taking
  • I’m applying for a Rhodes Scholarship
  • If you make me pancakes I will likely marry you
  • I am currently listening to this adorable song
  • Sometimes I am intimidated by this blog’s inbox
  • I watched Beasts of the Southern Wild yesterday thinking it was going to be a cute happy movie and was WRONG
  • I think Brian Cox has an excellent face
  • I spent an entire night the other week researching how to become an astronaut
  • I generally dislike cats in real life
  • I spend a lot more time writing YA fantasy/sci fi novels than I do writing science
  • My favourite planet is Venus because it’s like Earth’s evil twin