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Damsel In Distress

Summary: You wake up one morning with a dragon telling you to leave his castle. But once he finds out that you can’t find a prince you like, he makes it his mission to find you one.

Pairing: Dragon!DeanxPrincess!reader

Rating: pg

Warnings: language, creepy princes, death (rather abrupt)

Word count: 1600+

A/N: Legit dragon!Dean has to be my favorite Dean right now.

Eternity squad: @mrswhozeewhatsis @vintagevalentinexx @spnashley@beriala @busybee612  @jinhead314 @kittenofdoomage@aprofoundbondwithdean (and @mrsgabrieltrickster as a guest star)

You drum your fingers on the window seal, huffing as yet another prince tries to climb up the tower. He slides down, holding a finger up to you. He has to be fifty. Grey hair. Not even close to being your type.  

“I don’t need help,” you yell down at him, making him pause. “I’m…I’m ok up here. I have food and water and a mirror.”

“But what will you do without a man?” he yells back, sounding sincerely curious. You gape your mouth, rolling your eyes and stepping away from the window. “Fair maiden?”

You lay in bed, closing your eyes and praying that princes would stop coming.


You frown as you feel heat near your face, crinkling your nose and opening your eyes. Just as you do, a spoon is shoved in your mouth. You scream and scurry back on your bed. Golden eyes; embers building in his throat. A dragon. Why is there a dragon in your room?

“Mornin’,” he says. Shrugging, he shovels a spoonful of rice into his mouth. “You’re right. This is gross.”

“Don’t kill me!” You squeak. He stares down at the bowl, biting his lip.

“Needs salt. Pepper. Seasonings, why the hell didn’t I season it?” he grumbles. You watch as he walks to your cooking pot. He opens a cabinet you didn’t even know you had, taking an assortment of jars down and seasoning his rice. Leaning down, the dragon blows a small breath of fire on the pot, making the rice steam. He grabs a second bowl and fills it, sinking back next to you and stirring it with a spoon. “Open,” he says. You frown, opening your mouth and allowing him to feed you. “Good?”

“Uh..yeah..thanks,” you say, shifting in your place. He tries some for himself, smiling at the bowl.

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oscucalciu  asked:

Ok so I haven't even seen Voltron but i check the klance tag from time to time bc they're cute and I stumbled upon DBCB and OH MY GOD SWEET JESUS WHAT A RIDE I legit read it in one night and then reread it the next day because I loved it so much and I've been listening to nothing but Ricky Martin for 3 days I think you broke me. ANYWAY thank you so much for existing and for writing and for all the fluff and I hope you have the best day ever <33!!!!!

My favorite part of this whole message is that you haven’t even seen Voltron lmao bro, wyd. Get on it. You will either have no regrets or so many regrets. I am guilty of browsing tags for the aesthetic of a pairing but I have not committed to reading fic. You are a better person than me and I’m so happy that you enjoyed your ride through DBCB lol I wish a wonderful day to the sweetest human alive! (that’s you btw)