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Requested. (Also I don’t write smut)

He’s performing tonight.

So is she. He just doesn’t know that.

“I hate that you can’t come tonight.” He says grabbing his backpack.

“I know, but you have to work and so do I. But I’m gonna watch it on youtube and on TV, actaully I’m DVR ing it.” She says sitting on the back of her calves, her knees digging into the bed.


“You’re not allowed to watch it.” She points at him.

“I know.” He nods.

“You’re not allowed to open your eyes during the performance.” She continues.

“I know.”

“I’m being serious Shawn.”

“I know you are.”

“I’m so proud of you but, it makes me a little uncomfortable.” She confesses.

“Stop.” He wraps his arms around her waist, tackling her to the bed. “But maybe I should see if I can sneak a goody bag, or steal you one of the outfits.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“Seriously.” He says looking into her eyes. “I don’t wanna see them, I wanna see you.” He says brushing his thumb over her bottom lip.


“Promise.” He nods, stealing a quick kiss. He gets up, standing to grab his guitar. She sits up again.

“I swear Shawn, if you look at one of them.”

“I am not gonna look at any of the Angels, you’re the only Angel I look at .”

She rolls her eyes and he kisses her again, leaving for soundcheck.

He’s performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show, but so is she.

He doesn’t know that she’s one of the new Angels. She just so happens to be walking during his performance.


“Are you ready?” Andrew asks Shawn as he’s putting his in ears in.

“I just wish Y/n was here, she wasn’t quite comfortable with me performing tonight, if she was here I would just sing to her.”

“I’ve been told you I can give you a hint.” Andrew says handing him his guitar.

“A hint?”

“Yeah, she’s here.”

“Where?” He asks, eyes going wide.

“That’s what I can’t tell you. All I can say is she’s closer than you think.”

“Thanks.” Shawn smiles, knowing that means shes front row.

He walks out on stage, smiling and waving at the screaming crowd. The music starts and he walks out to look at the front row, locking eyes with every person he can, trying to find his favorite pair of eyes.

The models start walking and he doesn’t look, not wanting too. He’s watching their feet so he knows where their at.

He notices a familiar tattoo on an ankle. It’s an initial, the SM, Y/n has on her ankle. She got it when they were on tour, a game of truth or dare became legit.

He looks up, meeting her eyes. She smirks at him, continuing her walk. She’s in a black lace bra with matching panties, thigh high black heels, with the black wings. Her hair is teased and all crazy, make up done up.

He stops singing, in all his years in the business he has never once stopped singing on stage. But when he sees her, he’s at a loss for words.

He just stands there, staring at her in awe. He’s being yelled at through his in ears to continue, but he is so lost in her that he doesn’t even know how to move anymore.

She walks back to where she came, smirking at him, trying to keep it cool so she doesn’t lose her job.

Once she’s off stage he knows how to breathe again, and continues with the song.

He rushes off stage, once the song is finished and pushes past the crew looking for her. He can’t find her anywhere, but he bumps into Andrew.

“Where?” Is all he can get out, out of breath. Andrew points to a door and Shawn see’s her name on the door. He doesn’t even knock he just barges in. She’s waiting in her chair, smirking at him.

“What the fuck?” He says closing her door and locking it.

“Shawn, I told you not to look at any of the angels.”

“Don’t fuck with me Y/n, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Good surprise huh?”

“Jesus, I forgot how to breathe.”

“I have to go out again.” She says standing up.

“Really?” He asks excitedly.

“Don’t be too excited Mendes, like I said you don’t get to watch.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” He grins, taking her into his arms.

“I have to get ready Shawn.”

“You can kiss me first.” He says leaning in. He kisses her, biting her lip.

“Stop.” She pushes him away. “I can’t have swollen lips.”

“Fuck you’re killing me.”

“I can tell.” She grins, feeling something hard on her thigh.

“You can’t, you can’t walk out in the fucking Victoria Secret fashion show and not expect me to get turned on.”

