legit falling in love with this kid

Okay, but imagine

like, what if Hawk Moth didn’t become active until a couple years later? And if Adrien was denied the chance to go to public school?


  • Adrien, so sheltered and lacking the freedom that going to school and being Chat Noir gives him, eventually *GASP* rebels against his father.
  • Featuring Adrien, A Little Punk Shit Who Pretends to Be a Bad Boy (but he’s still so soft and smol on the inside like-). He quits modeling and does literally whatever he can to get his dad’s attention. And he gets a bajillion times the media attention because what’s even more interesting than our sweet, perfect, golden boy is an ex-sweet, perfect, golden boy that is now so flirtatious and always gets caught sneaking into places he shouldn’t and secretly wears eyeliner to look like Jagged Stone even though his perfect hair still makes him look like he belongs in One Direction just-

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every rwby villain ship


Do I Detect a Little Jealousy? Bill Skarsgård x K-Pop! Singer! Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can I request a imagine where the reader (Bill’s gf) is a famous K-pop singer in a boy group like the only girl and he comes to see their dance practice or just hang out with the group and he’s jealous of her being so close with the boys:) love ya

Warning: None

Note: So just a warning ahead of time I barely know anything about K-pop bands since I’m emo as fudge when it comes to my music (Linkin Park, Melanie Martinez, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Panic! at the Disco (which is apparently emo), and other ones I can’t think of at the moment.

But I know a little bit from one of my friends who is head over heels in LOVE with the Korean boyband BTS. Legit that’s ALL she talks about and it’s even worse than my clown addiction!

But anyways don’t judge me if I know like nothing about k-pop so…enjoy! XP!

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Bill shifted his eyes looking at the group of equally handsome guys dancing around HIS girl. You were part of a famous k-pop group that was highly well known as you being the queen and your group mates and the rest of your band being all guys.

The thing that was making Bill’s eye twitch was that you were the sole female surrounded by guys. He couldn’t deny they all were hot, but he couldn’t deny truthfully that he was a tiny bit jealous.

When you reached over to caress one of your members cheek that was when he felt a cold pain in his chest. Okay more than a little jealous. He couldn’t quite understand what you were saying but he knew from you telling him it was about a love triangle.

Bill felt his gut twist with anger and his veins nearly pop from his arm.

He was so angry glaring he didn’t realize that you guys decided to take a five minute break until you were repeatedly calling his name with concern, “Bill? Is something wrong?”

Bill snapped out of it and looked down at your twinkling innocent eyes.

“Nothings wrong.” Bill replied pulling you to his chest.

When he noticed the other guys glancing his way he leaned down and kissed you. You pushed him away, not that you didn’t love his kisses, but because you caught on what was going on.

“Bill are you jealous?” You chuckled.

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the perfect boyfriend au (nicky/ovi)

prepare for a ride into my 2am mind.

aka: the Caps hire escort Nicklas Backstrom to be newly out star player Alexander Ovechkin’s fake boyfriend.

Nicky is doing grad studies in criminal psychology and running low on scholarship funds. He could ask his parents, but they’ve given him enough already to help send him to school in america. And jobs for international students that need to work around a grad schedule are hard to find. (any internships in his field are unpaid, hard to get and very time consuming. If he does one, he gets to add experience to his resume, but will slowly starve himself with the inability to take up another job to earn food money.

As with any college student down on their luck he actually looks up how to become an escort(and a porn star, but honestly he doesn’t want to do anything where his mom could one day see evidence of his bad choices) and somehow unexpectedly ends up being invited to join a really fuckin high end company. There’s a shit ton of interpersonal training they put him through, but basically they hired him because he’s pretty, foreign (but speaks very good english), and pretty smart. Their clients are after more cultured company, not just hired dates/fucks.

This is where Ovi comes in. with all the shit going down in Russia, Ovi has been secretly applying for permanent residency/naturalisation in the US. He loves his country, but at the moment, it really doesn’t love people like him. Aka v. fuckin gay. And he’s so tired of hiding. And so fucking lonely. So basically when he gets approved, he tells caps pr he wants to come out. And they’re like- oh, okay, Ovi. We can do that.

So they do.

And it’s a fucking disaster.

Russia flips, but doesn’t know what to do, because Ovi is objectively their best player (in the sense of stats and propaganda the-motherland-is-awesome), but he’s also advertising a lifestyle frowned upon by the federation’s current government.

