legit look up to her


Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.


“Listen son, marry the girl who loves you else you will be hanged all your life. Marrying the girl whom you love but she doesn’t love you back, it’s like taking in poison. You could become a dog from a man for her and she’d still say, ‘you didn’t wag your tail yesterday.’ You could buy the entire world and put it at her feet and she’ll just roll her eyes in disdain and say, ‘idiot, wasting all this money for me.’ This is the story of after a girl becomes a wife. That’s why son, marry the girl who loves you. She’s the one who’ll make you a home. Anyone else will just give you hell.’

OKAY SO my parents + cousin and I went to a restaurant and as soon as we sat at a table this super cute server comes to take our order. at this point I’m already freaking out cause my brain sees a pretty girl and just goes !!!! and my family is all like “you speak ten languages you order for us” and I’m like HAHAHA OKAY I can totally talk to a cute girl while playing it cool ofc.

it turns out that the girl can’t speak any language besides Hungarian, at which point I try to flirt by using my famous technique that I call “repeating things 5 times slowly in 2 languages while pointing at the menu as she tries to guess what we want.” which works tbh, we get our (non pineapple) pizzas and all and as I’m about to pay, I tip her nicely (cause I’m weak, whatever, she deserved it after me struggling to explain shit 4 times) AND SHE FREAKING SMILES AND THANKS ME IN CROATIAN AND THEN FUCKING WINKS AT ME AND I TURN INTO A FUCKING GIGGLING MESS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

totally worth it tho 10/10 would embarrass myself again if the end result is the same.

did he legit look her up and down!!!!!????

First off he Blined it to her when he saw her! Second, he slid in behind her put his hand on her shoulder said something (partially naughty I hope) in her her ear and looked her up and down from behind and his eyes stayed glued on her ass for a minute there!!!!!

Am I blind or????

Also that little chit chat at the end where Z laughed is super fucking cute! :)