“I have to walk one more time, and then I’m all yours.”

“Fuckkkk.” He groans, throwing his head back.

“You gonna stay while I change, or wait for when I walk to see what I wear?”

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to watch.” He smirks.

“Me, you can watch me.” She points at him.

“I’ll take it.” He says, pecking her lips again. “I’ll see you out there.” He says.

He walks out of her dressing room, meeting Geoff in the hall.


“Best surprise I’ve ever had.” He says shaking his head.

He goes out to his spot in the crowd, eyes glued to his phone, respecting her wishes of him not looking at anyone else.

“She’s on.” Andrew says and Shawn’s head snaps up. He shoves Andrew’s face to the side so he can’t see and he ogles at his girl.

She’s in red now, same outfit, just red.

He can’t breathe. She walks, hips swaying, body shining. She walks to the edge, meeting his gaze, winking at him.

He’s done.

Gone for.

“Jesus Christ.” He mumbles as she turns to walk back. Now he’s got the perfect view of her ass, and how good it looks in that fucking thong.

He’s up out of his seat, rushing to her room.

He’s catching her before she can enter the room. She giggles as he’s picking her up.

“Shawn I can’t leave in this, can you imagine the tabloids.” She says, “Let me put clothes on and then we can leave.”

“Fine.” He huffs. “Hurry.” He growls into her ear.

She does as told, throwing one of his grey shirts on and then her blue jeans.

“God you look so fucking sexy in everything.” He growls walking her to the exit. She’s tucked into his side, as he tries to get her through the paparazzi.

Their in a car, back seat, driving back to his place. His lips are on her neck, and shes sighing as he pulls her closer.


She’s giggling as he’s pushing her up against the door to his apartment. Their lips are attached to each other, and he’s attempting to unlock the door with one hand as he’s holding her with the other.

He can’t get the door open and he’s getting frustrated.

“Shawn.” She giggles, pulling away. “Just unlock the door, when we aren’t kissing.”

“But I don’t want to stop kissing.” He says reattaching their lips.

She’s inhaling, sucking on his bottom lip. He’s groaning pushing himself closer to her. She can feel his growing member, and moans out.

“God damn, that was fucking sexy.” He breathes against her lips.

“Unlock the door Shawn.” She demands.

He unlocks the door, pushing her inside. He’s slamming the door shut, locking it. The second he’s turned around he’s picking her up, her wrapping her legs around his waist.

He’s taking her to the bedroom, ridding of her clothes. He groans as he sees that she’s still in the red outfit she wore on stage.

“You kill me.” He says throwing her on the bed. He crawls on top of her, kissing every where he can……….


The sun peaking in the window wakes her. She breathes in sharply turning, looking at his bare back. His back muscles move with every breath he takes, and she smiles at the small red lines, she left there last night.

She remembers the events that occurred last night and she blushes at the thought.

She starts to get up slowly, planning to make some breakfast, but an arm wraps around her waist and she’s pulled back into his chest.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Kitchen, to make breakfast.”

“Nahh, I think you’re gonna stay right here.” He grins, kissing the back of her neck.

“Good morning.” She sighs.

“MMmm” He hums against her skin. “Morning.”

He’s grinning, and pulls her a little closer.

“I’m not leaving you at all today.” He says kissing her neck to her collarbone.


“Got anymore of those bras?” He smirks against her.

“I do actually.”

“Fucking christ.” He groans. “I was joking.”

“I’m not.”

*Imagine him staring at you like he is in that picture*


Hey guys! I just got my copy of the Danny Phantom: Complete Series DVD in the mail today, which means I’ll be able to get some better quality screenshots to use for this blog~

To celebrate, here’s some lovely shots of my girl Sam in her signature prom look~ 💜


#i’m sorry #what was that?? #i can’t hear you over the sound of their eye fucking

can you believe how fiercely renee walker cares about jean moreau? can you imagine how jean felt to receive a call from her, telling him she was going to get him out of there, and she actually showed up like a legit angel and jean looked at her like she was the Light™ and she Set Him Free® (sublimal the get down context)? and renee looked at him, quietly thinking to herself, i love this boy with all my heart and nobody is going to hurt him ever again

basically they are in love like so in love


this…isn’t even every inquisitor i’ve made…and nearly a third of them have romanced/will romance Dorian omg


Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

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I love this prompt theme♥ #14 and #15 with taserhawk (maybe and/or #5 with lucky?)