There’s a big hooha in the NHL with people trying to say Ovi shouldn’t have come out, without seemingly like the backwards bigoted assholes that they are. Some fans are boycotting while there’s also a surge of support for the gay Russian hockey player, subverting the stereotypes of masculinity and queer men in professional sports and it leads to some talk about other players maybe coming out from the underground queer hockey player network.


There are too many people hitting on Ovi. And every time he is seen with a guy in a bar or restaurant or even just having met for the first time in the rink, there ends up being shit tons of stories about Ovechkin’s playboy ways and how his inability to have a stable relationship was just proof that gays were bad or that he was a bad influence on young gay teens.

And it’s just taking away from the hockey. It’s starting to wear on the team, and Ovi, and they really want to get on a playoff run this year. And have it be all about the hockey, not about Ovi’s love life.

So pr is like ‘we’ll get you a boyfriend!’ and Ovi is all ‘i’ve tried! It doesn’t work! No one will date me!’ and pr is like ‘no, a fake one, an actor. We’ll hire someone to pretend so you look settled and respectable gay, and we can control the narrative!’ but hiring an actor is hard because if people know that they’re an actor, they’ll start speculating on the reality, especially with all the shit since Ovi’s coming out. Eventually they get desperate and start reaching out to escort agencies on the sly and that’s where Ovi gets his ‘boyfriend’; Swedish grad student Nicklas Backstrom, who loves hockey and kids and shitty procedural crime shows. Who has never worked for a client before, so the only ones who know he’s a fake are legit the company (who are really good about staying on the dl and shit) and caps management.

And it works.

Except that the idiots fall for each other.

So there will be complications, but no angst because fuck angst. 

And they end up happily ever after with the two spending summers travelling Europe and being dorks in love, and winters in Washington, playing hockey and curling up in bed together on Ovi’s nights off and reading massive scholarly texts and watching shitty cop shows together with Ovi smiling fondly at Nicky who spends the whole time snarkily judging everything the fake cops and csi’s do. And they’re also having lots of emotional athletic feelings sex.

I really hope at least Enid ends up blatantly bi or pan or lesbian. My four-year-old daughter loves her so much, like legit pretends to be Enid every day, and I’d LOVE for her to have a character she looks up to show that it’s 100% normal. Try as I can as a parent to let her know she can love anyone she chooses to as she grows, kids just soak in so much of what they see on TV and they need something other than the “girl falls for boy” scenarios. Representation is not only important for older kids, teens, and adults well on their way discovering their identity, but for the little kids who need it normalized so they can feel supported, and support their peers as they grow.

More texts for you

[Text] It went well until I started crying over a cute kitten

[Text] You’ve tainted my innocence

[Text] I’m so over him/her/them

[Text] This really isn’t the time to admit I love you is it?

[Text] Think I’m gonna be on national news eating french fries

[Text] Some kid just walked in the shop making chicken sounds

[Text] I never lie. I just don’t always tell the entire truth

[Text] I have never seen so many ducks

[Text] Tonight is going to be fun

[Text] Dogs?!

[Text] We were in the middle of sex and they asked what I was doing so I replied ‘disappointing my parents’ and basically I don’t think there’ll be a second date

[Text] Just seen a trash bag fall off a truck and I thought of you

[Text] I love the word axolotl

[Text] Some kid pointed at me so I punched them and their mother chased me so now I’m sat in a tree

Jaehyun- Return of Superman

Group: NCT- Jaehyun

Theme: Request- what it would be like if Jaehyun were on Return of Superman

Type: bullet-style scenario- fluff

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anonymous asked:

Okay but like I think what gets me the most about antis using the brother line to shout incest at shippers even when they acknowledge they might not be related isn't really, like... The usage of the word so much, just cause yeah incest is traditionally about blood-related characters and people, but I feel like it could extend to idk foster and adoptive family and such?? At the very least it's a grey area. But regardless it's just... 1/?

The lack of awareness that Sh!ro/Ke!th are probably with foster siblings or related by blood (fanon =/= canon thing) but also the fact that m/f (or implied/explicitly straight) relationships in media who have this “familial bond to lovers” trope going on never seem to get this treatment??? Like K@t@ang and Edw!n didn’t are p popular on this sight, hell E/d was p much W!nry’s foster brother, but people love it??? 2/?

