legit look up to her

can you believe how fiercely renee walker cares about jean moreau? can you imagine how jean felt to receive a call from her, telling him she was going to get him out of there, and she actually showed up like a legit angel and jean looked at her like she was the Light™ and she Set Him Free® (sublimal the get down context)? and renee looked at him, quietly thinking to herself, i love this boy with all my heart and nobody is going to hurt him ever again

basically they are in love like so in love


#i’m sorry #what was that?? #i can’t hear you over the sound of their eye fucking


Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

time for more opinions to bother the shit out of people! if you haven’t seen my first edition, check this shit out mate

aight, let’s start

  • Kawakami is only good for her abilities
  • Out of the older women to date, if you’re not dating Tae, you’re fucking up
  • Makoto is actually bland and boring. I mean, she’s passable, but we’ve had her SL story twice before (not saying it cause spoilers)
  • Chihaya’s country accent is the best thing about her
  • Futaba doesn’t need a boyfriend. She needs familial love and bonding from her friends, because her social problems were not her only problems. Having sex with this girl OR dating her AIN’T gonna solve ‘em, either
  • Akechi is not redeemable. Don’t give a shit what you say, he’s not.
  • Akechi/Akira is likewise, trash
  • Mishima actually needs to get hit in the face with 12 bricks
  • Caroline can catch these hands. Justine is the superior twin
  • Whims of Fate (Palace 6 theme) is the best Palace theme
  • Palace 3 is, in fact, the worst Palace in general (outside of 1st playthrough on Palace 1, since it was long af)
  • Palace 5 ain’t nowhere near as bad as ya’ll make it, and the airlock puzzle is easy af, get good
  • Mementos’ OST is the worst song in the game, and likewise, Mementos is the worst thing about Persona 5
  • Ann gets the best fanart (dead ass, go look up her tag)
  • Ohya is legit the FWB type, you fucking up if you date her
  • Yoshida is actually lit
  • Shinya is a great kid
  • Hifumi is kinda dull, but her abilities are god
  • Makoto’s normal Persona is better than her awakened one, and finally
  • Akechi is a fucking garbage husbando, get a better one (seriously there’s Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke, HELL even MISHIMA, and ya’ll want to take this fucking dumpster fire, aight bet)

“Listen son, marry the girl who loves you else you will be hanged all your life. Marrying the girl whom you love but she doesn’t love you back, it’s like taking in poison. You could become a dog from a man for her and she’d still say, ‘you didn’t wag your tail yesterday.’ You could buy the entire world and put it at her feet and she’ll just roll her eyes in disdain and say, ‘idiot, wasting all this money for me.’ This is the story of after a girl becomes a wife. That’s why son, marry the girl who loves you. She’s the one who’ll make you a home. Anyone else will just give you hell.’

OKAY SO my parents + cousin and I went to a restaurant and as soon as we sat at a table this super cute server comes to take our order. at this point I’m already freaking out cause my brain sees a pretty girl and just goes !!!! and my family is all like “you speak ten languages you order for us” and I’m like HAHAHA OKAY I can totally talk to a cute girl while playing it cool ofc.

it turns out that the girl can’t speak any language besides Hungarian, at which point I try to flirt by using my famous technique that I call “repeating things 5 times slowly in 2 languages while pointing at the menu as she tries to guess what we want.” which works tbh, we get our (non pineapple) pizzas and all and as I’m about to pay, I tip her nicely (cause I’m weak, whatever, she deserved it after me struggling to explain shit 4 times) AND SHE FREAKING SMILES AND THANKS ME IN CROATIAN AND THEN FUCKING WINKS AT ME AND I TURN INTO A FUCKING GIGGLING MESS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

totally worth it tho 10/10 would embarrass myself again if the end result is the same.

Who The Fuck Is Negan? [Part Three]

Alison studied his face, taking in every detail, as she thought about how much of an age difference there was between them. She wasn’t sure how big the gap was, but she was willing to bet it was over fifteen years.

She didn’t speak to him again until The Sanctuary was coming to view, wanting to express her concern while she knew she still had a chance. Who knew where she would be taken once they arrived.

“Would you force me to do something I don’t want to?” Her voice was hushed and she wondered if she needed to ask a little louder, until he laughed.

In a cheeky tone Negan made a comment about how he had just kidnapped her, and in turn she laughed at him.

“Negan, if I really didn’t want to go with you, I wouldn’t be here.”

She saw the confusion on his face, and then pure amusement when he glanced over and notice she had taken her gun out at some point and was pointing it right at him.

“Shit sunshine. I might a little scared if your gun wasn’t fucking pink.”

She went to kick him, only grazing his jacket. Damn her short legs. And of course her failed attempt just made him smirk and laugh yet again.

“Do you even know how to use that?” He pointed to the gun still pointed at him. “Sure you’re even old enough for it?”

“Fuck you. I’m older than you would think.” She cocked the gun, finger on the trigger. “And so what if it’s pink?” A smirk crossed her face now. “It could kill you the same as any other pistol.”

“I don’t think you have the fucking guts to do it.” He was parking the truck, her window for questioning was about to end, possibly.

“I don’t want to Negan.” Alison ignored as he seemed to shiver when she said his name.