Pairing:  Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis
Word Count: 1184
Prompt:  #15 “No time to explain, but could you pretend to be my S.O when my ex arrives?”

The knocking was increasing in frequency as she moved towards the door.  It was almost frantic-sounding.  

“Coming, I’m coming!” she called, drying off her hands on her jeans and reaching for the doorknob.  

Darcy was unsurprised to see her neighbor, Clint, on the other side, hopping up and down like he had to pee or something. He didn’t, but it was fun to mess with him.  

“You need the bathroom?” she asked.  "Something’s wrong with yours?“ She knew exactly why he was there.  Bobbi must be coming over.

He scoffed. "No.  Darce…listen.  No time to explain, but Bobbi’s coming over. Could you…ya know…pretend to be my girlfriend again? I swear this is the last time.”

Each of the last two times had been the last time too, if she recalled correctly.  

She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.  "She is bound to know this is fake, Clint.  At some point, she’s going to realize.  Bobbi’s not stupid.“  

"So…act or something?”  He pressed his palms together in a pleading motion.  "Please, Darce?  Please?  I cannot stand for her to come over and to find me single and sad.  That’s a recipe for a fallback.  And I don’t want to fallback with Bobbi.  She’s great, but we’re much better when we’re not romantically involved.“

"So don’t fallback.”  

He poked out his bottom lip. Which was her kryptonite.  And he knew it.  

Damn Clint Barton and his chiseled good looks and kissable lips.  Damn him for being so adorable.  And damn her for being so easily manipulated by a man she had a crush on.  

A man she had a crush on and occasionally pretended to be involved with.  

She was a walking disaster.  

“Fine,” she acquiesced.  "You need more self control, though.“  

"Can we skip the lecture?”  

She arched an eyebrow.  "If you want me as your girlfriend, you’re getting the lecture.“  

"I guess I should have known that going in.”  

“Yeah, I guess you should have.”  She shut her door and walked down the hall with him to his place.  

Lucky bounded over to greet her, wagging his tail and practically jumping up and down.  At least this part looked legit.  Lucky loved her.

Even if Clint was the worst at being cool.  Like, no joke.  If you looked up the word ‘cool’ in the thesaurus, there was a picture of Clint under the antonyms.  

She knelt down to pet Lucky and scratch his ears.  "Is there a script or something?“ she asked.  "Do you want me to kiss you?”  

Clint paused right where he was, which just so happened to be in mid-sip of a soda from the fridge.  "Uh…I mean…I don’t want to force you into anything or whatever…"  

Darcy smirked.  "I’ll kiss you.  You’re pretty good at it.  Not the worst way to spend an afternoon.“  

She was in too deep.  She really hoped this was the last time.  Otherwise, she might actually start falling for the guy.  Harder than she already had.  

And she was through falling.  For once, she wanted to be on even footing.

He was still sputtering a little bit about her kissing commentary when the doorbell rang.  

Darcy stood up and made her way over to the arm of the couch.  Lucky followed and put his head in her lap.  She stroked him and waited.  

Bobbi was actually a really cool person, but Darcy wasn’t a fan of the person Clint turned into when he was around her. Or vice versa.  

They just weren’t right for each other.  And Darcy wasn’t really all that gung-ho to jump in and tell people how to run their lives or their relationships.  But she was willing to jump in the middle of those two.  They were both better off. 

Which was why she was okay with where she was.  Practically poised on the proverbial trampoline and ready to jump.  She’d done this twice before, after all.

And it had nothing to do with her growing crush.  