And not only that, but recently I read this manga that I really loved but didn’t expect romance in at all. Why??? Cause the theme up to a certain point had been overly familial, with (romantic) love being this triggering topic for mc. And even a character who mc either saw as a surrogate mother or an older sister was like “oh I’m not worried. I doubt he’d fall back and start feeling romantic love (towards a younger sister)”. 4/? (I think, might have lost count, on mobile)


Legit do y'all remember fucking twilight like all those damn vampire kids were all foster brothers and sisters and they were all fucking one another and nobody rlly batted an eye at that being a thing bc it was all het yet Keith says once ‘you’re like a brother to me’ and everyone’s straight up ‘incest!!! they’re brothers!!!!’ like who would say 'you’re like a brother to me’ to their actual brother they’d be like ya that’s bc I am your brother you complete spoon I mean I don’t have any siblings but that deadass would be weird as shit to say to your actual brother



(High School Musical AU, based off this scene)

anyway, what better way to celebrate that voiced PV and that the kids are legit teenagers now than with a HSM AU because like. Popular jock boy with heart of gold meets super awk+insecure genius nerd and forges an unlikely but beautiful bff bond while falling in love? Oh I’m sorry were we talking about troy & gabriella or taishiro

The entire summary of Zexal
  • Astral: *conveniently shows up* Hello I have no fucking idea whats going on and I don't even remember who I fucking am or what I'm doing here but I know how to card game so I'm gonna help you
  • Yuma: fuck no
  • Astral: Yuma do the thing
  • Yuma: I'm not gonna do the thing
  • Astral: Fine then don't do it
  • Astral: Numbers have my memories so help me find them
  • Yuma: Okay
  • Kaito: *flies in* My little brother is sick so I'm gonna take your fucking numbers now
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal*
  • Kaito: well shit
  • Haruto: *blows shit up*
  • Black Mist: remember your mission, Astral
  • Astral: go away
  • Dr. Faker: Kaito, get those numbers to 'save' your brother and give them to me lol
  • Tron: Hold the fuck up, I need to get revenge on you so I'm gonna force my kids to do dirty work and I'm gonna torture children
  • Chris: Dad, your kinda fucked up
  • Tron: Dont care, imma absorb Haruto's life force and shit
  • Shark: I hate IV cuz he burned my sister, imma get revenge
  • Thomas: Omg no pls
  • Miheal: *murders Astral*
  • Yuma: nooooooo
  • Astral: *comes back* hello
  • Yuma: Tron be nice to your children
  • Tron: no
  • Tron: okay *lets go and falls into depths*
  • Dr.Faker: *kidnaps Yuma and Astral*
  • Shark and Kotori: We've got to save Yuma
  • Kaito: I want to save my little brother but I guess I can come along with you guys and help Yuma too
  • Astral: Yuma be free *throws yuma out*
  • Dr.Faker: Wait guys, no I love my kids. I just sacrificed the lives of my two best friends to save my youngest son from dying, I made a deal with a Bairan to save his life and now I gotta kill the Astral world or he'll get Haruto
  • Astral: wat
  • Vector: *shows up* hello!
  • Yuma: fuck off
  • Vector: okay
  • Yuma: well, everythings good now
  • Shark: Shit guys, the Barian's are invading and my sister is having some weird psychic power overload
  • Yuma: well thats not suspicious at all
  • Gilag: ayyy time to posses people
  • Rei: hello Yuma I'm super uber obsessed with you and I love you so much lets spend all our time together *fucks shit up*
  • Yuma: god dammit Shingetsu
  • Rei: oopsies
  • Astral: Shingetsu kinda fucks shit up a lot, I dont like him
  • Yuma: fuck you Astral
  • Alit: ayyyyyy Gilag wtf are you doing, don't fall in love on a mission *falls in love* *salsa music*
  • Alit: omg Yuma im rly gay for you. Let's be rivals
  • Yuma: okay
  • Alit: *gets beaten unconscious*
  • Gilag: Rei fucking did it. Im gonna get revenge
  • Yuma: okay Rei, I'll protect you
  • Rei: *fucks shit up*
  • Astral: *faints*
  • Rei: surprise I'm actually a space policeman
  • Yuma: sounds legit
  • Black Mist: Astral, let me out and I'll help you
  • Astral: no
  • Black Mist: pls
  • Astral: okay
  • Rei: omg Yuma help me I'm getting kidnapped!
  • Yuma: we've gotta save Shingetsu
  • Astral: *drives spaceship into Kaito's house* come on kids lets go
  • Yuma: oh shit, I let him give me a Barian card
  • Astral: how dare you *goes insane*
  • Yuma: *Pushes Astral out a window* *becomes Zexal II*
  • Vector: well shit
  • Don Thousand: *awakens* hello I am the god of the Barian world
  • Astral: turns out Barians were humans that were killed violently then transformed into devilish aliens
  • Vector: Black Mist team up with me
  • Black Mist: *sexual pose* Okay
  • Black Mist: *stabs Astral*
  • Astral: *fucking blows him up*
  • Yuma: Astral don't die!
  • Astral: I'm sorry Yuma, take care of the numbers
  • Yuma: *depressed for 1000 episodes*
  • Mihael: Surprise! We're good guys now. Also I heard Astral died, it wasn't me this time btw
  • Kotori: we made a grave for Astral
  • Yuma: ...yay
  • Kaito: Me and Chris made a portal, we'll send you to Astral world
  • Yuma: *goes to Astral world*
  • Ena: hello, pls help us
  • Eliphas: go the fuck away
  • Yuma: not without Astral
  • Eliphas: I'm going to wipe astral's memory of you and reprogram him with his mission
  • Yuma: fuck no *saves Astral and hugs him*
  • Eliphas: maybe you aren't bad after all, now go off and save us from the Barian world
  • Yuma: Hey we're back!
  • Kaito: *unconscious*
  • Yuma: oh...
  • Heartland: HEY FUCKERS, IM NOT DEAD *gets burned alive*
  • Shark: guess what I'm a Barian now
  • Yuma: *faints*
  • Everyone: *dies*
  • Yuma: Everyone died because of me! *crying*
  • Vector: *kills his own fucking partners*
  • Kaito: *dies on the moon*
  • Mizeal: This isn't what I wanted
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal III*
  • Don Thousand: well shit *absorbs Vector*
  • Kaito: *appears as a mystical dragon*
  • Zexal, Shark, and Kaito: *kill Don thousand*
  • Shark: fight me now
  • Yuma: no
  • Shark: *dies* goodbye Yuma
  • Everyone: *comes back to life*
  • Astral: Well Yuma, goodbye. Never stop smiling
  • Yuma: goodbye Astral!
  • The end

