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Calum never gets the credit he deserves.

Like yes he is extremely loved and respected throughout the fanbase, but he’s not appreciated like he should be. Whenever he does the slightest thing wrong people are all over him saying how vial he is and how much of a whore he is. Like if Calum were to trip and fall while meeting fans people would be like, “OHMYGOD IS HE FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HE HAD TO LEAVE EARLY TO GO GET AN X-RAY BC FUCK HIS HEALTH I DON’T EVEN WANT HIM TO TALK WITH ME JUST TO GET A PICTURE WITH HIM OMG WHAT A RUDE FUCK I HATE HIM….still love you though Luke!!!!!” Like he legit met fans with luke and they all crowded around luke but not Calum…like he was there to say hi to them…calums also in the fucking band believe it or not! But, when he does something amazing- like idk if you guys ever heard the fucking songs dayLIGHT OR ANYTHING BUT THE KID O W N E D THE SONG BUT I DON’T REMEMBER PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT BUT A N Y W A Y S- it gets ignored so easily, like people are just sitting there like “who calum”. AND ITS ANNOYINGG!!! bUT whenever 5sos realease a song with michael singing on it, all those same motherfuckers hop right on in to michaels lane and make themselves cozy. firstly, fuck out of my lane. secondly, you are actually a fucker if you do that. don’t even try and fight me on saying calum isn’t under appreciated. Don’t. because it happens everyday. groupie rumors, and the fact that he was flipped off for asking fans to live in the moment and put there phones away, and the fact that people don’t even care about talking to him they only want a picture (cough bitches at the state champs show in aus couGH)!!!!!! he’s been ignored for too long and i aint having it anymore. calum has been nothing but a kind ass person. he’s been there for the fans, for the music, for the boys, and never is he nasty to fans. i’m not kidding if you want to fight me on this my messages are open for discussion, bc i’m ready to fucking fight someone. the boy needs more respect. if by any slim chance in hell calum sees this, i hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is by me and by so many. i really love and want to meet and hug him and tell him this face to face. and to all you jackfucks out there who treat calum like dirt, please exit to the left!!!!!!!!! srry this is so long tHX TTYLLL BITCHES!!!!!!



(High School Musical AU, based off this scene)

anyway, what better way to celebrate that voiced PV and that the kids are legit teenagers now than with a HSM AU because like. Popular jock boy with heart of gold meets super awk+insecure genius nerd and forges an unlikely but beautiful bff bond while falling in love? Oh I’m sorry were we talking about troy & gabriella or taishiro

I’m going to wax poetic about Gargoyles here for a second, because I’ve been re-watching the series in little baby bits over the past few weeks and I am just…blown away with the depth of story-telling in this short-lived piece of glory from the mid-late 90s.

Elisa and Goliath are like…awesome. Elisa is awesome. Yeah, she falls off of buildings a lot, but Goliath almost gets fucking smashed like every damn day so it evens out.

Demona and Macbeth’s personal history is SO COMPLICATED ‘City of Stone’ is one of my favorite arcs in the entire series.

Fox, Xanatos, and Owen? I fucking love that dynamic. What a team. Wow. And that’s not even counting the fact that one of them is technically two people.

Arthurian legend, Shakespearean references, history, global folklore, fairytales (like the kind that kept kids in at night not like cinderella stuff), magic, aliens. A legit future vetted/written by the creator in which the planet is occupied by invaders from space.

It has literally everything, and the way that its all woven together just blows my mind. Yeah, it’s cheesy sometimes bc it was written with a more childish audience in mind (childish meaning someone who isn’t 20 but what the hell 20+ year old ppl can enjoy this show), and sometimes the messages are a little sociology/philosophy 101, but that stuff’s important for kids to learn. I mean, what cartoon bad guys don’t have laser guns and rly bad aim (after watching Jurassic World I’d argue that every side character in every action-oriented creative endeavor has just enough firearm accuracy to keep the plot moving).

This show can easily be transplanted into an adult context, and I think that’s what keeps drawing me back to it. I keep wanting to write gritty fanfic for it bc I KNOW it can go there. The show was written in the 90s and aired on Disney, so they couldn’t really talk about things like “Hey btw this character is gay” (Disney hardly does it now - and if you were wondering, it’s Lexington). Greg is awesome enough to answer questions like these about his characters even today, two decades after it aired. BUT imagine this show redone with all the same voice actors bc I’m 85% sure they’re all still active.

Think about what they could talk about. 

Idk, I just think about the potential for the series when I watch it, as well as enjoy the depth and dynamics already endowed in the characters, relationships, and story as they exist in the original series. 

Is it just me or does Gravity Falls teach some real legit lessons? Like most disney shows are “don’t lie, love, be a good person, forgive!”

But here we have morals like “revenge is underrated” and in this new episode “don’t let some holier-than-thou jerkface tell you you’re not a good enough person and have them manipulate and judge you when you’re doing the best you can.”

I feel like it’s stuff I wish someone had told me as a kid, instead of always letting myself get pushed around by trying to forgive everyone and be good for santa.

I just like that this show isn’t scared to teach kids something beyond “smile and be polite.”

Last night I began to rewatch the third season of Glee, because it was by far my favorite. When the scene from the first episode came on an it was at the scene where the Glee kids were trying to get everyone to dance in the cafeteria, I saw Sugar at one of the tables and freaked the hell out. I’ve had this theory that Sugar is Brittana’s long lost daughter from the future, and that she came back to reunite her parents so that they would fall in love again, but then I forgot that she was introduced in that episode and I got really disappointed. I legit though I was on to something. lmao