She’d held his hand, kissed his cheek, kissed his lips … she wasn’t lying about that part of it.  It was kind of her favorite.

Bobbi came in and Clint waved his arm to the side to allow her access to the room.  She was coming to pick up the very last of her stuff.  Finally.  It had only taken them nine months to split up completely.  If their break-up had been a fetus, it would be ready to be born right about now.  

Clint had her things all boxed up on the table right there by the door. Darcy was proud of him.  

Bobbi grinned at her.  "Heya, Darce.  How are you?”  

“Pretty good, how 'bout yourself?” she replied.  Or she would have if Clint hadn’t opened his big mouth.  

“Dating.  We’re still dating.  Darcy and I.  We're… still dating.”  

Bobbi’s eyebrows went up in surprise and then she smiled. “I figured, what with her being here and all…”  She laughed, leaning over to hug Darcy close.  "I always kind of thought…you know…"  She shrugged.  "There is something really special here … especially since you’re all he ever talks about when I see him.  Darcy this.  Darcy that…"  Bobbi leaned down to pat Lucky’s head and he leaned into the touch, but didn’t leave his post beside Darcy’s leg.  "I think it’s adorable. You guys are so cute together!“

She crossed over to pick up her box.  

Clint’s face had drained of all discernable color and the rest of the visit went kind of quickly.  Darcy didn’t even have a chance to enjoy a fake kiss with her fake boyfriend, because before she knew it, he was closing the door behind Bobbi after practically pushing her out of it.  

He turned back around and immediately stared at the floor.  

"I’m all you ever talk about, eh?” Darcy asked, totally meaning it as a light-hearted jab, but it came out so heavy that it fell flat as soon as she said it.  

He shook his head.  "I just…I needed something to talk about that wasn’t Lucky…or a TV show and…"  

“And you settled on me?”  

He nodded. “Cuz…you know…after TV and Lucky…that’s what I know the most about…which, I mean…would make sense.  Since you’re supposed to be my girlfriend and all…”  

“It goes Lucky, TV, then me, huh?”  

“Kinda started out as just…another way to prove to Bobbi that I was moving on…but I mean…I always thought you were… we always got along so well.  And … I mean, you’re gorgeous, Darce.  It kind of evolved from that into…”  

“Into what?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.  

He laughed, an awkward huff of sound.  "I’m…uh…kind of, sort of…in like with you.“  

"In like with me?”  

“It’s more than like.  Less than love…  but I mean, it could be love…maybe.  One day.  If it’s…reciprocated and if we don’t drive each other crazy.  And if it’s reciprocated…”  He looked up at her hopefully after repeating the most important bullet point.  

She couldn’t really hide the smile.  "It is, Clint.  It’s reciprocated.“  

As it turned out, she did get to kiss him after all.  

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do you have any favourite blogs??? like any kind of blogs!! (just curious skmfmd)

This got outta hand so quickly. But here was my overall answer:

I follow a lot of seventeen blogs. Like a lot. But I also follow a lot of people who are generally nice and who have cute tags because they help brighten up my day. I like art blogs and those calming aesthetic blogs because they make my dash prettier. And I follow my in-real-life friends like @leechansthighs and @verifiedspheniscidae and @vernaans no matter their content (although their blogs are all still A+ content and I’d probably follow them regardless). And I like @myetie so much that I played Mystic Messenger just to better understand what was going on in her artwork because her art is cute and funny and I stumbled upon it accidentally so I had to catch up. 

But to get specific? Hmmm, well, in no particlar order…. 

Of course I have my mutuals like @miiinghao @kimbapkidding @thatgirlcatt13 @jeonwonxwoo and @kw0njisol who I probably forgot to reply to like 3 billion years ago in chat but are still amazing and I love with my soul but am too nervous to say anything to because I know the only reason we’ve stopped talking is because I’m disorganized af. 

