legit not functioning

anonymous asked:

Just my 2 cents but I dont think the whole story on i4c is that she's being edgy for attention. She seems like she legit struggles with social functioning, boundaries, and obsessive thoughts. She seems lonely, like she made the blog bc she wanted to know if anyone else here thinks "strangely" like her. I think some tcc'ers mentally go to the same taboo places she does, but would never publically admit to it, and try to rein themselves in. She strikes me as clueless/selfish but not malicious.

No, I wouldn’t describe their behavior as malicious but instead it’s cheeky.  It’s one thing to be lonely teen trying to connect with others of like mind in exploring more “taboo” fantasies but it’s another for them to continue dishing up worse, more graphic content solely in response to people who’ve already indicated quite vocally that they took offense and felt it particularly disrespectful in her graphically dragging the victims into her little game.  At that point, it borders on manipulative, ambitious attention seeking.  If she’s clueless and struggling and and really just wanting to connect with people - that’s one thing -  but continuing the cheapening and degradation of anything and everything about Columbine isn’t working for her or the majority of the audience she’s managed to grab the negative attention of.  She needs to know when to stop, step back and switch gears. Hopefully she’s doing just that now after the crash and burn of blog 2.