“Answer my original question. And I’ll put my gun away.”

He turned to face her, frowning just slightly. He put a hand over his heart.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, if you tell me your name sunshine.”

“It’s Alison you dick.” She slide her gun back into her pocket and opened the door, getting out before he could say anything else.

When someone tried to take her things away, she broke their nose, and instead of getting in trouble, Negan only smiled and told everyone to leave her alone.

Before she knew it, Alison was in Negan’s room and he was giving her a very deadly smirk.

She’d just been pushed against the wall, her hands were in his hair, his on her hips, trying to hold her as close as he could, their kisses quick and sloppy. Someone knocked on the door.

“Fucking fuck.” He groaned against her lips. He leaned his head back but didn’t let go of her, knowing she could run from him at any moment.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I’m so sorry!” The man on the other side of the door rushed to apologize. “Your wives have been asking for you all night…”

As soon as she heard the word “wives” Alison was shoving Negan away, causing him to loose his balance and fall flat on his ass.

He looked at her and held up her hands. “Ali, please…” he legit looks scared.

“Wives! You have wives and you were trying to get with me? And don’t fucking call me Ali you dickhead. You don’t even know me.” She didn’t even notice she was crying, but Negan sure did and he was so confused.

“It’s just fucking sex Alison.” He went to touch her arm and she just jerked away and turned her back to him. “It’s not like it’s your first time. Chill the fuck out.”

She froze, saying nothing. He didn’t need to see the horrified look on her face to realize that it would have actually been her first time.

She waited for him to laugh and make fun of her, but the room was dead quite. When she felt his arms wrap around her waist, she wanted to fight but didn’t see a point it. Despite knowing better, she’d let herself be trapped behind enemy lines.

For awhile he just held her, and she leaned back into him.

“The room next door is empty, take it. Someone should be making rounds down the hall all night if you need anything.” He let her go and disappeared into a door, shutting it without even saying goodbye.

What the hell just happen?

For the first time in a year, Alison had troubling sleeping. She didn’t know Jacob watching over her every night had been such a comfort. Hopefully Alexandria was being good to him…

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(My cousin. She met a nice guy who proposed and all. He's pretty chill and we all aprove. She's due any day now. I legit forgot she was pregnant for a second so I look up at her and I'm like, "Bitch, you have no idea how close I was to offering you some of my beer." -Bucky)

Congrats on your new cousin coming soon :’) AND OMG THE BEER! I’m glad you remembered she’s pregnant! :D (one of my cousins did shots while she was pregnant!)

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Told you to be careful JD. Dont think she will get the ring but never underestimate some of these anons. Every time you do, MM shows up & its downhill from there. This fiasco needs to be over w/ already but she will be at ascot, im calling it. Shes a part time awful actress w/ too much time on her hands. & no i dont have insider info! but ascot will make her legit. Turning up at Wimbledon by herself makes her look pathetic (& ph doesnt watch tennis) Be prepared if I were you. I know i am.

I’m prepared,  one anon brought this up last night, she can go but she going to look pathetic there too. She won’t get close, they need to call it out now, it’s becoming painful to watch.

thanks anon

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YOO ok so I was at SDCC w/ some friends and near the end of the SS panel the squad members kinda stood up and help hands together to let the fans take pictures, and Jared legit went up to Margot and looked as if he whispered something to her, but then they both held hands and where standing together. I LITERALLY CANT EVEN RIGHT NOW, OMG ❤️❤️

They held hands?!? OMGGGG


I’m sure I didn’t ruin her, just made her more interesting

1. Froot - Marina and the Diamonds

Leave it too long I’ll go rot, like an apple you forgot (Apple)

2. Can’t Stand It - Never Shout Never

Everything you do is super fucking cute, and I can’t stand it (Raven)

3. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

Always gonna steal your thunder, watch me like a dark cloud. On the move collecting numbers, imma take your girl out. (Apple - to Dexter)

4. Strange Love - Halsey

They think I’m insane, they think my lover is strange, but I don’t have to fucking tell them anything (Raven)

5. World Is Mine - 【 Miku Tan】

If you get it now, kneel before me, take my hand say “my princess” (Apple)

6. Follow Me Down - The Pretty Reckless

Since I met you I’ve been crazy, since I’ve been with you I’ve been lost (Raven)

7. Jenny - Studio Killers

Jenny take my hand, ‘cause we are more than friends. I will follow you until the end. Jenny take my hand, I cannot pretend why I never like your new boyfriends (Apple)

8. Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face (Raven)

9. She’s My Man - Scissor Sisters

She’s my man, don’t be too sad sonny, ‘cause she’ll never be your woman no more (Apple - to Dexter again)

10. She Had The World - Panic! at the Disco

I’m sure I didn’t ruin her, just made her more interesting (Raven)
But who could love me? I am out of my mind. Throwing a line out to sea, to see if I can catch a dream (Apple)

Listen to it here!

did he legit look her up and down!!!!!????

First off he Blined it to her when he saw her! Second, he slid in behind her put his hand on her shoulder said something (partially naughty I hope) in her her ear and looked her up and down from behind and his eyes stayed glued on her ass for a minute there!!!!!

Am I blind or????

Also that little chit chat at the end where Z laughed is super fucking cute! :)