And then, well, @fyhoshi probably dominates my dashboard with HD Hoshi pics (not that I mind, really). Seriously, if you’re a Hoshi stan, follow them (you likely already are). You won’t regret it. In a very similar way, if you’re a Woozi stan, then you’ve gotta follow @woozioppa for all her constant updates and flooding of your dashboard. Just from following her, Woozi jumped like 5 spots on my bias list because of all the Woozi content.

@pristeen-23 is honestly such a good friend (used to write on her blog but not anymore,,, GIRL I’M STILL MOURNING). She’s friends with so many people because she’s a beautiful human being and deserves to be loved and rolled into a warm blanket and fed good food bye. 

OKAY so who hasn’t heard of @woozifi? Honestly, whether it’s for Tessa’s art or Tessa’s writing (CHECK OUT HER AO3), she excels in whatever she does. Talk about multitalented. Her commissions are open here

I like art blogs a lot!!! @bodtster was probably the first fan art blog I ever followed and I am lowkey,,, in love,,, with Annie and her work (her personal @sailorpeach is hella aesthetic if you also wanna check that out.) Her commissions are open right here.

@94wnd Graphics man, graphics. She’s the pop of colour on my dash that always makes me stop and go “ooOoOhh” because her graphics are so vibrant and pleasing. And her writing is great too! Definition of that one mom friend who always makes you feel like honey, starlight, and warm hugs on a Thursday afternoon. She makes me feel good about my angst and I love reading her tags okay. 

I frickin love memes and shitposts, and I recently discovered @amemericans [I know, I know, y’all are all like “where have you been?” and ur rite where have I been?]. They’ve got the best memes in the business. We have recently formed the idol group Clickb8,,, and are accepting all applications – so rhymes, limericks, and haikus thx. 

@incorrect7teen always makes me laugh with her incorrect quotes and love for DK,,, She’s really sweet and interactive too. Her little window into her daily life and thoughts is really so entertaining, and one can’t help but want to be friends ^^

@doyomi has some great incorrect NCT quotes, so if any NCTzens are floating around. @gwikimchi is her main blog but she has like a million blogs that I apparently don’t follow even though I know them by heart??? FRICK I’M THE DAMN WORST. ( @lordyoungho for kpop horoscopes and @sebooty-lyfe for writing). 

Choco from @choco-seventeen is such a sweetheart and her writing is stunning. Legit, her writing will probably make you want to cry. Heck, I have cried while reading her writing. And I will continue to cry because she always gets better and better and is always looking to improve and wow everything she does motivates me. 

Did you know that if you looked up talent in the dictionary you’ll get @hansolmates? Legit when I saw her writing for the first time I blanched. I wish man, I wish. Her timing is terrific, her fluff makes me melt, and her angst makes me jealous. I wish I had an ounce of her skill. 

Another art blog I follow is @cutiepatoodieart, who never fails to impress. Joey’s style is absolutely breathtaking and I love her art so so much. As well, she always says what’s on her mind without holding back, which I think is admirable. Her commissions are also very open right here.

@hoshbrownie is precious. Absolutely precious. Eva will talk to you and make you feel like you matter. She will think about you and tag you in things and I’m actually teary-eyed because she’s so precious and every not-so-anonymous anon (hoshbrownie i see u) I get from her makes me so happy. 

@svt-husbands THE WELL OILED AND FAST WORKING MACHINE. You guys know who they are, of course you do. Great quality writing at insane speeds, these guys are everything I want to be bye. I remember first talking to one of the admins @squishteen , and I was like ??? How do such interesting people exist ??? She’s amazing and writes on her main as well, go follow her. I more recently started talking to @jeongguktm, and can confirm that yes she is as adorable and kind as one might expect her to be. ALSO JUST REALIZED THAT I RECENTLY MISSED HER BIRTHDAY and tf is wrong with me, this isn’t how you make friends. Happy belated birthday sweets <33

Jackie from @tookorean lowkey intimidates me because everything she does turns to gold. She’s hard working and loves Woozi and if that’s not enough reason to follow then I don’t know what is. Sometimes translates, sometimes does this. Another multitalented goddess on our hands, this is getting overwhelming. 

