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My chapstick goes everywhere with me, and over time we’ve developed a very… close relationship…

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For years we’ve been joking about Sam always being in the middle of the never ending Dean/Cas tension and probably getting so sick and tired of his brother and their best friend still not finally TALKING ABOUT THEIR SHIT AND JUST GETTING TOGETHER ALREADY. 

But now we can add Mary to the mix, because by now she’s spent quite some time around Dean and Cas as well, and she has a pair of functioning eyes, so surely Sam and her have bonded (aka COMPLAINED, because wtf?!) over it at this point. 

So one morning over breakfast when it’s just her and Dean, Mary -on a mission to at last make this suffering end before someone accidentally gets killed by a stray arrow magically formed out of too much sexual tension or some shit- will go

“Knock knock.”

And, Dean, curious, humoring his mom, rolls his eyes but goes “Alright… who’s there?”


And yeah, that sounds legit, so Dean humors her again. “Mary who?”

“OH for the love of all things holy please MARRY Cas already because none of us can take it any longer goddamnit!”

Adventures In Babysitting
  • Harley: "Puddin'! We can't bring the baby this time. It's too dangerous and I don't want him to get hurt. Bats has been too tough on us lately..."
  • Joker: "And just what do you suppose we do with him then? It's not like I can drag Frost from his grave to babysit! Trust me, I've tried."
  • Harley: "I know what I'll do!"
  • *30 minutes later*
  • *staring at a baby carrier on her table*
  • Ivy: "So it turns out I'm stuck with you for the night. Annoy me and I won't hesitate to make you a good late night snack for my plants."