I don’t brag as much but I really do and I really love bragging about him (I already did this on Twitter but I figured I’d do it here as well but with more details because 160 characters isn’t enough). He’s such a great boyfriend since it’s his birthday, I wanna tell you why. 

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I’m really afraid that I’m going to fall in love with someone who really wants kids and that I’ll never… Feel differently about kids. I don’t hate kids. And i don’t think I don’t want to have kids… It’s just that I don’t want to have kids either. Maybe it’s just because I’m legit 16 and I’m struggling to keep myself alive.

I had the weirdest dreams last night….

I dreamt Daniel was my next door neighbor, and while My parents were out at night, he actually murdered me..

Like I legit felt that shit. He stabbed me in the friggin ribs..then kidnapped my kid sisters, who I love dearly, and try to brainwash them.

It was frustrating as a ghost to try to snap his neck when I just fazed through.

Then in another part of the dream, I was some fabulous princess of some kingdom trying to find a prince to marry. Then Daniel ends up falling for me and tries to kill off the other suitors cuz he’s in love with me.. He doesn’t murder me in this version, but it’s as equally disturbing that he’s willing to kill just to be with me. And let’s just say our moments together got pretty ‘heated’ if you get my drift…

You know you’ve become trash when you have a royal inspired wet dream and nightmare of the character you hate the most all in the same night…

here’s a thought...

Calum never gets the credit he deserves.

Like yes he is extremely loved and respected throughout the fanbase, but he’s not appreciated like he should be. Whenever he does the slightest thing wrong people are all over him saying how vial he is and how much of a whore he is. Like if Calum were to trip and fall while meeting fans people would be like, “OHMYGOD IS HE FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HE HAD TO LEAVE EARLY TO GO GET AN X-RAY BC FUCK HIS HEALTH I DON’T EVEN WANT HIM TO TALK WITH ME JUST TO GET A PICTURE WITH HIM OMG WHAT A RUDE FUCK I HATE HIM….still love you though Luke!!!!!” Like he legit met fans with luke and they all crowded around luke but not Calum…like he was there to say hi to them…calums also in the fucking band believe it or not! But, when he does something amazing- like idk if you guys ever heard the fucking songs dayLIGHT OR ANYTHING BUT THE KID O W N E D THE SONG BUT I DON’T REMEMBER PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT BUT A N Y W A Y S- it gets ignored so easily, like people are just sitting there like “who calum”. AND ITS ANNOYINGG!!! bUT whenever 5sos realease a song with michael singing on it, all those same motherfuckers hop right on in to michaels lane and make themselves cozy. firstly, fuck out of my lane. secondly, you are actually a fucker if you do that. don’t even try and fight me on saying calum isn’t under appreciated. Don’t. because it happens everyday. groupie rumors, and the fact that he was flipped off for asking fans to live in the moment and put there phones away, and the fact that people don’t even care about talking to him they only want a picture (cough bitches at the state champs show in aus couGH)!!!!!! he’s been ignored for too long and i aint having it anymore. calum has been nothing but a kind ass person. he’s been there for the fans, for the music, for the boys, and never is he nasty to fans. i’m not kidding if you want to fight me on this my messages are open for discussion, bc i’m ready to fucking fight someone. the boy needs more respect. if by any slim chance in hell calum sees this, i hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is by me and by so many. i really love and want to meet and hug him and tell him this face to face. and to all you jackfucks out there who treat calum like dirt, please exit to the left!!!!!!!!! srry this is so long tHX TTYLLL BITCHES!!!!!!