@vitaminniedk just read her tags and you’ll understand why I follow her. She also has probably the best theme around? Vivienne is as much of a sunshine as her bias, and you’ve probably seen her gifs floating around

Gen from @wonnhao is a gif goddess that you are probably all aware of and her interactions are really cute too so of course I’m following her. Aren’t you? 

@wasabi-duck who is on an indefinite hiatus but you should still see her writing anyway. She was the sole person who attracted me to the bullet-point style that’s getting more and more popular around here these days. My friends and I would like read her stories out loud at lunch over sandwiches and I feel nostalgic just writing this. She’s also very kind and I like the stuff she reblogs on her main @clockwork-lullaby.

@mounteenbase is back from the dead so check her out! Lots of fun lil blurbs and bullet-point fics. Fluff master and a lowkey meme master. Very cute and easy to talk to, fun and interesting as one can see from her main blog @mounteenbase-main

@saythename17scenarios is graceful. Perhaps that’s not the right word but heaven knows my vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to describe how I feel about Kimbap Mom. Her writing is distinctive and tactful, and she often finds the greatest of beauty in the simplest of concepts. One day she might write a full length multi-part fic and I will be here eagerly awaiting each update because I’m trash for her. 

@moodboards-and-profiles flowers and unicorns and everything pure. When we first talked she was legit one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure that remains the same despite our lack of communication! Actually has some really cute moodboards (that she should tag because she can gain some major attention winkwinknudgenudgeshoveshove). 

Oh and recently I started following @askjournalismsvt and this is probably my favourite SVT Tumblr AU ever. Sam and Kei perfectly portray Seventeen as members of the “Diamond City University journalism department” and answer questions with the cutest of doodles ack. They’re also hilarious and I want to be this funny. 

And whilst writing this, @puppetwritings popped into my head even though I just followed her like now. She was the first fanfic account that I got into way before I actually made an account and since I didn’t have an account I would just check her Tumblr constantly and put her in my bookmarks. I got busy after a while and then made my account after another while, but I can’t believe I forgot to follow such a phenomenal writer.

Anyway thanks for the question love! This was fun to write up and reflect on :)


“Listen son, marry the girl who loves you else you will be hanged all your life. Marrying the girl whom you love but she doesn’t love you back, it’s like taking in poison. You could become a dog from a man for her and she’d still say, ‘you didn’t wag your tail yesterday.’ You could buy the entire world and put it at her feet and she’ll just roll her eyes in disdain and say, ‘idiot, wasting all this money for me.’ This is the story of after a girl becomes a wife. That’s why son, marry the girl who loves you. She’s the one who’ll make you a home. Anyone else will just give you hell.’

time for more opinions to bother the shit out of people! if you haven’t seen my first edition, check this shit out mate

aight, let’s start

  • Kawakami is only good for her abilities
  • Out of the older women to date, if you’re not dating Tae, you’re fucking up
  • Makoto is actually bland and boring. I mean, she’s passable, but we’ve had her SL story twice before (not saying it cause spoilers)
  • Chihaya’s country accent is the best thing about her
  • Futaba doesn’t need a boyfriend. She needs familial love and bonding from her friends, because her social problems were not her only problems. Having sex with this girl OR dating her AIN’T gonna solve ‘em, either
  • Akechi is not redeemable. Don’t give a shit what you say, he’s not.
  • Akechi/Akira is likewise, trash
  • Mishima actually needs to get hit in the face with 12 bricks
  • Caroline can catch these hands. Justine is the superior twin
  • Whims of Fate (Palace 6 theme) is the best Palace theme
  • Palace 3 is, in fact, the worst Palace in general (outside of 1st playthrough on Palace 1, since it was long af)
  • Palace 5 ain’t nowhere near as bad as ya’ll make it, and the airlock puzzle is easy af, get good
  • Mementos’ OST is the worst song in the game, and likewise, Mementos is the worst thing about Persona 5
  • Ann gets the best fanart (dead ass, go look up her tag)
  • Ohya is legit the FWB type, you fucking up if you date her
  • Yoshida is actually lit
  • Shinya is a great kid
  • Hifumi is kinda dull, but her abilities are god
  • Makoto’s normal Persona is better than her awakened one, and finally
  • Akechi is a fucking garbage husbando, get a better one (seriously there’s Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke, HELL even MISHIMA, and ya’ll want to take this fucking dumpster fire, aight bet)

eternalchocolatlobsterp  asked:

So like I'm in this weird middle ground grey zone where I'm not sure how I feel about terfs. On one hand I have trans friends whomst I adore and would die for, and I don't see why a woman would be excluded from feminism because she's not the right kind of woman. On the other hand you're a person with your own goals and experiences and aspirations. You have reasons for being a terf and you aren't evil. I'm not sure. How to feel. And it's difficult to express.

I don’t post now, just don’t want to - and just posting an answer to a question would be kinda off. but i really wanted to answer you.
basically no, we’re not evil. also no, we don’t wish death upon people - usually it’s us who get attacked. like, for real. and for what? - for “violent misgendering”, which is apparently the same thing as LITERALLY MURDERING TRANS FOLKS TERFS ARE KILLING MY FRIENDS - we don’t. even redkatherinee doesn’t. that was satire and people didn’t get it. and to be exact - she herself never threatened anyone or wished someone death, those are things that are told TO HER. won’t go in details, though, but if you’d want them - just ask.
we get compared to nazis - which is in its core incorrect. we don’t hate people for what they don’t choose - we don’t hate them for dysphoria, a lot of radfems suffer from it - but we believe transitioning just isn’t the way to fix it, moreover, it’s harmful to health, especially of children. what we say is - if you like like girls, if you like cars instead of dolls and pants instead of skirts - that doesn’t make you a boy. it literally means nothing at all, because gender roles are forced upon us like it is something necessary. the same goes for boys, who like dresses and dolls - they are not less of boys for that. we believe that the only difference is basically sex. nothing more. you can behave however you want - that doesn’t change your identity.
this means that transitioning is, in fact, a choice. quite harmful one (if you want facts, search for blogs of detransitioned people).
then again - if you don’t agree with that, we won’t go punch you or wish you to die. because this is violence and violence is not okay. but apparently it’s okay for trans people to go hunt us down. without any research on what we’re actually saying. and hey, this pattern is male. because we don’t see a lot of trans-men going full-on creepy and threatening on us.
so yeah, this is kinda why we don’t like interacting with them on practice.
the analogy i can give you is furries andtherkins. i don’t deny the feelings those people have, but they come to the wrong conclusions. being brave and liking doesn’t mean you’re a lion. being big, hairy and strong doesn’t make you a bear. the same with transgenderism - being “feminine” doesn’t make you a woman, if you’re a man.

the reason why we talk about it a lot nowadays is that apparently now you can’t reject someone post-op just because they’re trans and you’re not attracted to them sexually. which is homophobic. (this is just a quick review of the points, not to take a lot of time)
but they just go full insane with that whole “go choke on my girl dick” and “i’d rape a terf and murder her” (and this is LEGIT, just look it up). still, we’re the threatening ones for some reason. the reason is, i believe - they just want women to shut the fuck up with their protests and opinion. nothing new, though.

also censoring female anatomy is a thing again - last time i checked it was considered misogynistic. but somehow it’s okay if you’re a man who just wants to be oppressed real bad.

kinda like that. already forgetting where i was going with this whole thing. so yeah, not evil, a human being, just like everyone else. we see trans people as equal, especially in the field of human rights and all that. but the whole gender thing is oppressive. you can read more on that yourself, if you want to, sure. i’m really happy if this clears things up a bit for you. feel free to ask anything, i’m pretty sure my explanations may be very messy.

PS. I won’t start a conversation with anyone but the author of the question.
PPS. English isn’t my first language, so forgive me if there are any mistakes.