Astro Internet Friend AU

i couldn’t add gifs bc my computer is being a bitch so sorry :’) hopefully you all still enjoy ^-^ 


  • ok nerd
  • always makes dad jokes
  • “how are you doing today, jinwoo?”
  • “i know it’s cheesy, but i feel grate.”
  • then he laughs at his own joke for ten minutes
  • and it’s a MESS when mj ends up plopping down beside jinjin and making his own jokes
  • it’s a legit fuckin joke battle

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anonymous asked:

What would it be like if Mary, or Marlene, or Dorcas, or Alice had raised Harry? (since we always hear about Sirius or Remus raising him)

  • Mary would’ve bought harry a bunch of stuff because she wouldn’t have known what to buy like oh merlin should I not have bought harry his own mini potato masher I wasn’t sure if he’s need one or not
  • Dorcas would legit just PUT HARRY DOWN like ANYWHERE like

‘hey Dorcas wheres har- WHY IS HE IN THE FRYING PAN’

  • Evangeline reading to Harry because she asked her sisters cousins aunt cat or smth and they said that baby’s who are read to are smarter and Marlene stop snorting this is a FACT okay i was TOLD THIS
  • Alice would make him little outfits and Marlene would take them and snitch swear words on them so Harry’s wearing this adorable green jumper with ‘FUCK IT’ written on it in caps
  • They go to the park and harry runs right up to this huge dog and mary is like NO NO while Dorcas throws her wand at it and Marlene gets prepared to fight
  • Alice being real sad one day because she’s raising her best friends kid without them and then Evangeline is like LETS PAINT HARRY’S NAILS so they paint his nails and laugh because they are so sad and so happy all at once
  • Mary drawing harry pictures on his bedroom wall and Dorcas colours them in and harry just thinks it’s the best thing in the world like LOOK AT THAT HUGE CAT ON THE WALL WOW
  • Marlene being like ‘I don’t hold babies’ and then picking up harry all the time bc hes there and she likes pinching his fat little legs and making him giggle.
  • Evangeline and mary LOSING HIM ONE TIME and they are LOOKING EVERYHERE and they’re  CRYING because OH MY G O D WE’VE LOST THE BABY and they calls alice who calls marlene who calls Evangeline and everyone RUSHES HOME LIKE HOLY SHIT HARRY and then a half hour later Dorcas turns up with harry because she took him for a walk and forgot to tell anyone

 ‘Marlene you need to stop swearing around harry’

‘fuck off macdonald’

  • Evangeline making faces at harry across the table and stopping whenever anyone looks
  • Alice playing hide and seek with him like she pretends to not know where he is and hes like AUNT ALICE IM DOWN HERE and she like HMM I WONDER WHERE MY DARLING HARRY IS
  • On Christmas marlene and mary put harry on top of the Christmas tree as the star and then the tree FALLS and Dorcas legit SKIDS ACROSS THE FLOOR to CATCH HIM before he FALLS TO HIS DEATH and its WILD but he SURVIVES and mary gets the WHOLE THING ON CAMERA 
  • Mary buying him a tiny little-kid toothbrush and helping him brush his barely–there teeth while alice takes photos and laughs because toothpaste is everywhere and their hearts ache because oh how lily and james would have loved this
  • Harry getting a shirt with ‘I WAS RASIED BY BABES’ on it with a photo of all five of them underneath that Dorcas made him and everyone hates it so in the middle of the night Evangeline and alice sneak out and burn it in the backyard
  • In the morning its like:

‘hey wheres that shirt I made harry’

  • Marlene leaving post it notes for everyone everywhere like ‘WE NEED MILK’ and ‘WASH FRYING PAN BC DORCAS PUT HARRY IN IT AGAIN FOR FUCKS SAKE GET IT TOGETHER MEADOWS’
  • basically my girls giving harry the life he fucking deserved